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  1. Realplume configs would be amazing indeed! Unfortunately I won't be of any help but I hope you two can figure it out! @pmborg Thank you for all your effort so far! I was just seeing the latest video and I saw that the Superdracos seem to have a high spoolup time of like 2-3s. In real life, they react very quickly since they are needed for abort scenarios, could you change that?
  2. Update 6.5 released! Changelog Added Cargo Dragon 2 Improved efficiency on Crew Dragon Draco RCS thrusters Fixed CoM on F9 Stage 2 Download from Spacedock
  3. Don't think you'll get decent aerodynamic stability with 2 fins only, that thing will just yaw away but I'm not an expert on aerodynamics (yet). Not that it matters anyway since the Cargo Dragon 2 won't have active abort ability with the removed super dracos and the trunk will still have 4 fins for Crew Dragon. The two fins here are simply to provide more (the same) area for the solar panels.
  4. Very interesting with the two fins only. But if that's how they wanna do it I'll do it too! Release soon.
  5. @[email protected]@linuxgurugamer This is intended. I had to make a copy of the landing leg and then scale it down in Unity for the 2.5m size config since simple rescaling via cfg did not work, the 'Category = None' is included on purpose to prevent the scaled leg from showing up. When using the rescaled config, you will find that the patch changes the "None" to "Utility". Good catch though!
  6. Realism Overhaul configs by @pmborg @pmborg is currently working hard to implement Realism Overhaul configs for all the rockets included in this pack! A lot of you have been waiting for some proper configs, so show him some love and try the configs out yorself! Please note that they are still Work In Progress and you will see quite a few more changes happen, you can download the latest version of the configs here: Download RO configs [KSP 1.9.1]
  7. Holy Jebediah. Fantastic work Sir, I hope you've contacted the KSP2 dev team already, I'm sure they could learn something from you.
  8. What you have been forgetting in your discussion so far is that even if Thermal expansion of the nozzle is restricted due to cooling, it'll also have to cope with some sort of reentry heating where the engines will not be continously running, be cooled. And yeah it just doesn't make any sense to weld the outer ones together from a reusablity and reliability standpoint.
  9. Are you still working on the plane parts pack?

  10. I think the engines were actually taken from Tundra because of their nice plumes. With the release of the "Waterfall" plugin I might consider making my own custom plumes. I've made a different design decision for my Falcon 9 compared to Tundra, which has all 9 Merlin engines as one part, which allows for the nice plumes, while I decided to model an accurate engine and give the user the freedom over all 9 engines. This wasn't compatible with such nice plumes though, but Waterfall might change that. lol a wonder that the game even boots up. this mod is compatible with KSP 1.10 only. don
  11. I never said this is compatible with FAR, don't complain if it doesn't work perfectly. As @Kraken that doesn't exist said, making it a parachute would have made it fall straight down so that wasn't really an option. And you can land it just fine, you simply need to stall it a few meters above ground.
  12. You're using the latest version of this mod with KSP 1.2.2 do I understand that correctly.
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