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  1. Hi there, i have only USI constellation pack installed and I'm getting these sets of errors when ever i add a colony module into the editor. [EXC 15:31:53.244] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object System.Guid.BaseToString (Boolean h, Boolean p, Boolean b) System.Guid.ToString () LifeSupport.ModuleLifeSupportExtender.PreProcessing () BaseConverter.FixedUpdate ()
  2. i don't think that i installed it wrong... but my attach points do not look anything like the ones in the video you provided...
  3. i can't seem to figure out the spindle... the attach points are quite confusing. there are three, all of which are offset deeply into the spindles center, how should i attach it to other parts? also the hub and counter hubs don't sit well on the provided attach points... i think im missing something... :/
  4. So with the homestead module's description "It is large enough not to require extension modules."; if i set it to kerbitat does that mean i don't need to add habitation modules? (ie. hab ring) same with aeroponics? no more need for an inflatable agricultural module?
  5. something like that, what i've been trying to do is to create(im apparently terrible at making things in 3d) a cargo container that i can either drive something small in and out of, also walk kerbals into... i like to keep KAS containers and attachables in enclosed places like cargo bays. And im assuming that these frames are definitely going to be used off kerbin(would only make sense) so i would imagine putting all your little bits and valuables into a container like that. Translating that into real world examples, on certain construction sites, there are mobile garages/offices based on eith
  6. i think the Kontainers would benefit from having a radially attachable 'KAS BAY' type mount of some sort. right now it's the star lifter bay's or winging it. also are there any plans for a rectangular Kontainer? like a real(stackable) shipping container?
  7. this excites me and i think i know where you are going with this
  8. will the cargo container open? as in are there plans for a ramp?
  9. hello, the firespitter.dll in the current package is causing issues with KAS. Containers wont open in the VAB, using an alternate version packaged with MKS works like it should. just throwing this out there in case anyone else has the issues i did... you will see this in the debug log [Exception]: ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range. Parameter name: index
  10. i usually take breaks to play other games, every time something reminds me of KSP somewhere along the line and i start to feel the urge to play once more. I've found that setting goals really helps in keeping my attention, otherwise ill just sit in the vab making crazy stuff and never actually launching because i have no 'reason' to do so... currently i gave myself the mission to take 40 kerbals out somewhere and set up camp and see how long i can last.
  11. [Exception]: ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range. Parameter name: index This exact thing happened to me when i installed KSOS today, except that message spams the log when i try (and fail) to edit a container in the SPH/VAB... ive had universal storage forever and i know that it isnt the problem... edit:btw not using ATM at all, i convert to .dds removing KSOS does not fix the issue either, starting a new save does nothing as well. it's strange because it worked last night.... I NAILED IT The problem occurs when the Firespitter.dll from ksos is used. Replacing it with the o
  12. What i do like about the current shape is the fact that it looks fluid from the top(the 'edge points'?) like a giant shell, the new one has a break and then pops out a bit. i definitely prefer the old one in that regard. who knows, maybe it will look great in 3d... the interior on the other hand i think is great on the new drawing. much better clearance with the squaring of the lower portion of the bay. If you're redoing the shape, would you consider to create tail cargo ramp sections with different ramp angles at the open position? maybe one more shallow and one a bit more aggressive, just to
  13. If that's the case wouldn't it just fill all the empty slots in a base that would be linked to it? for instance all MKS lander bases have KAS storage built in, it would be a nightmare hunting down where thee output is if the workshop itself is full, or if you made a change to the base. I wonder if there is a way that you could define the output container... like in.. clicking a button in the rightclick menu that says, Output, then clicking on any part on the same vessel and having that part the output, but by default have it set to the workshop? anyways, still love it.
  14. this is awesome, is it possible to have the workshop output finished products to KAS containers attached to it?
  15. checked out the parts today, everything is looking awesome, one note on the lander. Can the Lander's main engine be a separate part? reason being users with mods like deadly reentry have consequences to heat buildup, seeing as the hull is an engine in this case i basically catch fire by using the main engines in atmosphere. but so far so good! love your work!
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