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  1. All mods that work with the version of Kerbal Space Program that KerbalEdu is based on (currently 1.4.5) should work with KerbalEdu. The expansions are not currently available for KerbalEdu.
  2. Hello, Because of lack of usage the KerbalEdu mission library has been taken offline. Both the mission library and mission editor have actually been offline for a while now and it seems almost no one has noticed. The mission library was due for quite a big update for the framework the mission library was based on but we didn't see it worth the work to keep the mission library online since not enough people seemed to use it. All the missions created by users and saved in the library are still safe and backed up. If anyone wants to get their files that were in the mission library feel
  3. Yes, normal KSP mods still work if they are made for the same version of KSP that KerbalEdu is based on (1.4.5 in this update). So basically just like AloE said
  4. We have just updated the Windows build of version 1.4.5e882 available in the TeacherGaming app. We added the 64-bit executable and files required by it that were previously missing.
  5. We have just updated the Windows build of this version (1.4.5e882) available in the TeacherGaming app. We added the 64-bit executable and required files that were previously missing.
  6. No code has been removed so there should be no conflict. Sorry about the 64bit version. You can't currently download it. We have usually simply included both executables in the download but in the 1.4.5 windows build we had some problems with that. We are working on a solution.
  7. KerbalEdu Updated It didn't even take a year this time! KerbalEdu version 1.4.5e882 KerbalEdu has now been updated to 1.4.5e882. There are two main improvements in this update. Languages The first main improvement is that KerbalEdu now includes all the languages regular Kerbal Space Program is available in. These languages are: German English Spanish French Italian Japanese Portuguese (Brazil) Russian Chinese (Simplified) You can change the language by clicking on the "Change language" button in the main menu. Note
  8. Hello, They are supposed to get uploaded when the game is saved (either automatic or a quicksave). Though internet connection drops might be one culprit it also seems that there are some bugs in the cloud save system. I need to fix it for the next version of KerbalEdu. In the meantime I recommend setting the gCloudSavesDisabled = False in the edusettings.cfg file if you are having problems.
  9. Hello, Sorry for answering so late. I probably don't check these forums often enough. The newest version of KerbalEdu has a TeacherGaming Desk enabled cloud save system that might not be working properly for you for some reason. You can disable it by adding the line tgCloudSavesDisabled = False to the edusettings.cfg file in the installation directory. Please try that and see if it helps (unless you have found some other way to fix it already).
  10. It is updated now! Not at the latest version of base KSP yet though, sorry. Was faster to get an update out by staying a bit behind still. Hopefully we can get up to date with the base game in the next version.
  11. KerbalEdu Updated Has it really been a year since our last update? Time flies! Our game-based learning platform has been keeping us busy: in the past year, we’ve put together a portfolio of 35+ great educational games with 180+ compatible lesson plans, available to teachers at a very affordable annual subscription fee. Don’t worry, though - we haven’t totally forgotten about KerbalEdu. It’s finally time for another update! KerbalEdu version 1.3.1e859 and TeacherGaming Desk integration KerbalEdu has now been updated to 1.3.1e859. The main headliner of this update is that KerbalE
  12. Hmm, what would be a good way to visualize torque. Or would you want to simply visualize forces causing torque (forces applied to a certain point on a craft)?
  13. Hello, Just here to tell you that KerbalEdu is now based on 1.2.2 (the latest version of KSP). Just released the update today.
  14. KerbalEdu Updated It has again been over 6 months since our last newsletter and our latest update to KerbalEdu. The reason for this delay is that we have again been busy. We have been developing our analytics and store ecosystem, and our own game. But now it is time to release another update for KerbalEdu! KerbalEdu version 1.2.2e801 KerbalEdu has now been updated to 1.2.2e801. The biggest feature in this update is that we are again bringing KerbalEdu up to date with the latest version of the base game. Where the last version was based
  15. Hello, Sorry for the late answer. I think the arrows the OP is talking about are the KerbalEdu force arrows (picture), not the vanilla aerodynamic indicators. I forgot to add them when updating the EHC missions for the latest version of KSP (1.1.3), so it is a bug. It will be fixed in the next version of KerbalEdu. In sandbox mode you can still use them however.
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