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  1. Thank you so much, it looks you saved my game, also! my crash report https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7kJ3jsWe-h6cERHUDRKWXllbkE/view?usp=sharing
  2. Hi. Playing since KSP since 0.23 but never tried any visual mods. Finally I tried SVE and loving it! Currently I didn't played too much but the first thing I experienced (after weird shadows at KSC) is the sharp (and pixelated) edges of Kerbin. Antialiasing is set to 4x and set KSP to max graphics (except AA (4x) and Light numbers (20) ). Is possible to force AA on celestial bodies? (another objects are looking fine)
  3. @AeroGav Thank you so much for useful tips! Few of them I already experienced once I started to create a long-range explorer SSTO, but many of them are new for me. BTW I made a big mistake with KUMBO-03. It's built to be stable by using mechjeb SmartASS. When I realized current (dev) version of MechJeb has some issues with spaceplanes, I could make better planes with modified CoM<>CoL and control surface positions, and it's looks more stable. Currently I have some issues with my (1.2.1) game (or mods, i don't know), but have random crashes very often
  4. Hi everybody. I proudly presenting my new MK3 cargo SSTO, callsign KUMBO-03. Made by KSP 1.2 stock parts. I'm not a professional guy, just an enthusiastic player who loves to build things but noob in flying things. It is very hard to control this spaceplane (for me at least), but it can transport 100tons of cargo into LKO and come back. Long time ago I didn't built a spaceplane, I don't know it is good or average in KSP v1.2?
  5. Thanks for this awesome mod! saved ~800MB ram -- Btw it's a kind of fun when you have quadcore cpu with 8gb of ram and you fighting to run a game which using only a piece of it.... But its another topic
  6. Trueborn, thanks for fast answer. Waiting for your next release! Until that I made elevation maps for you all (because linked elevation maps contains 12 bodies only) Contains 15 celestial bodies, elevation color/grey, and slope color/grey 1024x512 png made by scansat http://dfiles.eu/files/invi62ydx
  7. Just downloaded the latest (1.5) version of CustomBiomes. Very good plugin, keep up the good work! Just a simple question: Is there any way to PERMANENTLY turn off GUI?
  8. As I know KSP's built in "ModuleDockingNode" supports only single point as "docking point center". In state of my current knowledge I can't make a linear docking port. But I'll dig myself into "secrets of docking ports". I can't promise any results about it
  9. -UPDATED Infos in first post // future plans: Making it a single, dynamic part with GUI, where you can set distance and attach nodes number (waiting for friend to make plugin for it)
  10. Kotysoft technologies shamefully presents MULTIDOCK STRUCTURAL CONNECTOR (placeholder for fixed distance between docking ports attached to surface) FAMILY v0.1 "looks horrible, but maybe helps" Don't expect any special thing. It's a simple structural part to help you for multiple docking ports alignment in VAB. UPDATE v0.1 - 2014.03.24 I'm still making different versions, concepts, still testing experimental formats, ideas. - Now I removed previously made 'model', and replaced with a simple "rod" - Added 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m long versions (2-6 nodes) if you dont want any of them, just delete corresponding CFG Why is it a simple rod? - Since it made for align purposes only imho it's not neccesary any kind of design - Since I didn't know 2 weeks ago what is 3D modelling, I can't make any cool design - to reduce memory/gpu usage as low as possible (few kBytes/tris only) - left little lenght for rod, to make grabbing whole thing easier IMPORTANT Remove previous version before updating Try it in sandbox mode before you lauch it into "real" mission Probably you'll experience instability* between this part and surfaced where attached to. Using KJR mod (linked below) higly recommended and/or reinforcing stability by struts between surface<>docking port Related / Recommended other mods: [thread=43208]Selectroot[/thread] Strongly recommended: [thread=55657]Kerbal Joint Reinforcement[/thread] All feedback are welcome. If you know a better solution to align multiple docking ports, please write or link that, because I didn't find yet. If there is demand for these kind of parts, I'll continue to make more versions of these. Otherwise thats all. SPACEPORT DOWNLOAD CC-BY-SA
  11. Beautiful work, congratulations!
  12. Kasuha, yes, you're right. "on the fly" translation and corrections would be much easier I don't know how hard is to learn C# but I'll start to learn it beacause changing a string using textfield and a simple SAVE button in VBA (the only1 programming code i ever met) is pretty easy....
  13. Hmm.. I don't know... Maybe you met very complicated language-file-trees, but for example in Emergency 4 it was pretty easy: If you made typing error, just search in content by TCMD for word of "fite" (instead of "fire") or if you made linguistic error, then you know it happened on mission 1 briefing text, then open mission1.xml and edit corresponding entry... By the way I don't know how professional translators work, but when I helped in translation of EM4, I always watched the game environment of text, because imho translating text without seeing the environment where appears makes stupid things... there are many polysemantic words/expressions in english and in hungarian, too...
  14. I'm not a native speaker, but I understand what is the difference between "localization" and "internationalization" as Majiir said before. Just to clarify: I have no any programming skill, and don't know how hard is to call text to a compiled program from a simple text file, but for example, Sixteen Tons Entertainment made it, and working well. For example: Take a look on EMERGENCY 4's easily scriptable language structure >> DOWNLOAD ZIP 8.1MB (Cutted for smaller size and to avoid licence problems, just left some "sample" things inside) If you look inside the compressed file, all of their fonts are in editable DDS files and you can modify it easily if you want additional special characters or acutes. (if I remember well, attached one already edited to hungarian acutes) And take a look on an opensource PHP webshop "software"s language structure (opencart) HERE 44kB Ok. Calling strings in PHP is MUCH easier than in C#... it's just for example. I bet if SQUAD making a free-editable format for language files, and let us access the "sample" english one (what game using), the following languages will appear within a month or less under CC-BY-SA licence: German, Russian, Spanish, French (by Chris ), Polish, Czech, Hungarian, and maybe Italian. (ok, there are many more languages but I mostly see these ones have nice translator communities) EDIT: maybe a little help for plugin coders about XML handling in unity: http://www.andrewnoske.com/wiki/Unity_-_XML EDIT2: Relating to part.cfg files imho it's better to leave them untouched and consider all of them as default English language. A "simple" plugin maybe can handle part descriptions and titles. in my idea a plugin have a simple ingame GUI where you can force SCAN/UPDATE of available files and a dropdown menu to select your language. Basically a plugin have own config files for languages and for their specifications, like i posted in another thread: code = 'EN' name = 'English' direction = 'ltr' dateformat = 'd/m/Y' decimal = '.' thousand = ',' Once you select your language in this plugin's GUI, then it's forcing to override original lines of PART.CFG files by possible localized strings. For example if you set hungarian in plugin, then it's enforcing and overrides "title=" ; "description" parts of original cfg file by *-HU.lng (part-HU.lng for example). Since you can make more different cfg files for a single model in same directory, an individual language file possibly not enught. LNG files should be pretty easy and short: title = 'Money making space-printer' description = 'A simple part for printing money on your space station' The structure looks like: MRCHEATER / PARTS / PRINTER / printer.mbm printer.mu part1m.cfg part2m.cfg / LANG / part1m-HU.lng part2m-HU.lng part1m-DE.lng part2m-DE.lng etc
  15. Majiir, that is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. You speaks english much better than me, so you could explain the idea more deatiled and clear. And YES. I don't want to ask SQUAD to translate whole game to my language (hungarian), but asking them to make it easily rewriteable/expendable in a simple script file. In Hungary there are MANY good-quality and enthusiastic translators in younger generation (they're mostly between 12-25 yo.). They're making awesome game translations, TV-series subtitles, and rarely utility-software translations for hungarian community for free. (an example collection of volunteer game-translations HERE, marked/chekced by green color) Kasuha, I perfectly understand your mixed feelings and arguments. Variable reordering can be done (IMHO) an easy way if the script using absolute variables instead of reading placeholders.. For example: "You will hit %body in %time seconds" instead of "You will hit %1 in %1 seconds" . About quality of translations...: Low-quality translations will be wear out by "natural selection". I meant, The better translation will get positive and more feedback and download meanwhile the bad one will be ignored or get negative feedback by community... Sirrobert, as we all already said, not asking them to translate but to implement script language for volunteer translators. Earlier implement it into game, earlier available in many different languages (without effort and time needed by SQUAD), earlier pay attention of non-english-speaking players, will generate more revenue for developing stage. As I know, in Hungary people over 40+ don't speaks english and don't understand english well (because they're learned russian under russian occupation), but they're the PAYING customers/players (not the torrent-category ones like big percentage of younger generation). As you see, I don't speak well and can't compose perfect english sentences, but fortunately I understand it well.