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  1. If you're revamping the RCS clusters, can you make them with five thrusters instead of four? I always end up using mods for the RCS clusters because of that
  2. Both Extraplanetary Launchpads and Ground Construction (which, IIRC, changed its name when it allowed orbital construction) provide parts and game mechanics for this. I like it as long as it's a late tech tree goal. Mun launch sites allow you to disregard aerodynamics when building stuff while also cutting on the need for large boosters to put payloads in orbit. But I don't see the point on having that available from the start
  3. I was quite literally missing the clouds folder
  4. So, huh, clouds? I have the textures inside the relevant folder, EVE and scatterer, but there are no clouds and EVE's configuration indicates "No config! Please add a config with the content of "EVE_TEXTURE_CONFIG{}" to populate." So, what's missing?
  5. I'm trying to use the smallest lift fan in non hover move and it ends up loosing thrust while flying straight and level. Is that expected behaviour? as in, they are for hovering rather than horizontal flight?
  6. Nervermind, it was just the usual syntax, it's just that I had (somehow) copied and pasted it without keeping the caps (and it's caps sensitive)
  7. I generally like the idea, but messing with the LF and oxidizer ratios will mess up not just stock but a lot of mods, which are also based in the 11:9 ratio. And, as for gameplay, for missions beyond Kerbin Nervs rule, so I don't know how much producing oxidizer helps missions. It's useful for landers, which may use LFO engines for the extra thrust, but the transfer ships for the interplanetary journeys are LF only. I guess, from a realism standpoint, that ISRU could produce LH2 + oxidizer. Kerbal Atomics already patches the Nervs to use LH2, so there is something for the transfer ships, but the player still needs to bring LF for higher thrust vehicles.
  8. Is there a way for Filter Extensions to filter the parts and categories of this mod? Also, is there any gameplay difference between Aerozine and LFO engines?
  9. juanml82

    Interplanetary from Minmus

    The problem with starting at the Mun or Minmus and diving for a Kerbin pe is that it's very easy to make an inaccurate burn, because your Kerbin pe isn't that likely to coincide with the best place to do an interplanetary burn. Optimistically, you'll save about 500-600 dV vs refueling in LKO. Pessimistically, you'll miss the best spots to burn and you'll end up using more fuel to correct the burn. I think having a fuel depot in LKO, filled with tankers "based" on Minmus is more fuel efficient - though you really need to like docking to do that.
  10. But apparently, there won't be any OFFICIAL far release in the future, only random forks by random people. So... that means RO is stuck in 1.3.1 for good.
  11. So, huh, how is the cfg supposed to be used? Are the first numbers the celestial bodies in some sort of order and the second number the axial tilt of that body? So if I wanted to apply it to RSS*, do I need to figure out which planet/moon is 0, which one is 1, etc and then write the axial tilt. And if so, how do I figure out which one is which? *Stock Size RSS, TBH
  12. I've been looking at this, but my procedural tanks end up overheating above 15,000 meters. Their maximum skin temperature is about 750°K, and they are already at about 600° at the runway, so it doesn't take a lot for them to blow up
  13. There are differences in the aero model in 1.5.1 vs the one in 1.4.5 I've tested a single (larger) spaceplane, which made it to orbit ok in 1.4.5 and in 1.5.1 it's possible for its nosecone to blow up due overheating - and it's not due the thermal model, the plane flies higher and faster on air breathing mode. Not complaining.
  14. juanml82

    Complete graphical overhaul?

    Except that KSP doesn't work well with low end computers anyway. On top, AFAIK, a built-in scatterer and the use of minimaps would actually increase performance rather than reduce it. Scatterer causes a performance hit because the game processes the hole thing and then scatterer adds its effects on top. A built-in version wouldn't process the whole thing to begin with. Or, just look at any screenshot from The Elders' Scrolls Oblivion, which dates back to 2006, and look how the water and the sky look - and now compare it with stock KSP. A graphic overhaul which puts the environment at the same level than a 12 years old game shouldn't be taxing for modern computers.
  15. Are they useful in the stock sized solar systems, though? You'd be achieving orbital speeds pretty quickly with scramjets (and overheating too)