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  1. rdwulfe

    Rocket poll

    I need an option for 'Whatever works best for this particular rocket'. I don't have one style. I do what's needed at the time to get the job done.Some rockets do not do well when very long, so you need to squat them down. Other times, you need a long, spindly rocket. All depends on the payload and where it's going.
  2. rdwulfe

    Early Adopter Of KSP - DLC Question.

    IT means you get the DLC for free.
  3. rdwulfe

    The audacity of DLC

    Games also used to be hundreds of times smaller than they are now. A lot less complex. Huge complex sprawling worlds? Nope, none of that. Yes, large worlds, but they were all utterly bland, flat, and uninteresting. Easter eggs? Sure ,when they could sneak them in, and they didn't take more than 2-3K of data. All in all, I prefer the current method. Games get updated. Really updated, hell, they add entire new THINGS to the games, after you purchase them. For free. We're getting another content update soon, in 1.4. We've seen mods added as base things to the game. We've seen incredible things with KSP. I just hope it continues, as I've played KSP more than any other game I own. And I keep comming back to it. And it always entertains!
  4. rdwulfe

    So... KSP dead?

    One could hope! Hah.
  5. rdwulfe

    [1.0.4] Scott Manley Head Pack!

    Yeah. Gonna have to necro this, just because I just found it. Wow. Just wow. @Potatto, this needs a medical warning on the tin... I applaud you, and think you should be punished at the same time.
  6. rdwulfe

    Kerbal Figurines?

    So there used to be a way to purchase kerbal figurines? I can't seem to find it. I'd love to buy some.
  7. Just discovered this mod. Watching EAGERLY. You have piqued my interest... this would fit well into my KSPI campaign I'm doing... and would make for the perfect beyond end game thing... Nice.
  8. rdwulfe

    Kerbal Notspace Program

    I still go to space. I still make planes. I still make rovers. I still do a ton of things. I take breaks from the game every so often. The wonder of KSP is the fact that you can do MANY activities. It's a sandbox, that's the point.
  9. Peeking in to turn on notifications of this thread.
  10. rdwulfe

    [1.5.x] Strategia [v1.7.3] [2018-12-12]

    They are very meh, yeah.
  11. rdwulfe

    [1.1.2+] Kerbal NRAP - MOVED

    Thank you, @Newnard!!! I'll plug this in tonight!
  12. rdwulfe

    [1.1.2+] Kerbal NRAP - MOVED

    Considering how long it's been since this is updated, it's unsurprising. Sad, though, because this was a VERY useful tool for building more general use launch vehicles. I do hope someone picks it up eventually.
  13. rdwulfe

    [1.5.x, 1.4.x, 1.3.x] Realistic Atmospheres

    How does this mod interact with the Trajectories mod? Will it deal with things accurately, or does it go nuts?
  14. rdwulfe

    Sigma Binary

    Thank you for your work, @Sigma88!!