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  1. In theory shouldnt KSP run alot better now that OSX is 64 bit?
  2. I know many people will make jokes and not really care. But as a mac user I am really gutted that as of now there is now planned official release for mac.
  3. Hello! Is anyone having a problem with the russian progression. I cant seem to move onto the vostok missions because the R7A mission is missing? I can't seem to find it in the files and its not in the game? Am I missing something because no one else seems to bring this up.
  4. idk if this has been addressed but is there a setting of Kerbalism for science. I love almost everything about Kerbalism except for the science gathering. Its not a critique at all of the mod and its immersion into realism. Im just looking for all the realism of Kerbalism without the realism of the science gathering. I prefer the stock version of science gathering.
  5. Are you panning on making a rover to fit in the cargo bay? I feel like with the breaking ground parts it could be more useful than ever.
  6. Thats exactly it! These things are missing from the game, even as mods they are missing. Yes you can make something like this with stock parts and other mods. But this is well made and it works so well. Like there are plenty of colonization mods but they're incomplete because may of them dont have transportation systems and means of gettign too and from. I mean I suppose the purpose of the game is create things with the parts you have but mods like this make it fun. I look forward to the future.
  7. Why the hell is it taking me so long to discover these mods?!? why aren't these mods the most popular on the forum. Theyre incredible, they work, and they're beautiful. I hope you continue work on this because i absolutely love it. There are now problems with this mod that i can tell and no errors come up in my log so its a-ok with me. I am so happy I found this mod. and your altair mod. Please please continue your great work. Im not saying that you need to continue this or that it needs updating. What I mean is that you should keep on creating because you make the community better.
  8. This mod is exactly what I need. I love beales parts but I just want a soyuz and a progress for my save. Also Beales parts are a little too small for my taste. So this is perfect for me. My only wish and yes I am echoing everyone else's concerns is the footprint of this mod. Its really large considering its only a parts pack? Have you or anyone on this thread done any optimization for this mod to shrink the size? Is this mod even still alive? It still works but i guess what i mean is it still being maintained? I can't believe it took me this long to find this i hope its still being worked on.
  9. Not sure if it affects ships but you better have a ladder on your mun ships because the eva packs wont get the kerbals off the mun surface at all.
  10. Gotcha! Perfect then. Will do. My only request in regard to decals is if you could in the future make it so the the flag decal with the prbiter doesn't invert? Thats just my OCD.
  11. First of all...bravo! This is an extraordinary mod and deserves all of the likes and downloads. Frankly all of your released mods are extraordinary. Once again Bravo. No on to my problems because maybe its just me. Is anyone else having a problem translating up and down? I thought it was just me but even mechjeb cant translate the shuttle during docking up and down. When I switch the control point back tot he cockpit i can translate up and down but for some reason when I select the docking port it doesnt translate well at all. I cant'' translate up or down or forward and back. It seems t
  12. Not sure if this is being worked on or if its been mentioned but are/can/is it possible you make BDB cargo containers for the breaking ground stuff. Particularly for the LEM lower stage etc. Many many thanks. and many many apologies if this has been mentioned already.
  13. The Space Shuttle for all it’s faults, really was a Remarkable Flying Machine https://youtu.be/Q7PyaMBsPVw
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