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  1. You can resize the solar system using Sigma Dimensions. At least I think it still works. It's been a long time since I last used it. There's also JNSQ, though it's not just a simple resizing. While JNSQ includes all the stock celestial bodies, it completely remakes them with new textures and terrain. It also adds some new bodies. JNSQ is technically suppose to be 1/4 real scale, which works out to be about 2.7x stock scale.
  2. CTTP Community Terrain Texture Pack DART D.A.R.T. (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) Range Challenge GEP Grannus Expansion Pack JNSQ JNSQ (Je Ne Sais Quio) Planet Pack KSRSS Kerbal Size Real Solar System SVE Stock Visual Enhancements SVT Stock Visual Terrain SVT is obsolete but it technically still exists and is available to download.
  3. Not in the current version. It will be removed, however, if and when I ever get around to releasing an update.
  4. That's controlled by a Kopernicus setting... By default it is set to True. The default setting works best for JNSQ because JNSQ has custom asteroids. But that means you get no comets. To get comets you need to switch to Stock, but then you won't get the customized JNSQ asteroids.
  5. You should probably report it to MPE. Let the MPE devs figure out whether it's their mod or Kopernicus.
  6. Just do the following, adding in extra @Body nodes for each additional body that you want to modify. If there is some orbital element that you don't want to change, then just omit it. When completed, save it as a plain text file but with a .cfg extension (you can name it anything). Then place the saved .cfg file anywhere inside the GameData folder of your KSP installation. @Kopernicus { @Body[Moho] { @Orbit { inclination = new value eccentricity = new value semiMajorAxis = new value longitudeOfAscendingNode = new value argumentOfPeriapsis = new value meanAnomalyAtEpoch = new value epoch = new value } } @Body[Eve] { @Orbit { inclination = new value eccentricity = new value semiMajorAxis = new value longitudeOfAscendingNode = new value argumentOfPeriapsis = new value meanAnomalyAtEpoch = new value epoch = new value } } }
  7. @Poodmund, as I recall, I think my time step was 1 day. So clearly 1 hour would be a bit more accurate.
  8. That's correct. We did that by design. We planted a land mine for those foolish enough to stray into the wrong area.
  9. You should be able to just delete the folder GameData/GPP/GPP_Renamer. You might have to start a new game after deleting, however.
  10. There is no volumetric clouds config for JNSQ. Though I know of someone who is supposedly working on one. I don't know if it will ever be released.
  11. You are correct, 40 atm is no coincidence. We tried to set the lowest elevation on all celestial bodies to 0, so you shouldn't find any below sea level parts unless something else changed to mess it up.
  12. I think you'd be better off trying something like this: @Kopernicus:AFTER[KOPERNICUS] { @Body[Sun] { @Properties { useTheInName = False displayName = Sigularity } @ScaledVersion { Coronas { Value { Material { texture = SingularityKopernicusPatch\PluginData\Black.png } } } } } }
  13. JNSQ may someday get updated to the latest scatterer, but that's likely to be just for compatibility. I wouldn't expect there to be any feature additions, like volumetric clouds.
  14. It looks like the cloud height might have to be raised. Though I'm not sure why that would be a problem now when it use to work fine. Is that Eve, or perhaps Huygen? You might try the following patch. 8500 is the current cloud height on Eve, you'll need to increase that number. @EVE_CLOUDS:AFTER[JNSQ] { @OBJECT:HAS[#name[Eve_Clouds]] { @altitude = 8500 } } If you are unfamiliar with ModuleManager patches, just copy the above, save it as a plain text file with a .cfg extension, and place it anywhere inside your GameData folder.
  15. I don't know what to tell you. I can't debug it for you. There's likely some other mod interfering with it. I recommend you remove all mods but for the bare essentials. Then reinstall them one at a time until you find the one that breaks it.
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