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  1. How to you get the interface to come up? All I see is a small gray rectangle and I can click on it all day and nothing happens.
  2. Sounds awesome. I want a campaign really bad.
  3. Rocket engines are most efficient at full throttle. You have it wrong.
  4. Crafty. Between this and the delta v equations you posted I feel like Nasa out here.
  5. Awesome guide. When the new planets come out I am going to calculate all of this myself and write it down and make my self a little table of interplanetary transfers. Cant wait. How do you plan to actually measure the phase and ejection angles when piloting? Hold a protractor up to the screen?
  6. Can you share the sound file? Id love to user it.
  7. Ive been wanting to do use an xbox controller forever but I cant find one of my wires. It seems like the Ideal thing to use.
  8. This is amazing. It should be a ksp commerical
  9. Im totally down for this. Sounds awesome.
  10. Yea you click the plus symbol between stages and it puts a new one there.
  11. That minmus flip over landing is pretty impressive haha. Cool rocket for sure.
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