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  1. I've been having an issue with KIS where it just doesn't work.. like at all. The game loads fine, the parts are all there, and I can open the inventory GUI. It doesn't seem that I'm able to put anything into the inventories though. I'm on 1.7.2 with the new DLC only. I checked and I am on 1.22 of KIS like I've seen recommended
  2. Probus, you have only partially implemented the Procedural Fairings "Interstage Fairing." You have one unlock node that only maxes out at 1.5m, and I cannot seem to find any other upgrade nodes.
  3. I know I've said (something like) this before, but Universal Storage and Atomic Age both are uninstallable on CKAN due to the fact that both of them list "Community Tech Tree" as a dependency. Though both of them list it as a dependency, it really isnt, but CKAN doesnt know this and therefore when you try to install them with Engineering Tech Tree, well.. you get what would happen Basically, what I am saying is that you should list something in the OP referring to this issue so that people know they must manually download Atmoic Age and Universal Storage if they want to use those mods. EDIT: Oh, and also, I am finally getting back into this awesome mod! Yaaay!
  4. I would be interested to help with sorting the nodes, but I'm not sure I could help on a reliable schedule. If that's okay with you, then I'm all in. Otherwise, I'll just stick to searching for bugs
  5. So.. any word on compatibility and/or save-breaking-ness of the move to module manager? I've been under a rock for the past few days, so to speak, and haven't downloaded the update (or continued my flight. Sorry Bill for leaving you with no snacks for days!).
  6. I would totally suggest integrating Contract Configurator, and specifically make your own Contract Pack for it! I feel like that would be a lot of fun
  7. Potentially, you could have a Fridge as a Impromptu Materials Lab, and have some sort of trash bag that has Mystery Goo inside?
  8. Well, just from a quick look, it appears that Universal Storage has some kind of dependency on Community Tech Tree. Will see if US will run without CTT, but would also like to update on my Kerbin Circumnavigation! At this point, I have given up on the notion that I have enough fuel to actually circumnavigate, though I may as well keep the title. The mission has been changed to a trip to the North Pole, and I am about 1/4 of the way there. This is the Iron 7 Bi-Plane, Piloted by Bill Kerman This was Bill showing off at the end of Day 1, and I would like to remind him off his adventures clipping into the wing Well, that was the results of Day 1. Off to begin Day 2 shortly! EDIT: It also appears that Atomic Age depends on CTT. EDIT: EDIT: Yep, CTT was the problem. The Tech Tree is all SQUEAKY clean now! Thanks so much for the help, Probus! Rep for you!!
  9. Okay, I got you the screenshots you asked for. Aviation Node is Overlapping Stability Node is Overlapping Advanced Exploration is being covered up by a large amount of lines Mysteriously, I could unlock this node from the beginning (Part of Intersteller, so it is empty for me) Fuel Systems Node partially overlaps two other nodes I hope this helps you see what I am seeing and begin to fix these bugs! It was heard to screenshot pictures of nodes that were seperated in weird ways, but I do recall that the "Robotics" node in the top left corner is connected to Actuators and Experimental Sciences, both of which are a good distance away. P.S. Am currently on a Self-Imposed challenge of Circumnavigating Kerbin through a Polar Course via Bi-plane. I doubt I will make it, but I'm already a good ways in and even at its worst, I can still technically DRIVE the plane there EDIT: I had just loaded up KSP, and I think my save file got corrupted due to a Satan Kraken creating a bunch of NaN errors. Will try again later, but this is just a quick peek at the results
  10. Oh, thank you very much! I have an extra, fresh install ready to test with! I'll get a screenshot for you soon, too. EDIT: Oh, and by the way, though it would be helpful to have a few more KWright parts in the start node, it is technically un-needed. I went for realism, trying to ONLY get science from flights without just plopping a command pod down. All in all, the tech tree is fully functional, and ATM, I would love to have more tooltips and Mod-Specific nodes. A lot of nodes that I can clearly tell to be for Interstellar (like fusion reactors, Exotic Matter storage) do not have any such tooltip.
  11. I've had some real problems with the tech tree. I'm sure its all visual, but the nodes arent dispersed properly (I think). Many of the nodes overlap, are spread out over ridiculous distances, and/or are empty. The last issue is not really a "bug," but rather me not having a mod installed (Interstellar, I think). Lastly, I was only able to start flying through some SRB trickery and pure luck, and I suggest maybe adding a propellor to the very first node instead of the second. All in all, though, everything is technically "Functional" and the only problems I have right now are aesthetic or balance-related. EDIT: Oh, and I would like to add that I am playing in the "Science" mode, as I usually all but ignore funds in the normal Career. Not sure if that is the source of any issues, but thought it would be good for you to know!
  12. Oh, I cant take it anymore! Downloading now! Hope to have a great KSP career ahead of me! EDIT: Also, by the way, what did you mean by "The 1.0.2 tech tree will support the following part packs (when they become compatible with 1.0.2):" even though some of the part packs listed are 1.0.2 compatible
  13. Well, Probus, I guess I may have to put off installing for a while! Procedural Fairings/Parts are some of the most important mods to me Guess I'll just have to go back to messing about in BD Armory till you finish testing them! Anyways, this mod looks fantastic and I defnitely will be using this when the procedural mods are implemented.
  14. Quick note: You have Procedural Fairings listed as both tested and awaiting testing. I'm assuming one of them was supposed to be Procedural Parts, but I'm not sure.