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  1. Raiden?! Raiden Respond! Revealing everyone's favorite aquatic robot dinosaur https://kerbalx.com/Colonel_Cbplayer/Metal-Gear-Ray RAY still cant beat rex after sitting in a room rusting for 10 years tho Unfortunely I can not get it to open its mouth and scream while shooting a plasma beam cutter but oh well. It has a rather goofy run tho
  2. INTRODUCING LEGIONARY https://kerbalx.com/Colonel_Cbplayer/legionary A bipedal double knee chicken walker style mech with heavy weapons. Not based on anything but has the ability to transform into a truck for compact storage in a mk3 cargo bay. Do not anger the huge metal dinosaur. Well it would have been able to transform but autostruts just sometimes want to ruin my day
  3. Im making a discord server for my channel and making KSP cinematics. https://discord.gg/UZKxwtG

    Feel free to join and share your stuff. 

  4. IN-DEPTH VIEW The main post on this topic is meant to show off a list of different mechs. In the comments I will make more closer and detailed looks into each build and say what there could be to say. The YF-19 Valkyrie Transformer A transforming Mecha plane jet fighter from the anime MACROSS PLUS. In the show The Kerbal versions based off bandai toy models proportions The Transformation detail In action Now in KSP itself, the transformation works primarily the same way albeit in a more simplified matter. The arms also clip through the wings but that is le
  5. I would be more worry about FAR If you can see in the video it's pretty glitchy already in stock aero. it sometimes randomly accelerates to the speed of light and explodes.
  6. Haha thats bloody awesome mate! Here have it fly next to my absolute joke of a full size arsenal bird Maybe this way we can get belka to stop trying to cause the robot apocalypse oh hold on this is probably important https://kerbalx.com/Colonel_Cbplayer/absulote-arsenal-bird
  7. oh shiny KERBAL MECHA A type of craft designed specifically to go against everything the game was ever meant to be. I am not so sure what about advertising your realistic world analog to real life rocketry type of cartoonish sim game that makes it perfectly acceptable for Squad's Twitter account to share my gifs and then pretend this is something that's normal gameplay of a space flight sim, which is instead more akin to cartoons from a country that been nuked more than the recommended amount of times. KSP is certainly a realistic enough game in terms of physics and err... stuff, at lea
  8. Well I definitely didnt spent my time very wisely |
  9. Hmmm yes this is an oddity even for me I appear to not understand what I am looking at all
  10. 5nwQQXU.jpg A macross style Color Code Transformation Guide

  11. A Mitsubishi lancer evolution maybe from the grill and the lights
  12. oi thats pretty good, it almost looks too smoothed and like an actual aircraft to be stock
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