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  1. That did it. Thanks so much for your quick reply, much appreciated
  2. Hello, I'm just getting back into KSP after a long time away and am trying to install a few mods. The one that I'm currently trying to install is Editor Extensions, however the box is not available to select it. I read beck in this sub and it was advised to look in the bottom right corner and missing dependencies would be shown in red. So for EE the red dependency was Janitors Closet, so I tried to install that but again no option to select - I think the dependencies have all been met for that mod though. Is that correct? I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, I used to play with lots of mods through CKAN but I can't really remember how it works. Also I notice that the Game Instance in the bottom right says that the version I have is Portable. Have I just downloaded the wrong version? I'm pretty sure I downloaded for Windows 10. For some reason the screenshot of CKAN isn't being inserted, here's the link: https://imgur.com/a/D3ewkMg Thanks a lot!
  3. Do you have an idea when 1.2 is out? I know, how long is a piece of string but would you guesstimate within 4 weeks or so? In which case I might hold off on starting a career save.
  4. Ok great! That's good to know. My main worry wa that I'd start a career but then find out something doesn't work with something else. Thanks a lot for your reply!
  5. Hi there, It's been quite some months since I've played KSP, in fact it it was proabably at the beginning of the year that last I had an extended session with it and now I'm looking to return. I've had a browse through the forums and see a lot of new mods and big updates to the big gameplay changing packs and I'm looking for some recommendations based on the way I like to play, which I'll now describe: Since picking up KSP a few years ago I've had one simple goal, to plant a flag on all the planets (including the OPM planets). I've never achieved that goal, indeed the furthest planet I've made it to is Laythe although Jeb once screamed past Moho with a tiny percentage of the dV needed to land. My strategy to achieve this goal has always been to build a Minmus (or Mun) base and construct my rockets off planet so I'd like to use EPL and MKS (or similar) to up the difficulty otherwise it would be too easy. I'd be really grateful if I could get some suggestions regarding new mods that might work a little better based on the mission strategy above. I'll put a list of the mods that I remember using all the time, basically I consider them realism/gameplay mods that add difficulty to the stock game with the OPM planets pack: 1) FAR - having this installed is the reason I decided to construct ships off planet. 2) EPL - I got along fine with this up until around the time the resource system was introduced and MKS became more feature packed than Kethane. 3) Scansat - Used this fine also until the stock system changed and I've never really got the hang of using ScanSat alongside stock. 4) Remote Tech - I understand that there's a new communications feature now, is RT dead? 5) Near Future Family - My go to parts ecosystem 6) MKS (Lite) - I really want to like the full mod and its light version but I just seem to struggle with it. Essentially all I want to do is build bases on moons to build ships to fulfil my outward colonisation but I just get massively confused with what works with EPL, OSE, and KIS. I'd like my colonisation to be constrained by needing a life support mod, so... 7) TAC - is that still going? USI-LS seems excellent and I think there is an option to have your Kerbals die if requirements aren't met so that might be the one to get. 8) Deadly Rentry - There were issues with it last time, have they been solved now? In its heady I remember the genuine excitement generated upon atmospheric insertion, will Jeb make it to the surface?! 9) Quality of life mods such as EVE, Contracts, RCS Build Aid, Trajectories etc I'd really appreciate some lists of mods that work well together or perhaps some links to a similar discussion that I might have missed. I hope you understand that after so long away (and the fact that my better half is going away on a business trip tomorrow for a week :p) that reading through the lists of mods old and new would take a long time so any advice/suggestions/thoughts are very gratfully received! Thanks!
  6. Seems great on paper, I say that because I haven't got that far in career mode yet but I'm this'll work fine. Thanks!
  7. I'm having this issue as well. Only for 1.1 on Ubuntu 15, tried the fullscreen edit, no joy. I'm not sure how to implement force-glcore, could someone please advise? So basically what it seems like is that if we have a 1080 display we can only play it in 720 resolution on Linux? That's all kinds of not cricket.
  8. Can anyone point me to the answer please? I'm sure it must have been a very popular mod. Thanks!
  9. Hello, I've not played KSP in a while and am just getting back into it. I generally download mods through CKAN and Achievements was always something I grabbed but I don't see it there any more and this is the only thread I could find about it, well, the newest after Blizzy's original. Has this mod been discontinued now or can someone point me to an updated thread please? Thanks!
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