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  1. Holy Jebediah. Fantastic work Sir, I hope you've contacted the KSP2 dev team already, I'm sure they could learn something from you.
  2. What you have been forgetting in your discussion so far is that even if Thermal expansion of the nozzle is restricted due to cooling, it'll also have to cope with some sort of reentry heating where the engines will not be continously running, be cooled. And yeah it just doesn't make any sense to weld the outer ones together from a reusablity and reliability standpoint.
  3. Are you still working on the plane parts pack?

  4. I think the engines were actually taken from Tundra because of their nice plumes. With the release of the "Waterfall" plugin I might consider making my own custom plumes. I've made a different design decision for my Falcon 9 compared to Tundra, which has all 9 Merlin engines as one part, which allows for the nice plumes, while I decided to model an accurate engine and give the user the freedom over all 9 engines. This wasn't compatible with such nice plumes though, but Waterfall might change that. lol a wonder that the game even boots up. this mod is compatible with KSP 1.10 only. don't complain if you're using it on another version of KSP and it won't load.
  5. I never said this is compatible with FAR, don't complain if it doesn't work perfectly. As @Kraken that doesn't exist said, making it a parachute would have made it fall straight down so that wasn't really an option. And you can land it just fine, you simply need to stall it a few meters above ground.
  6. You're using the latest version of this mod with KSP 1.2.2 do I understand that correctly.
  7. @Nooby_dud To quote myself from the OP: and: I marked the important words for you.
  8. Update v2.0 has released! Many improvements have been made to the original autopilot. I've completely rewritten the GUI and simplified it, made many "under the hood" improvements, improved the landing abort triggers and added a HUD message explaining the reason for the abort and also added a "Go-Around" after a landing abort. After the abort has been triggered, the plane will fly back to reattempt the landing at the same runway. To increase chances of a successful landing, the minspeed (aka landing speed) is being altered slightly, depending on the abort reason: If the abort was called because not enough runway was remaning and we couldn't brake in time, the landing speed is reduced slightly. If we were too low on the final approach, the speed is increased to improve the control authority of the rudders etc. However, if a landing abort has been called 2 times due to not enough runway remaining, the third abort call will be ignored. Happy flyings! DOWNLOAD
  9. Update v1.1 has released! Fixed bug where you could see through the bottom of the cockpit Fixed Airbus texture with the inverted neo on the back DOWNLOAD Also check out this cool review by @Kottabos Yes. Go to the .craft file, then change the version number from 1.10.0 to 1.9.1 and it will load just fine.
  10. Version 6.4 | July 06 2020 * Fixed Starlink Satellite not loading * KSP 1.10 support Download from Spacedock
  11. This is a small mod which adds a detailed Airbus A330-900neo into the game. You will find detailed models and textures, custom sounds for the engines and landing gears, 3 liveries (White, Black, Airbus) as well as a modelled 3D cockpit and cabin. The plane is configured for stock, with flight characteristics based on a comparable stock-part aircraft. At a cruising speed of 220m/s at 3500-4500m altitude, a range of 2100km or fuel for 3h will be enough to cover all major routes on Kerbin. I've limited the crew capacity to 30 (+2 pilots) for performance reasons. Please note that the parts are not designed for a modular use in other crafts. Download from Spacedock I recommend you to install my Airplane Autopilot as well. Known issues All rights reserved.
  12. Well that certainly is a quick and dirty fix but yeah, now the solar panels won't deploy any more. Very weird that it hangs up because of an animation. I'll need to investigate further.
  13. Oh heyyy I totally forgot about this, but it did actually gain some attention it appears. I've never finished this cockpit nor an IVA for it, but I'll publish it together with a bunch of projects which I started but never finished soon for everyone to work on or play with so stay tuned. It will include loads of airliner parts, though not all are ready to play with but you'll see. I might have something else coming up for you if it works out the way I want it to.