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  1. This is going to sound stupid... However, if I were to load Kerbalism from CKAN (KSP 1.3.0), how many patches are needed to be added before it works correctly with the most current and popular mods (chiefly, mechjeb, SSPX, I like DMajic's mods and Universal Storage [early game], KIS, KAS, two B9 cockpits [M27 and S2], K2 and Near Future and a few others)? I guess what I am really asking, is there a development mod (forked) for Kerbalism that ties some of these suggestions together? Thanks!
  2. Stockalike Station Parts added parts that should mesh well with a this mod. One or both needs enabling mm's.
  3. Developers/Modders: I love this game. It is truly one in a million and deserves accolades. Cockpits aside, I would like to see more animation from the kerbals once in space, and/or on the surface in IVA mode which would be more relevant to larger space craft and stations. To be more specific, kerbals in the lab, possibly mod spaces such as habitats, greenhouse, and others, should be moving around doing "tasks," not just seated at a single workstation. There are several highly detailed mods with highly detailed IVAs whereby an "off duty" kerbal is assigned to a habitat for rest and/or exercise. Currently, the kerbal is move to a spot or "chair." Would it be possible to add coding and scripts to allow this kerbal to move about the habitat and do a couple of "tasks" in the galley, eat, clean up, then crawl into a berth, snooze, then do exercise, so on. Having a kerbal assigned to "gardening" in the greenhouse where he moves within the space of the greenhouse "gardening" and tending to plants. Gravity effects such as walking or "floating" through spaces should be considered. Based on scenes at the Space Center, I believe it would be possible in the game engine. Just an idea similar to activities I see in games such as Banished, Tropico, ect whereby the populace is actually moving around doing their inherit tasks. This would give KSP an added facet to the base game and more play-ability.
  4. OK...question is who is going to take over this project with the requisite modding skill to update Kerbalism with all of the needed tweeks and fixes including parting a decon module? Just to answer the question that will certainly popup -- I neither have the time, the inclination, nor the skill to take over this project. This mod is one of the beauties in KSP and needs to be updated and "owned" by someone that will maintain the mod properly and answer questions and sometimes, "just think $#&@ up." (Edit: "excrement" that was filtered for the word I actually insert just doesn't sound right...)
  5. Prior to 1.3.1, I based my simple changes off New Horizons and OPM. (I liked NH very much, just miss Final Frontier support.) Thus my simple changes moves and/or substitutes some planets: @Kopernicus:NEEDS[!GalacticNeighborhood]:AFTER[Kopernicus] { @Body[Eeloo] { @Orbit { @referenceBody = Kerbin inclination = 5.25 eccentricity = 0.08 semiMajorAxis = 360785000 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 110 argumentOfPeriapsis = 11 } } } However, I have played with the "@" and played with various portions similar to above. My coding skill is at about "dabbling" status and basically like to make a few changes and then play a campaign. Dabble in parts like KSPI's lab instead of Squad's. This also includes changing Kerbin's radius and her satellites. Prior to 1.3.1 (really 1.3), I have no problems moving planets around and tinkering. I took some time off and played TW: Warhammer and now I've come back and missed some changes?
  6. Ok...this is probably going to sound silly. I have Extrasolar Planets installed. I simply want to change Eeloo for Minmus with a radius of 350 km and moving the moon out 38k km. Since the last update (1.3.1) I cannot seem to make this simple swap and I get that popup message that my planet pak wasn't installed. Any suggestions? Most likely some little part of the code has changed. Suggestions?
  7. Ok, I will be a smart cheeks... When will you finish the IVAs? I might contribute to your caffeine addiction... ____ Hey it changed my words...
  8. Whatever happened to this mod? Should we call for a priest to conduct a resurrection?
  9. I absolutely love this pod. Thank you for carrying this forward and maintaining it. Anyway to add some contracts with this? Been fiddling around some since Gemini conducted numerous missions that expanded science (somewhere in the archives there is the Kemini mod that added some science).
  10. Second...would like to see water.
  11. I would love to see this pod updated. This is a great pod!
  12. Wow! I like this! Bravo. Is there anyway to sync the clock (currently 6 hours, configurable to 24 hours) with the mode (for me 2x)? Thanks.