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  1. Yeah sure if you open the "Settings" Tab of the gui, you can adjust things like "max pitch, roll angle, min speed, max speed" there when in flight OR you can create a profile for your own plane in the database.ks script so you don't have to adjust things every time (see step 6 of how to use).
  2. @shdwlrd The main difference between Pilot Assistant and this is that I made a kOS script, not an external plugin. This means that the script, due to kOS limitations, will run at a significantly lower rate than PA would do, due to kOS limited "processor speed". It can o be increased, but I didn't want to make that step for now. This runtime difference means that it is much harder for the script to compensate, from the time it sees that the aircraft is exceeding it's target pitch rate (for example) until it does something to correct for it, up to 0.2seconds pass by. That makes it quite complicated to properly tune a PID, since a LOT can happen between each "run" in .2s, especially with very sensitive aircrafts. I think I've done a fairly good job at implementing this for now, there's much to be streamlined and optimized, but I think results are good enough. For a real step-up, I will have to look at properly implementing this as a plugin though and my experiences with coding a plugin are marginal for now, so that will take some time.
  3. Is the file located inside your "KSP Main/Ships/Script" folder? You could also try to delete kOS and the script folder, reinstall kOS, fire up KSP once and then copy auto260.ks into the Script folder.
  4. Well Trump just suspended air travel from Europe (except GB) to the US for a month, starting friday. That's uhm kinda big news.
  5. Sure I can have a look at it, though I think my PIDs are well tuned now. And as far as I understand PA also has trouble with over- and undercorrecting due to control authority on the aircraft. @Noir Thank You so much, I love to hear that! @rottielover Height means the altitude above ground the kOs unit is reading in the takeoff / landing configuration (so with gear extended, it's the altitude from the command module). You can get a good value by typing "print alt:radar." in the console and just add 0.5-3m to that numer, depending on your aircrafts size. Just keep in mind, too high value means that the plane will come in higher than it should (because the ap thinks it's lower than it actually is) while too low means that if you have a certain pitch angle at landing you might actually crash into the ground because the cockpit is higher up than the landinh gear. Yes, for thr reverse and landingabort, this is correct. Should probably make them switch-like. I will write up a more in depth-guide on how to use and how it works but that will take some time. I'm looking forward to further feedback!
  6. @Cataclism Wow that review from @Kottabos is awesome, never expected that! :O @Stone Blue It's fairly easy, just open your standard editor and start coding away. Language isn't too hard since it's based on english. Yes, this can be easily adapted for ground use. I actually have already made a ground based mode for taxiing and stuff, I'll include that later. As far as integration with other mods is concerned, I think this would actually need to be a real plugin, but I have no experiences with such so far. @shdwlrd What do you mean with PA?
  7. Features Speed control Maintain altitude Maintain heading Maintain climbrate Autonomous takeoff Autonomous landing Fly a pre-programmed route Fly to a pre-programmed waypoint Also works in FAR What it is This is a project I've been working on forever. Programming an atmospheric autopilot can be very, very hard, but I've came up with an acceptable result, at least in my eyes, and wanted to let you guys be able to check it out! There is much to be optimized which I will do in the future as well as add new features, but for now, the results were quite good in my opinion, which is why I'm releasing it now. Installation Install kOS https://github.com/KSP-KOS/KOS/releases Download the script https://spacedock.info/mod/2346/KK's Airplane Autopilot Put all the files inside your KSP Main/Ships/Script folder How to use Attach a kOS unit to your aircraft If your craft has thrust reversers, put them on action group 4 Launch the craft Open the kOS terminal Enter the following: switch to 0. run auto260. Once the gui is built, you can hop into the settings menu and adjust all your parameters there. For some more detailed information, you can also hop into the script, I've added some comments there explaining the different variables, but it should be pretty much self-explanatory. You can also choose to add a new "airplane" to the database, simply copy an existing one (do not copy the last aircraft, copy one of the first) and adjust the parameters. Enjoy! To create new waypoints, simply copy an existing one (best if you copy the first one), give it a new name and enter it's latlng position. You can do this two ways: log the current geoposition of your craft to a file and then copy the logged coordinates into the waypoint OR enter the coordinates from the cheat menu "Set position". The same procedure for navigation / flyroute mode. Copy an existing one, add the waypoints and end with a runway. This script could be extremely handy for career mode where you have to fly to certain waypoints, gather some data etc. Now you can just enter the heading you need to fly to, select the speed and altitude and lean back! Bus / Known issues: You might see some severe wobble / oscillation of the craft shortly after you activate a mode for the first time. The script will automatically try to reduce the oscillation but this might take a few seconds. If the oscillation is really bad, try to reduce control authority on the rudders in the beginning and steadily increase it. Some more action: @Mods, I hope this is considered to be an Addon and thus is in the right subforum!
  8. Set the two booster engines' throttle mode to independent via right click part menu and set throttle to 100% (you might need to turn on Advanced Tweakables in the game settings). Then you can just throttle only the core engine as usual.
  9. Yo guys, I am looking for a wind mod which can be used with the stock atmosphere. The only mod I know of is Kerbal Wind, but that one's for FAR only (though it still works in KSP 1.7 last time I checked) and I dislike the idea of using FAR due to nowadays pretty well-modelled atmosphere. Kerbal Weather Systems is still listed for 0.90 so that one won't work. Maybe someone more competent in programming than me can have a look at this? I think it'd be a great addition to the game, one that has not been done yet (at least for the more current game versions), making the game generally more challenging, be it when flying rockets or of course aircrafts and more realistic. Cheers - KK
  10. If all you need is a Centaur, that one should work. RCS plumes micht be inverted though. Rest of the pack probably won't work so nice.
  11. Well, noone forces you to use all the build-in accessible flight variables like altitude, airspeed etc. You are free to code your very own IMU and so on by using the data you can get from the stock in game sensor parts, would actually be quite interesting to try that.
  12. 1.8.1 shouldn't have changed anything to render launchers pack non usable. I'll check it out myself again too, but you probably messed up when installing it somehow.
  13. Sorry, I'm a little out of the loop currently with my mods. I think that tipping over has to do with inaccurate drag cubes being generated, I guess it also happens with the other Atlas 5xx rockets? I'm not sure if I want to update the Atlas rockets, they are really old and, in my opinion, quality is not that great. So an update for the Atlas pack probably won't happen anytime soon, though maybe I decide one day to pick it up and polish these rockets again, but no promises.