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  1. That's awesome! You should change the F9 textures though to roasted heh for realism
  2. @Kartoffelkuchen Can you please provide a Spacedock download link for your stockalike launch vehicles mod?

  3. Finally. I had hoped a mod like this would come up, I know there is one or two out there also providing airliner cockpits, but this simply looks great! Can't wait for that IVA as well!
  4. Yes and that is intentionally. I had to make some decisions when balancing the Falcons and that's what I came up with. In order to make S1 recoverable, 1 Merlin D sea level had to produce enough thrust to make that possible. The Merlin D vacuum however has even more thrust in real life and I wanted to implement it that way as well. Now because of this, when I gave S2 a resonable mass compared to S1, the initial TWR would be too high as well as TWR of stage 2. So I increased mass heavily on Stage 2, so the engine performance is now more realistic and the general flight is as well, initial TWR of S2 is sufficient to accelerate the stage, but not much more just like in reality. I think it was the best thing to do since I mean the second stage sill not be used anywhere else standalone apart from the Falcon, whereas the Merlins might be used in some other crafts as well and I wanted to make them in line with their real counterparts (Vac has more thrust than SL)
  5. This is ... wow that's why i love the KSP community
  6. Yep works in 1.3.
  7. Soon™. Maybe a little Sooner™ or not. But Soon™.
  8. Colliders broke for it after KSP 1.0.5 (?) and I didn't have the motivation to fix it, it looks cheap (quality wise) anyway. If you wish to have it back though, I can try to get it working again.
  9. Like your Launchers Pack, saw it on another forum.

    1. ssss222


      like delta iii rockets

    2. Kartoffelkuchen


      I might have some good news for you then @ssss222 Stay tuned :)

    3. ssss222


      like minotaur 5

  10. @Jeroeny It has built in 'engine'. Disable drag and heating and fly it whereevrr you want if yoi dont wanna use another mod for that.
  11. I am confused.
  12. Thought I'd post this since this is a little related to this mod: Yeah it's F9 Block 1, but in the reusable configuration, as shown in this video from SpaceX: This is not meant to be a replica, not sure yet if I will put it into a seperate mod, it's more like a stockified version of it (2.5m etc). I just loved that sequence where the legs extend in this video and thought I could port this into KSP. Been working on this since one or two months already actually, but not very frequently. However, if you like the idea, I'll make sure to get this thing out!
  13. This is handy
  14. You think you will eventually release those as a playable mod?
  15. Lol. Now that is something I'never seen before. I will have to awk you to post this in the RO thread though, since I am not responsible for integration with RSS/RO and since this definetely isn't sn issue with the mod itself, since it works in stock. I am sorry to hear that you are constantly having issues, but you really need to ask the RO devs there. @Qwarkk This is a known issue but there's no way to fix currently. I've been using a plugin before which disabled drag for parts inside the fairing, but it broke and noone knows why and nobody knows how to fix this. The only solution I see is to put a stock fairing inside the fairing that comes with this mod around your payload.