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  1. Question, are the wedge goo and material bays only supposed to be able to be run only a limited amount of times, even with a scientist restoring them?
  2. If you need a lot of power, you can use nuclear reactors. NF Electrics, KPBS and MKS (or some of its related mods) provide powerful nuclear reactors. You may also want to use Nertea's Heat Control radiators to cool them down.
  3. I don't know either. A quick google search lead me to this https://www.quora.com/How-much-water-is-required-to-produce-1-kg-of-hydrogen which states it's 9kg of water per kg of hydrogen, assuming a perfect conversion. I think electrolysis of water has an effectiveness rate of 70%. So it's about 13 kg of water per kg of hydrogen? If so, this pair of SSPER containers with 840,000 kg should be, more or less, enough to fill up the spherical LH2 tank, which holds a about 61,000 kg of hydrogen (840,000/13=66,461) However, all that water only fills up to 133,000 units of LH2, which equal to about 9,400 kg of hydrogen
  4. It's me again. Are the water to LH2 proportions right? It takes a lot of water to produce very little LH2
  5. How is the radial intake supposed to work as an atmospheric resource harvester? I have it in a parked rover in Duna and it's absorbing CO2 rather at random and only in small quantities. Is it supposed to be used in flight instead of parked?
  6. Hi, that cfg doesn't seem to be working. Nonetheless, the problem is this: the drills extract Rational Resources "water", but since that's a different resource than IFS "Liquid Water", it can't be stored in IFS tanks. Therefore, even if the engine is switched to use IFS Liquid Water instead of RR Water, it can't be refueled in situ EDIT: Or I can just use SSPR instead of IFS for fuel tanks
  7. Wouldn't this prevent me from refueling the engine from your mod's "water"? IFS internal name is indeed LqdWater
  8. By the way, is there a recommended mod with fuel tanks to use with the dual CO2/Water Nerv? IFS has liquid CO2 tanks available that work, but they switch to "liquid water", which doesn't work with the "water" resource the engine expects. Stockalike Station Parts Redux has cargo containers with water, which works with that engine, but no liquid CO2 setup
  9. Huh, shouldn't Duna have quite a bit of water at the ice caps?
  10. Is there a good guide or tutorial you guys would recommend about using the blades, turboshafts, ducted shourds and all that stuff included with Breaking Ground? I'm stuck at the part "put a turboshaft thingy, attach blades, see the thing crawl and twist in the runway" and I'm simply not sure how things are supposed to work to make things fly, whether on purpose or not.
  11. I've found a problem you may already know: KSPWheel, Mechjeb's last dev version and Breaking Ground aren't working together - the game freezes at start up if all three are present
  12. Great stuff in the background!
  13. As far as gameplay is concerned, yes, unless you want to abstract all those steps and just use one part that takes "water", converts some if it into "fusionables" and feeds it to another part called "fusion reactor". Otherwise, it's like KSPI-E with dozens of different resources and, as the player, you keep cycling through fuels, reactor types and reactor fuels wondering "Which one should I use to take this payload to Neidon" and finding no answer anywhere
  14. Too complex. It reminds me of KSPI-E and its interminable list of fuels and no clear in game explanation (because there is no adequate gui other than the KSPedia) regarding which one to use. I want to play a game, not to browse forums for answers.
  15. I fear a Kerbstein drive would make most engines obsolete: if there is an engine with high isp, high thrust, good atmospheric performance and that it's easy to use (ie, no KSPI-E power relays or fision-fusion-nozzle combos), why would you bother to use any other engine?