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  1. I see the same issue on my rocket engines before launch. Is that supposed to be some sort of frozen fuel failing off or boil off effect?
  2. Anyone else getting 2 errors while loading KSP? It says the error is located in RealFuels-Stockalike/Fuel_Conversions.cfg I have Real Plume Installed but the skipper engine and poodle engine aren't producing any plume. They are set to use Lqd H and Lqd O. Don't know if that makes a difference. On closer inspection I was missing the RealPlumeRF-Stockalike folder
  3. May I request a rocket? The rocket in question and its stages is the Juno I FASA had it. Also, most accurate. RN Rockets has the Juno II but has the Baby Sergeants upper stages though they are the wrong size and dimensions. Each motor should be 43.5 inches tall (1.1049 meters) and 6 inches (.1524 meters) in diameter. The single and 3x group should provide 1800 lbs for each motor. The 11x should provide 1500 each or 16,500 total for the stage. No data for weight could be found. Bluedog Design Bureau has the upper stage as well but their Baby Sergeants are wayy off and are more of a spiritual recreation for stock. It would be nice to be able to use one pack for all the rockets in the US launch history but I understand there's a lot of work involved.
  4. I'll see if I can do anything about the probes. The Sienno probe weighs 65kg where the Explorer probe was just 13kg. Also need to dig up specs on the baby sergeants.
  5. I guess I meant to ask....Is the Muo V 1st stage the same as the Atlas V first stage on the heavy and would slapping two more tanks and engines re-create the Atlas V heavy faithfully (kerbally?) I tried it and it seems to work well. So I guess the Muo V heavy is possible. Just need to hack some decouplers to work. I wish I had more time. I'd love it if someone made a R.S.S. patch for your mod. I plan on starting a historical playthrough once R.S.S. gets updated and your beautiful work would make replacing FASA a breeze.
  6. Juno did not go straight to Jupiter. It went out on a huge heliocentric elliptic orbit picking up a gravity boost from earth before being shout out towards Jupiter.
  7. I ran a couple quick tests. Test 1 - New career mode. I can not get the Freedom 7 mission to show up unless I do the early USSR missions. This answers my question about needing to do them to unlock future american missions. I was able to get much later american missions to appear before the freedom 7 mission simply by ignoring the early vostok missions. Once I completed the Russian missions then the Freedom 7 mission appeared. Test 2- I looked into a RSS/RO setup without RP-0 and while everything worked game play is vastly changed. The tech nodes becomes rearranged and much less 'historical' / realistic. The early nodes are much less expensive to unlock and give you much later technology. Essentially, if someone is looking to unlock tech in a realistic progression with historical play through than RP-0 is a must. I hope this information helps in the further development of this mod. I consider this mod ESSENTIAL to an RSS setup. P.S. Aurora 7 Mission on the RSS build has a min altitude of 72000m req. I assume this was copied over from stock and should be about double that?
  8. As a RSS/RO/RP-0 player I just want to say thank you for the updates. I am using 2.1.0 and the historical contracts did in fact show up. Using KCT I am still able to stay on point or ahead of schedule with the accurate timeline of the missions. Just takes some planning. I like the pressure! I am going to try 2.2.0 and see what's different. My only question is this. I am not terribly interested in running any missions other than the American ones. If I ignore the USSR missions will that prevent future American missions from appearing? Simply, if I don't do the Luna missions will I be able to move on from Mercury to Gemini or will the mod hold me back until those Luna missions are completed before advancing?
  9. Just to support this minor issue. I too use the RSS DateTime Formatter and have the disappearing contracts 'feature'
  10. On a new install the explorer 1 probe isn't showing up at all. As in, not in game. It's in the mod folder. B4 I go crazy, is there anything preventing explorer from showing up? Using KSP 1.1.2 RO/RSS + RP-0
  11. @ShotgunNinja thank you so much for the quick response. In fact, you're answers are great. Being able to check the range of the antennae in the VAB works just as well as the part menu so thank you. Also, I love the little pop ups during gameplay. Like when power is restored and it says you can relax and watch some more TV now. (Or something) very kerbal-like. I really like this mod. If its OK as I get deeper into it I'd like to touch base with you on some more points. Eva propellant, knowing ahead of time what tech unlocks what in this mod, etc.
  12. @ShotgunNinja I just started using the mod after logging over 2,000 hours in KSP. I really enjoy its simplicity and completeness. You've dine an incredible job here. Quick question, when it comes to antennas and their range I can't figure out the range an antennae affords me until after I launch the craft from the VAB and its sitting on the pad. Essentially, is there a way I can learn it's range from the parts menu? Also, the stayputnik probe from SXT has an antennae (separate part) that is a starting antennae with a range close to 75 giga meters. Is that not a supported part? Not at home right now but if you need a screen shot of it I'll get one for you.