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  1. I've gotten the model down to 6269 from~35k tris. Pretty close to goal. Hard pressed to remove anymore, but I'll take another look over it. UVmapping afterward.
  2. I took a break from KSP and will most likely continue too when summer hits, but I'm going to finish up all my projects before summer. When you said poly's, Did you mean tris or faces? I primarily model in quads, so if you meant tris, the task will not be as easy. I was operating under the assumption that poly's = face count. Thanks
  3. I can hit 4000. I'll repost after I've found some time to do that this week.
  4. Hello, I'm looking to collaborate with someone on a mesh I made for a radiator. I'm not interested in doing the texturing part and it is not my strong suit, but I do create models on occasion. The model I am referencing can be viewed at I've made small tweaks since I made the video but that is it essentially. A lot of the pieces can share texture space. I intended to allow this model to be included in kspi extended. If my collaborator wishes inclusion to another mod, that can be arranged. I can include all the images I've used for inspiration if it will help the process. Thanks!
  5. Ok easy enough. Two clicks after it's been textured and it can be deleted and saved as radiator sans coolant reservoir.
  6. Thanks A couple reasons I don't want to do it myself. Free time and desire. I have a computer at work that I can use in my down time as long as everything is portable and fits on my thumb drive. I'm not installing anything on it. Blender works great as as it's super portable in that regard. I find 3d modeling easy and quick enough, and it satisfies some of my creative drive. Texturing, I must admit I'm more then a bit rusty. I learned photoshop a while back, and it's not as quick for me to relearn it. My work computer is linux based vs windows at home and Photoshop is not super portable with all the license stuff. I don't really want any outgoing connections either from my work network other than webpages, due to the sensitive nature of what we do at work. I can get away with a flash drive that I've vetted as only used on 2-3 secure computers. I know gimp is portable and free but it's a bit different and I really don't have a desire to learn from scratch with it for one project and to produce work that isn't up to par. I don't find hard surface texturing as fun either.. If I can't find anyone to help me, I'll see what I can do in my free time at home. I could certainly uv map it if necessary as I do get down time at work. I'll start a thread in the model/texture subforum today after work or tomorrow. Like I said before, that tank could be pulled off the model and used on its own if you needed/wanted more models that are unique. Can't say if it's design makes sense in space though vs it's terrestrial design, but the game isn't that realistic is it?!
  7. Freethinker, your inbox is full. I didn't plan on announcing this yet, as it is unfinished....but it can't hurt. Made this for the hell of it.. I noticed a couple small things, like a backwards normal and I forgot the base hinges which I am adding now, but this is it essentially. If you see anything that could be improved, let me know and I'll see if I can do something about it tomorrow. All that is left is to find someone who would be willing to make textures for it. Actually....anyone willing to texture this thing?
  8. From what I can tell the textures are not loading at all. The output log seems to indicate it could be an active texture management issue. I'll have to check over with ATM at some point to figure it out
  9. I don't think you are looking at this in the right way. Try looking at it like this: FractualUk may never return for all we know, and what the full scope of his vision is, is something we may never know. Heck he might not have known his end game. That is the reality of modding. The license allows for this type of alteration and if he had a real problem with it, he wouldn't have used the license that he did. As for it being solely Freethinker's vision, he seems pretty open to feedback. Things need to evolve and change. The base game changes and evolves, why shouldn't the mods? Again this is the nature of modding to make the game more fun. The author of KSP lite also goes into long absences, and then his version broke for me, so someone needed to step up. I am for one happy that there is a version of this that is actively supported. If Fractual came back, it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone need revert back to his newer version. I may be wrong, but the author of KSPI lite didn't write code like the author of extended has, which means, he could carry this on even if fractal returns. Why is it important to you that nothing is changed? I may be out of date with my info, but the KSPI 0.9 update that extended requires, doesn't change anything. I actually like that roverdude's mods can interoperate. This makes for easier gameplay experience. He is quite reliable with his support and updates, wouldn't you want mods that can can carry over for every version? Another thought is this, he is actually incorporating his resource system into the basegame for the game devs, so it is good that the mods interoperate. This is my opinion. Yours is just as good. Cheers
  10. Hello everyone, Just curious if anything changes occurred since 24.2. I grabbed some parts I made for 24.2 and dropped them in my 0.9 game folder. The emissives, textures, particle effects and sounds are not working. The textures are not even loading, (png format). Before I get too crazy trying to figure it out, (10-11 parts) I wanted to check if there is anything basic I might not be doing that needs to be done. Unity is still set up with part tools .23, and hasn't been updated or touched since I made the parts 6-8 months ago. If I load 24.2 they are fine and this is a direct copy into the .9 folder. If nothing changed, I'll just pull the cfgs apart and make basically structural parts to see if that works. Thanks!
  11. Would you want models that are more true to real life designs or perhaps more stylized and look cool?
  12. When I was making a craft for my own use, radiators were on my to do as well as trying to add radiator modules to wings and what not. After like 8-12 custom parts I ended up not finishing due to time restraints and mods dependencies not updating with that stretch of rapid squad updates. I was tempted to dive back down the rabbit hole and start modeling again to fix this but then I thought that I'd never play if I started again. I did see an image someone posted of a cool looking radiator part that is similar to ones on the iss. No one responded/knew which mod it came from when I asked. Are there any pictures/designs of real radiators that could be incorporated into this game/mod that have yet to be made? I have to admit that I am ignorant about reactor/cooling designs IRL. The post that had the image I mentioned:
  13. Radiators are one of my biggest issues with designing crafts with power requirements. I wish there were heavy duty options other than the triangular one. It doesn't always fit together nicely in function or aesthetic. Animated ones are even better. I figure at some point this will be sorted.
  14. Sounds good. Def aiming to try it out next week when I get more time to play.
  15. This looks good. I was thinking about how I could create/breed kerbals from my mature offworld bases. I am glad someone else has taken care of that. If you recruit a kerbal, does the civilian population size change? Does the population size stay constant (Provided they are provided all the necessary resources) or do they have a life expectancy? If they do have a life expectancy, are they recycled back into the resource system? I can't imagine jettisoning them makes sense if a space colony is trying to conserve their resources. I am not an expert on kerbal burial practices, other than the fact they sometimes explode or poof into nothingness. Growing a space colony is great. I am wondering if there is an endgame or advantage to growing the colony other than the challenge and kerbal recruitment. Kerbal recruitment alone makes this worthwhile for me. It occurred to me that if space tourism is involved, could this be used to generate funds? Thanks