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  1. Kartoffelkuchen

    Creating constant resource consumption for an engine

    Have a look at the RTGs. They produce constant elextricity output, perhaps you can simply change the output to input. Or, you create a second „dummy“ engine module within the engine config, with 0 thrust output but a constant resource requirement (no flow curve).
  2. How to download your SpaceX Pack? I installed it and i got only Falcon 1:wacko:

    P.S  I have KSP 1.3.0


  3. Kartoffelkuchen

    [1.4.3] Launchers Pack - SpaceX Pack V.5.3 (Released April 18th)

    I don't know why you'd need BDanimation in the first place? If at all. you'll need firespitter when using with KSP 1.3.1 I think
  4. Kartoffelkuchen

    Stockalike Airbus A330 Cockpit - Interest?

    Good idea, so yeah this could turn out to be a mini parts pack @Sebastiaz ^^
  5. Kartoffelkuchen

    Stockalike Airbus A330 Cockpit - Interest?

    Yup I know about NeistAir and Airplane plus, using both of it, I've just done this cockpit because I wanted to get back into modelling which I've not done in ages and since I'm using almost exclusively planes currently in KSP I thought it might be a cool thing to have and decided to ask if anyone else might have an interest in it. Yes it's Mk3 sized. That thing looks like an interesting challenge, might try to do it. But first off I'll try to do the IVA for the A330 cockpit, and yeah if there's enough interest I'll also publish it.
  6. Made an Airbus A330 based cockpit with stock-alike textures, any interest? Or suggestions for more cockpits / parts? It does not have an IVA yet, though I'd like to give it a try, haven't tried doing one before.
  7. Kartoffelkuchen

    Meteo+wind+ocean current

    Definetely interested, only a kind of "wind" would already be highly appreciated, I know there's a wind mod for FAR but I'm having far too many issues with that. Would love to test my airplane pilot with wind
  8. Kartoffelkuchen

    [1.4.3] Launchers Pack - SpaceX Pack V.5.3 (Released April 18th)

    Nice job! Feel free to share these! However I'd also recommend to have a look at B5 textures which is linked in the OP, it features the new block 5 textures. :) On Spacedock, you can go to "Changelog" and then select the version you'd like to have. It should be this one for you: https://spacedock.info/mod/269/SpaceX Launch Vehicles/download/4.1 You can also try to use a newer version, it might work as well in 1.3.1, but no guarantees since I've made some config changes to some parts which were made possible using newer KSP versions. I'd say stick with the linked version for now
  9. Kartoffelkuchen

    [1.4.3] Launchers Pack - SpaceX Pack V.5.3 (Released April 18th)

    Yeah, couldn't release it on my own, even if I had loved to do so at some point (...) but yes it's coming along! Shouldn't be too long any more, we're in like pretty much the final phase now And Delta II will be released, no worries BTW, we're almost closing in on 60.000 downloads, that's pretty sick so thanks for that guys! <3
  10. Kartoffelkuchen

    [1.4.3] Launchers Pack - SpaceX Pack V.5.3 (Released April 18th)

    Using custom configs made by them i guess, yeah. If anyone who has decent configs for RO would be willing to submit them to the dev team or however the process of integrating configs for other mods to RO is, that would be highly appreciated!
  11. Kartoffelkuchen

    [1.4.3] Launchers Pack - SpaceX Pack V.5.3 (Released April 18th)

    What does your GameData folder look like? Is the path GameData/Launchers Pack/Rockets/... ? It should work in 1.4.4, though I haven‘t tested it there yet.
  12. Kartoffelkuchen

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    Do you know where I can download KSP 1.4.3 (no steam version)? Would love to try this out but it doesn't seem available on the store, maybe a direct link still exists which was removed from the store? @Ger_space Welp, that's sounds complicated... let's hope this will be fixed
  13. Kartoffelkuchen

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    OK, well gonna wait for it to catch up then.
  14. Kartoffelkuchen

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    @infinite_monkey Yeah, got the same issue. I installed Kerbal Konstructs, KerbinSideRemastered_0.90 and using KSP 1.4.4, but nothing has changed. Maybe an incompatibility of Kerbal Konstructs?