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  1. I don't use Kerbalism, so I don't know how it controls for electricity usage while the ship in "on rails" mainly because there is no "on rails" with kerbalism. But what I do is to use nuclear reactors (from NF electric) to power the tanks. Since the (stock) game computes electricity usage at the time you jump away from the ship, after I finish burning towards destination I set up a KAC alarm for either the SOI change or a maneuver node, make sure the ship isn't loosing power and then I go back to the space center (or any other ship) rather than warping all the way to Jool because KSP doesn't h
  2. Are you switching the tanks to LH2 only or are they still loaded with LH2 + oxidizer?
  3. Getting science you mean? Try to milk the KSC for science (you'll need at least basic airplane or rover parts to move around, though). There are also quite a few biomes by the KSC, but you may find it hard to land on them with rocket parts. But overall, there is little science in Kerbin's surface, so don't rush airplane parts. As for space, once you have enough parts to make it to orbit comfortably, you can farm a few more biomes (the poles and tundra biomes) by launching a rocket in a polar orbit (as in, aim north or south instead of east when launching) and you have "in space low over Kerbin
  4. Hi, I'm using Beyond Home in KSP 1.10.1, and whenever I land, the terrain surrounding the ship turns into a black square, like this Did anyone had the same issue? Is it a conflict with some other mod? (as in, does someone know if there is a fix?) Here's the log file http://www.mediafire.com/file/335rkssjw72iazq/KSP.zip/file And the mod list
  5. I had stopped playing KSP for the last few months. Updated this following @Accidentaldissambly corrections. Tanks now hold five times less resources
  6. Updated. Added Near Future Construction integration (essentially, the trusses which hold ore now also hold water, hydrates, spodumene and CO2), added extra water and CO2 patches to Real Solar System and a KSP-AVC version file
  7. Well, I'm not sure you can land with this engine as it works with strong pulse units
  8. So basically, lower yields when in atmosphere (at least, in dense atmospheres) and the higher, the better, when in vacuum? Also, what was the formula to manually calculate burn times?
  9. AFAIK, the way atmospheric harvesting is designed, the harvest rate depends on atmospheric concentration (low on Kerbin as those are trace gases in air) and the ship's speed
  10. Less simple ISRU So, you’ve been there. Just using the stock engines don’t cut it anymore for you. You have a bunch of hydrogen powered engines, be them from Cryo Engines, SSTU, BDB or some other mod I don’t know or remember. Or you’re using LH2 powered nuclear thermal rockets. Or you love Nertea’s lithium powered engines from NFP. Or the few methalox engines available (I think only from a patch of NFLV). And maybe you also like off planet building, with either Global Construction or EPL. So you set up a mining site well beyond Kerbin. Ok, maybe “well beyond” means the Mun. Bu
  11. You can comment out (with //) or delete the SurfaceScanner.cfg file at gamedata/communityresourcepack If you're using Scansat, you'll need to do the same with the SCANresource.cfg file at gamedata/scansat/resources
  12. I wrote his patches to activate most of this mod's parts. I didn't do anything to the orbital dock because it has some stuff I don't understand And this for OSE Workshop compatibility
  13. If you want mods, at least for the time being, there is Mining Expansion Also keep in mind that larger ISRUs which require far more electric power would also require a stock electric generator capable of putting up with it
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