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  1. Yeah what @scimas said, it's get only and the DLC seems to be able to only read pilotcontrol.
  2. Not sure if I should even post here, but is there a way I can control the robotics from the Breaking Ground Expansion via kOS? The situation is as follows: Built a large airplane, so large that standard control surfaces aren't enough, so I made custom large elevators, which are moved via a hinge which is bound to the Pitch control input from the pilot. This works fine for manual flying, however problems already occur when using trim, since apparently these parts don't react to trim input, only to "actual" input from the pilot as in 'W' or 'S' being pushed. However when I try to let kOS steer the plane, which works just fine with normal elevators, things don't work out. Neither raw control seems to work (set ship:control:pitch to 1) nor does "direct" control (lock steering to up). Maybe both issues are somehow related? It's also possible that this is a problem with the game itself, but thought I'd post it here anyways since I'd be really cool if this actually worked!
  3. Fill up? You mean explode? Try rebuilding and reattaching the cores, maybe that helps. Hm, no that's not planned I'm afraid, however I'd be more than happy if someone went ahead and does that.:)
  4. Looks really nice! Just one thing, decrease the "thickness" of the engine bell at the bottom, those things are really thin actually. Should be at least 50% thinner, probably even more. Apart from that, great work! And maybe consider having a variant without that boattail just like the stock engines now offer.
  5. Ouhh what a nice job you've done! Was about time someone made a New Shepard for Kerbal. You might need to add a license though in order to share the download link, which has apparently been removed for now.
  6. Slowly getting good enough for a release I think. So much new stuff has been added and remade since the last video, a much better & smoother pitch control logic, a glideslope control logic which makes sure the plane stays roughly in the desired glideslope, a new landing "flare mode" trigger, which contributes to overall much more accurate and smoother landings. Also some more safety features have been added, for example bank angle & pitch limits, a ground-proximity-warning-system (you can see the warnings in the video, however system was not activated because the plane was in a lanidng configuration), flight prediction and terrain scanning and of course also a rule to disable some of these systems in case of a detected emergency, kind of like an alternate flight law in an Airbus. Really like how this is coming along, crazy that it's been over a year since I started this project.
  7. Alright, great to hear you got it to work! Good idea, will do! I'll also redo the payload adapter when I'm at it, the one I have doesn't look like the F9 Adapter at all which has been bothering me for quite a while.
  8. That's interesting, I'll have a look into it. Apart from that, Starhopper WIP pictures!
  9. Since acceleration is the rate at which the speed is changing, you could measure airspeed / speed at two points of time with a known seperation between the measurement, then divide the difference by the time and you got the acceleration. Of course you'd need to do that inside a main loop which runs all the time, otherwise you'd only get one measurement, it would look something like this: set p to 1. until p = 0 { set v1 to airspeed. wait 0.01. set v2 to airspeed. set acc to (v2-v1) / 0.01. print "acc: " + round(acc,2) + "m/s^2 " at (0,2). on ag10 set p to 0. } You might need to multiply or divide acc by a factor of 2 or 4, don't know why it sometimes doesn't work out directly.
  10. Yeah, for now the turntable has no "real" functionality apart from spinning the whole ship up. The decoupler is integrated into the Star 48B since with an engine and a decoupler in that part it wouldn''t work. I did not fully understand how the expansion things work, had some interesting behaviour when I tried to make the turntable work with the Expansion, once I've sorted that out I will provide an update to add support for that, maybe also for Infernal Robotics for everyone who does not own the expansion.
  11. Concerning performance issues of the rocket, I'll make sure to include an Old School Fairings MM-config in the next patch, this should give more stable ascents and more consistent performance from the rockets. Also, we have a nice review from KottabosGames!
  12. Delta Pack Adds the Delta II, III and IV rockets into the game, featuring highly detailed models & textures. (No, this is NOT the official ULA mod pack! I do not have any affiliation with them, I've released my work on my own since otherwise you would never get your hands on this.) Overview of the parts included: RS-27A, RS-68A, RL10-B2, AJ-10-118K, LR-101 GEM-40, GEM-46, GEM-60,GEM-63, GEM-63XL, Star 48B SRM's 4m DCSS (2 colour shemes), 5m DCSS, Common Booster Core, Thor Tank, Delta K, Extra Extended Long Thor Tank various Payload Fairings A wide range of different payload adapters based Note: These launch vehicles are scaled down to fit the Kerbal universe, Delta II has a diameter of 1.5m, Delta III of 2.5m and Delta IV of 3m. A seperate manual is also included in the .zip file. Real Solar System / Realism Overhaul configs are made by @raidernick and are included in the upcoming RO patch. More pictures: https://imgur.com/a/MHVdhPr DOWNLOAD v.1.0 FROM SPACEDOCK All rights reserved - Kartoffelkuchen Logos used are owned by United Launch Alliance Important note: I do not want to make any profit off of my work, so I always appreciate some nice comments if you like it! Enjoy! @Coolinee Kerman Well, not my fault lol but I've decided its time to release this now, otherwise people would never get their hands on this.