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  1. Just discovered this mod. Watching EAGERLY. You have piqued my interest... this would fit well into my KSPI campaign I'm doing... and would make for the perfect beyond end game thing... Nice.
  2. I still go to space. I still make planes. I still make rovers. I still do a ton of things. I take breaks from the game every so often. The wonder of KSP is the fact that you can do MANY activities. It's a sandbox, that's the point.
  3. Peeking in to turn on notifications of this thread.
  4. They are very meh, yeah.
  5. Thank you, @OhioBob
  6. Thank you, @Newnard!!! I'll plug this in tonight!
  7. Considering how long it's been since this is updated, it's unsurprising. Sad, though, because this was a VERY useful tool for building more general use launch vehicles. I do hope someone picks it up eventually.
  8. How does this mod interact with the Trajectories mod? Will it deal with things accurately, or does it go nuts?
  9. Thank you for your work, @Sigma88!!
  10. I'll just put this here.
  11. I use MechJeb for repetitive tasks, when I am tired of doing a million launches of a particular type. When it becomes routine, MechJeb can handle it. I can rendezvous, dock, hohman transfer, and so on without much thought. They're tasks I've done so much. MechJeb can do then without getting bored of them, allowing me to focus on the bigger picture of my missions.
  12. Already do, @KerbMav, thank you! I have a few options, mostly concerning forcing the game to use a specific monitor, etc. Just things to make it more predictable.
  13. Perfect, @Wallace Thank you very much!
  14. Ahha. So it's Kerbalism causing problems. Cool. I will strip it out then, thanks all!
  15. Is there a way to run KSP through steam and force it to run 64-bit? When I run KSP via a normal shortcut, steam doesn't 'recognize' its running. I can run it through Steam's regular interface, it asks me which I want to run, and off I go. If I make a shortcut via steam, it ends up running the 32 bit version. It uses 'steam://rungameid/220200' to do this. Is there a way to force it to run 64 bit, or to have it ask the question when I hit a shortcut? I'd MUCH prefer just to run 64 bit, but with my steam overlay, steam tracking of the game hours, etc... but I'll take what I can get. Thanks!