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  1. \o/ The changelog is so long, it just about deserves its own separate file! Thanks to the team for continuing to poke, prod, and fix!
  2. It's a subtle thing I've not noticed, but, when attention is called to it - I think the glasses are fine as-is, maybe making the oddity a little easier to spot, lol. Looking forward to the update!
  3. Squad fixes a lot of bugs. See changelog. Every update contains fixes. Its not fair to say "QA doesn't exist."
  4. The harsh transition between the launchpad object and the world terrain it sits on, stands out for me as a worse "problem" than maintaining the grass detail scale when zoomed out from the Kerbal. KSP is a constant work-in-progress, and it would not surprise me if they eventually figure out how address both of these concerns
  5. That is quite a list, Thanks for your continued efforts! … please don't stop...
  6. Big Thanks at Squad for fulfilling this old request! And the Boosters! No more "Jedi hand-wave" quad-Kickback assemblies, with their sometimes-problematic strut connections, which nested symmetry-in-symmetry. v1.8 has so much new and overhaul going on... even more for me, considering I've sat out for the last few updates. Its time to start a new career mode game. Squad future plans? Still looking for more help in the Stock experience, with managing multiple long duration missions (e.g., KAC). And a "science officer's station" / control panel, for craft.
  7. @UomoCapra, consider this: Special Pictures displayed on holidays. Squad has produced some nice art for Day of the Dead / Halloween, that works best when you see it on the appropriate day. With a little bit of code, it becomes possible to bury new "Easter eggs" in the game start process.
  8. Yay! This is an old request - I participated in this @Bill Phil 2015 thread, but I'm sure older can be found! The "Kickback" from the NASA pack, was styled / scaled for a older and smaller interpretation of the Space Shuttle - it fits perfect next to the 2.5m orange tank (and with this picture, I asked for a more pointed matching nose cone when they were overhauled in a previous update.) I think the "Kickback" needs to be restyled / reinvented, it's now in a supporting role, given the larger direction the 3.75m Space Shuttle parts took. The new 2.5m "Clydesdale" seems to be taking its place, visually.
  9. The video shows tedious selecting of each part placed in symmetry; while some builders will want that level of control, tedious clicking could be reduced if a checkbox, or modifier key during part selection, could be added to apply collision setting to all parts linked in symmetry.
  10. "BUT, what is the gameplay like?" - Squad pre-emptively answers by releasing numerous gameplay overview videos, BEFORE a cinematic trailer. Bravo! Classic Kerbal mayhem, nobody dies - great cinematic!
  11. Good point, I would like to believe its limited like a maximum pool of points per experiment in each biome as GoldForest suggests. Or in the case of new objects - Science per object (and possibly per biome as well, if for example "crystal formations" can be found in multiple biomes.) I play with Science payouts nerfed 40% in my Career, because after the MPL was overhauled to generate Science over time, Science points felt too easy to get. The expansion is adding a ton of new Science points, since so many new experiments are being added at once; but at the same time it may not feel like i'm 'cheating,' if some of the new experiments are in their own tech tree Science Nodes. ( us more things to spend points on, such that adding more easily-obtained Science points stays in some kind of balance.) I like the scaling of costs for recruiting Kerbals, it forces players to think more about Rescue contracts. Most of my career game's engineers and scientists come from Rescues.
  12. This expansion adds a lot to the tech tree... is Squad taking a look at moving some existing parts around, and slotting in these new ones? How many new parts will be added to the 1000 science nodes I'm very happy to learn that the new Action group extensions are coming to the base game! Please give "stock" players something new to find in the solar system: Squad could promote the expansion a little more, by adding the small "take home" surface features.
  13. Rover Arm naming question: (smallest) CRSY : Seems to suggest "Curiosity" - presently the largest rover operating on Mars. I think the smallest arm would make more sense if named after Sojourner ( SOJ-R ?) the first and smallest rover on Mars. While it didn't have an articulated arm, it was able to deploy and retract a single-function Alpha Proton X-ray Spectrometer. (APXS testing on Earth) (medium) SPRT: Seems to suggest "Sprit" || (large) OP-E : Seems to suggest "Opportunity" : each one the same size.
  14. ball-in-socket hinge type? Perhaps like the Grappler, when it's set to Free Pivot.