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  1. I updated the Green Skull Inc. pack to work with the latest version of KSP/TextureReplacer
  2. I was having issues with them in 1.1.3, sometimes they would work and sometimes they wouldn't. After updating TextureReplacer to the latest version I no longer had the issues.
  3. INTRODUCING CUSTOM DESIGN SPACESUITS BY GREEN SKULL INC. - v0.39 - Images Mission Statement: To provide total Kerbal customization on whole new levels - Currently in excess of 250+ textures! I introduce to you the Kerbonauts from the Kerbal States, Kosmonauts from the Koviet Union and Custom Spacesuits! With this mod you will be able to customize your Kerbals with special EVA and IVA spacesuits, helmets, visors and more inspired by real life astronauts and cosmonauts. Have your very own space race right here in Kerbal Space Program. Play stock? No problem the KSP pack will bring you different KSP badged spacesuits, helmets and the same custom visors as the rest. How about packs consisting of spacesuits inspired by famous films? Kerbalgeddon for the ARM pack! KSO Shuttle Suits! Professor Phineas Kerbenstein's Wonderous Vertical Propulsion Emporium Steam punk divers style suit! Original base texture design by Proot - this is an extension of his most excellent Pimp My Kerbals The download contains the excellent TextureReplacer provided by Shaw, pre-loaded with textures so its ready to go. Current pack version is 1.4.2 Compatible with KSP 1.1.3: Yes there may possibly be bugs. Yes some of the textures need work. No there will be no more packs or textures in the foreseeable future. Release v0.38: Update to TextureReplacer v1.4.1 Includes new file structure, reduced size downloads but still with same textures. Fixed flag issue. Added IVA suits to FASA and KSO packs. Now if you are flying a FASA Gemini pod, the awesome Apollo LEM or the excellent KSO in those packs your kerbals should all be wearing the correct IVA suits. When you exit your character will be wearing the default suit for them. In the case of KSO as standard it's KSP suits but this is easily changed. Full instructions can be found by reading the enclosed README file or available to download seperately HERE. As a bonus all packs now come with the G.S.I. black / green suits. Release v0.39: Update to TextureReplacer v2.4.14 Currently available for download: FASA Pack v0.39 - Spacedock. - The FASA pack for use with FASA spacecraft - Including mission patches from Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. Kerbal States Pack v0.39 - Spacedock. - The Kerbal States pack. Includes the Kerbalgeddon film suits and Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions! Koviet Union Pack v0.39 - Spacedock. - The Koviet Union pack. Includes mission patches from Voshtok, Soyuz, Salyut and MiR KSO Pack v0.39 - Spacedock. - The KSO pack for use with the excellent KSO shuttle and stations. Includes Phase 1 and 2 Suits and helmets, KSP standard pack plus bonus kerbalgeddon suits for use on asteroid redirect missions involving the KSO! KSP Pack v0.39 - Spacedock. - The KSP pack for use with standard installs and non Kerbonaut, Kosmonaut or other missions. Steam Punk Pack v0.39 - Spacedock. - The Steam Punk Pack is the latest available for use with Professor Phineas Kerbenstein's Wonderous Vertical Propulsion Emporium! Also includes KSP standard pack. PLEASE READ THE README FILE IN THE DOWNLOAD FOR INSTRUCTIONS OF HOW TO USE Legal Original Thread TextureReplacer is issued with permission from Shaw Distributed under this licence https://github.com/ducakar/TextureReplacer#licence Original texture design by Proot All textures are altered by Green Skull and distributed under this licence https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/deed.en_US Patches on spacesuits come from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page or are designed by Green Skull to represent but not copy originals. FASA logo's used with permission from frizzank Sippyfrog's skybox contributed by Sippyfrog. Notes from Dr. Kriger: Green Skull's suit textures were my favorite back when he was still working on them. Any time I decided to re-install KSP and download some mods his was one of the first I went to. Unfortunately it seems that Green Skull hasn't been online in nearly 6 months. I noticed that people (including me) were still trying to download his suit packs even after the download links stopped working. It is possible to get his packs straight from his forum post however this requires a work around. I decided to update and re-upload his packs to Spacedock. From what I can tell based on my limited knowledge of distribution licenses and what I've read on the forums, it seems like this is perfectly acceptable to do. If it turns out that I am not allowed to do this I will remove all uploads ASAP. I will do my best to make sure the packs remain functional as more KSP updates are released.
  4. I looked through the posts on the mod you linked and it apparently doesn't work in 1.0 yet due to the stack nodes being changed. I had the same issue with B9 when I last tried it so I guess i'll have to wait for them to update. Thanks anyway for the help.
  5. First off i'd just like to apologize in advance if this is in the wrong part of the forums. I've been looking for a decent mod that adds a tail with a ramp so I can roll things out of the back of a plane. I know the B9 pack has what I am looking for but it's a very large mod and I would like to avoid downloading it if possible due to my toaster of a laptop not being able to handle it. I've been looking around the forums for a while now but I can't seem to find anything other than B9 so any help would be appreciated.
  6. Here is a nice link to the Navy Mk 5 dive suit. Page only has photos of the helmet - http://www.divingheritage.com/markvkern.htm And a photo of the suit + helmet - http://www.northeastdivingequipmentgroup.com/equipment/mkv.jpg
  7. This plugin has started to prevent my KSP from loading. Anyone else run into this issue or just me?
  8. I half agree with Ghost13, I would love to see the current planets and moons become more advanced and developed with things like weather, cities (on Kerban), and more landscape variations. Seasons would be cool but I don't think we would be spending enough time on any one planet or moon to really enjoy the season changes. I would however love to see a new solar system added but it seems to be impossible to get to one. I mean I can personally break Kerbol's SOI with a pretty low tech space probe but it can take upwards of 200 years for said probe to reach its apoapsis. 200 years would be insane for anyone using life support mods or all of us if the devs ever add life support. Even without life support I would have a hard time believing that a bunch little green creatures would have a life span long enough to reach their destination let alone decided "hey lets go sit in an aluminum pod for 200+ years just to go see if we can land on that rock way out in the distance." Edit: To top it all off, think of the massive amounts of resources needed to achieve the mission. The main launcher would need to be colossal just to get the Kerbals and everything they need into orbit. Some of you may be thinking "well we can just send lightweight unmanned probes out into the new system to conduct scientific research." The answer to that is "what's the point of adding a new solar system?" I don't know about you but simply sending probe after probe out into the vastness of space isn't my piece of cake. I would eventually want to send manned missions. Getting back to what Ghost13 said This is also true, the sheer power of any propulsion system added to the game to be able to achieve such a feat would break the whole point of the game. Sure in career mode such a technology would be massively expensive and most likely at the very end of the R&D tree; it would most likely destroy interplanetary travel in the system. Sure you could just "not use it" but after sending mission after mission to the farthest planets the hard way most people would probably throw it on their rockets just to save time.
  9. Are you using texture replacer? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/60961-0-23-x-TextureReplacer-1-3-3-(2-4-2014) Edit: Also, make sure the gold visor is in .png otherwise it won't work.
  10. I'm only attempting to edit the textures of some stock parts so I won't be using Unity. Unless I need to use Unity in which case i'm totally lost. Edit: I think I discovered that it is currently impossible to edit the textures of existing parts. Edit 2: Nevermind, i'm moving on to something else
  11. Thanks for the feedback, is there a guide somewhere that will tell me how to use TGAs? I'm brand new to texturing so i'm winging things in an attempt to teach myself.
  12. Just like the title says, is it possible to convert mbm to png and then convert the png back to mbm? I find it's much easier to work with png files but I would like to convert them back to mbm when i'm done editing them.
  13. I use gimp from time to time as well how ever it's normally just to do more advanced forms of cut and paste etc. Things that MS Paint can't do. I think this is a great idea, i'd love to get involved with this. It could really expand the number of suits we have to choose from. Up to now i've been using your suits as a templet for anything I attempt to make (it all looks like crap compared to what you make but it's a start.)
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