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  1. @pmborg Is doing a great job with the RO Configs, you can find them in his post: I'll update the link in the OP, thanks!
  2. It does look pretty awesome, not gonna lie. I especially like the worm on the SRB's, nice touch
  3. I think there was a mod which allowed you to create and export float curves in Unity. For simple atmosphereCurves, with only two keys like you have you don't really need it though. Key 0 is the specific impulse at 0 atmospheric pressure (so in Space), key 1 at full atmospheric pressure (at ground level). The higher the number you choose, the better is the ratio of thrust generated / fuel consumed.
  4. This is awesome! You should definetely add some more in-flight screenshots, she's a beauty! And give the thread a better name, "YnoT1300" won't catch many users, "Star Wars Millenium Falcon" however will. Two things: Would you mind including a .craft file? That'd be very convenient for all the users who just want to enjoy flying the Millenium Falcon, without having to actually put it together. And, maybe you could add a part which acts as a vertical stabilizer? It doesn't actually have to be one, you could add that to the engines if you wish, or make it an invisible part or so. Just so it feels a bit more natural to fly at higher speeds through the atmosphere. Nice job! I love the IVA too with that funny game.
  5. I certainly believe SpaceX engineers have a rough understanding of what they are doing, know the effects of bolting engines straight to the skirt of Starship, know what impact cutouts in stiffener rings have on strength of their structures, and while it is entertaining to read these discussions, I think certain users here are more interested in making their senseless points over and over again instead of actually supporting an open discussion and maintaining an interesting debate, some arguments might better be ignored from now on.
  6. Don't know which scale Tundra uses. I modelled it all at 1:1 scale, so 3.66m trunk size in the game. The rescale config scales my parts down to 2.5m. And if you look at the real thing, you'll notice that the capsule is in fact wider than the Trunk at the heatshield. So if Tundra is at 2.5m scale, use my rescale config if you need to use both mods interchangeably. Any size differences at that point will be due to inaccuracies from Tundra.
  7. I'm annoyed by the lack of aircraft, especially airliner parts and many mods are discontinued or don't have the parts I want. So I will make my own! (Click on the images for full-size) Boeing 737, 727 and 787 View inside the 737 cockpit Taking a look at the 737-800 engine Parts Boeing 737 (Max) inspired Cockpit with detailed IVA Boeing 737-800 Engine Boeing 787 Dreamliner Cockpit with detailed IVA Note that I will probably not add complete airliners, this is supposed to improve your creations with custom-built, specific parts, which drastically improve the visuals of your aircraft! I will add parts as I desire, and do not have any specific roadmap in mind. I'm open to suggestions though. Download coming soon!
  8. Is there still no support for axis-controlled robotics interaction from the Serenity Expansion?
  9. New Update soon with many improvements, giving you a very evolved & capable Autopilot System for fully autonomous flying of pretty much any aircraft. Some Short Youtube Previews: I've been working on this project for quite a long time now and I really like what I came up with. It is a very sophisticated software capable of fully autonomous flight, from takeoff to landing, for a broad variety of unique aircraft, while being able to handle multiple challenging situations. Features: Capabe of flying a great variety of unique aircraft by self-tuning the PID-Controller gains to reduce oscillation while keeping full control of the aircraft Varies stages of autonomy which can be coupled, from maintaining altitude, heading or speed to complex manuevers like takeoff, fully autonomous route flying and landing Creating butter right in front of your eyes (seriously, watch the 2nd video) Able to handle a (partial) engine failure (as seen in the video above) which induces a large amount of torque, making a safe landing very challenging Monitoring of many parameters and able to call a landing abort if (for example) the aircraft is not properly aligned and following the glideslope, missed the touchdown zone, is running out of runway because of high speeds etc. In case of an abort, the aircraft will Go-Around and reattempt on its own Able to handle crosswinds (if mods are installed) .... In my eyes, it is better than the average player is. Especially at smooth landings. If it won't work on the first try just give it some more time to properly align (well if it doesn't work you'll actually have no control anyway since it will abort the landing on its own and try again with better parameters ) New version coming soon!
  10. Realplume configs would be amazing indeed! Unfortunately I won't be of any help but I hope you two can figure it out! @pmborg Thank you for all your effort so far! I was just seeing the latest video and I saw that the Superdracos seem to have a high spoolup time of like 2-3s. In real life, they react very quickly since they are needed for abort scenarios, could you change that?
  11. Update 6.5 released! Changelog Added Cargo Dragon 2 Improved efficiency on Crew Dragon Draco RCS thrusters Fixed CoM on F9 Stage 2 Download from Spacedock
  12. Don't think you'll get decent aerodynamic stability with 2 fins only, that thing will just yaw away but I'm not an expert on aerodynamics (yet). Not that it matters anyway since the Cargo Dragon 2 won't have active abort ability with the removed super dracos and the trunk will still have 4 fins for Crew Dragon. The two fins here are simply to provide more (the same) area for the solar panels.
  13. Very interesting with the two fins only. But if that's how they wanna do it I'll do it too! Release soon.
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