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  1. Awesome! i'm glad to see someone still keeping this alive. If i ever get enough spare free time again to actually mess around with KSP, id love to make up a few new models for some of the parts
  2. Im assuming based of the screenshot that your updating the 1.7.4 version that was the last i uploaded (versus updating MichaelHesters last version for .90) I'd be happy to have a chat, ill send a PM wish some contact info, and ill gather up all the WIP stuff i have and organize them, have several models i was looking to add, but they just lack textures
  3. Hey GGgumby! Glad to see you are reviving this. I wish i had time to maintain it but , unfortunatly, im worknig full time + running a small buisness and taking classes. I assume your updating from my version, and not updating all the way from MichaelHesters .25 version? (based on the screenshot from your release thread i see one of the parts i threw in :P) But if you need any of my work in progress models/textures/code, im happy to send them to you. Your also welcome to use any and all pictures/screenshots/logo's from my thread
  4. Glad i stumbled across this! I whole heatedly endorse this (as with me running a small business + working full time + night classes ) I no longer have time to upkeep the version I took over from MichaelHester Please message me, GGUmby if you need any of the resources (models textures, screenshots logos etc, and all the work in progress stuff) that i have added to my version!
  5. So Update time I am super sorry for the long absence folks (and also the lack of notice) What Mynar posted up again is right. I recently started my own business, And it has been sucking up all of my free time. (what with me still working my regular day job as well) ... Thankfully I am almost to the point were I can go solo with my own business and will have more free time (YAY!) If you guys give me a few days to get up to speed with what 1.05 has done to my poor baby, ill get her up and running again as good as new!
  6. namAehT, rent accumulates per day for each target, so I wouldn't want to have a popup or notifications daily for every ship, would get quite spammy specially if you timewarp. What i can do though is add a notification to come up every time you visit a civilian colony, with total rent earned. (added it for you as an enhancement request to github so i don't forget) Remember, you only receive rent whenever you visit your vessels, So its good to visit them every so often, you will received the accumulated rent. The right click menu of Civilian Apartments will display your daily rent amount. Also to other folks, Apologies for the delay on getting out the part, and patch i linked early, Birthday was over the weekend, so i've been away from the workstation for most of the week!
  7. To add one to point 4 Regarding the CRP (Community Resource Pack, i assume thats the one your referring to ) you dont need to have a resource ratified into the CRP to make one and use it. (New resources usually only get ratified into the pack if they are in use by either a very large mod or many mods, I.E. Water, EnrichedUranium etc) Though if the CRP already has a resource that you can use, all you have to do is include CRP as a dependency for your mod and your all set.
  8. Nice looking station! Awesomeness! Regarding the USI-LS balance, will defintly have a balance pass coming with the next patch ( if you have any input on numbers feel free to drop em either here or as a github issue) Quick preview of the transport module (ive reused some textures to save me time, its work in progress) specifically the cold transport parts from the tiny house IVA as they made total sense, Holds 160 civilians (in cold storage stacked high) Will use a large amount of ElectricCharge to keep em frozen. If you ship runs out of charge they will start dieing off. So bring alot of panels or a reactor. Part is pretty much done, just have coding a custom module for it to work properly. Once docked or connected to a station or base, the electric charge requirement will go away (so you can thaw em out and transfer them to their accommodations. )
  9. Nice way to make a first post Definitely a useful mod! I can imagine those machinma makers might have a great use for it! (Almost im wondering it might potentially be useful to build Cloud City in Jools atmosphere. )
  10. heh.. this is pretty fun and amusing, had to give it a go. Great fun Daniel.l ! I was kinda scared on the first launch my ship would burn up immediatly existing the atmo (due to the sun being so close) but that doesnt look like the case.
  11. Whoa! Nice, absolutely loving the jaws on the cockpit
  12. Yea 120 tons does seem awfully tiny Even in stock i built larger stations than that. @Admac, sorry about the delay, Here was that config you were asking about (it adds Minerals and MetallicOre to the two CivPop drills) Drop it in the NetherdyneAerospace\CivilianManagment\Configs Folder. Really anywhere is fine, but if you make sure to put it there it will get updated if i need to update it.) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19908938/USI-Resources.cfg New update is on track for soonish
  13. You dont need a config for any other mods for this to work. Out of the box Kerbals dont need supplies for 15 days, If your expedition is gonna be longer than that you add some supply containers.
  14. Thanks for the feedback Regarding the MKS resources in the drill, no problem. You can easily add those resource by module manager, Ill put together one and attach it to this post, shortly (ill include it in the next patch for those that are interested) Also regarding MKS, I should also be including some configs to add logistics support Civpop parts, to ease transfers of resources. Regarding Life support: Your using USI-LS per your post, i assume. Ill double check the numbers on life support production. (I havent in a while since Rovers last USI-LS patch and i need to make sure everything is good) I couldn't tell via your post if you station was orbital or ground based. But Orbital stations are gonna be slightly lossy, they will not be closed loop, you need some input of water and substrate occasionally. (though they recycling rate is fairly high) Ground based stations obviously you can solve this problem with the drills. I also want to, in the near future include some sort of Capstone module (say a recycling plant?) that would make you closed loop. Lastly regarding civilian transportation. I am finalizing the model and textures on a civilian transportation part ( i talked about this a few pages back) That will transport 50 civilians at time, but its significantly smaller than the 50 civ Apartment, and are stackabled for ease of movment. Think of it as putting the civilians in cold storage, they wont require food, but the modules will require large amounts of electricity and will be somewhat expensive, they cant be recruited from either. Once connected to a base, the civilians will be woken, and start consuming supplies. Hopefully this answers all your questions
  15. Looking Really good! good job on unwrapping her too (thats my least favorite part ) Looking foward to seeing the final version!
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