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  1. @Just Jim pm'd you a simple craft which shows the issue on my machine.
  2. @ZodiusInfuser awesome, thanks for figuring this out! @SQUAD: if you need anything else please notify me, otherwise I suppose you have enough information to pinpoint the issue.
  3. Of course. Just tried without all mods (no change) and then after verifying local files (2 files were re-downloaded) and without mods => still the same issue. I haven't used KSP in quite a while so I'm a little out of touch: is there some debug log/mode I can activate and send you? Yes, all stock except for a custom flag (but that shouldn't be an issue I guess). Actually, I think it's not your eyes but YT hating my video and restricting it to 480p
  4. Just got Breaking Ground and started to play around with the robotics parts. Put a lander can on pistons, hinges and a servo. Up/down & left/right works fine, but when rotating the IVA view does not follow the rotation. But: Navball does move After a timewarp the camera snaps to the correct position Tried to make a quick video (sorry for the poor quality but it should still show the issue)
  5. I'm talking about the view one gets when clicking the "View" button on the Kerbal portrait. I think it's just a bug, because the navball is rotating and I just discovered that the camera position snaps to the correct one after a timewarp. Trying to make short video, but would be interested to know if others see this behavior as well or if it's on my side.
  6. Was hyped, first thing I tried was a contraption with a lander can on a servo. IVA view does not move with the can's window - disappointed EDIT: to be exact up/down & left/right works, just the rotation doesn't
  7. Agreed. Until they get to it you can change the value in the settings.cfg file in your installation directory.
  8. Sorry for necroing this thread, but I remember reading Unity to be on a 4.6+ Mono by now. Is that relevant for KSP or are mods still stuck on a .NET 3.5 target?
  9. Boy, I'd love to have that much free time. 1000 hours, that's like, half a year of vacation (aka work-days not worked on)? My play-time is about one or two hours per week or so. Will take me only about 10 years to reach 1000 hours as well
  10. Not the compiler, the runtime. And Unity is to blame (at least for a big part) because they keep using this stone-age version of Mono instead of paying Miguel (now that would be MS I suppose) for a new one. Anyway, I think I read something about Unity working on a .NET Native like project to improve performance.
  11. Having not seen a for loop in quite some while your statement actually startled me for a moment. While you are, of course, correct it is astounding how different circumstances influence the use of the same language even if it's one where you don't have full control of the machine code. This for vs. foreach discussions is a great example: I am on a strict foreach-only policy where even classic counting loops have to use something like foreach (var pos in Enumerable.Range(0,10)) which would not be a good idea at all in your case. While this approach may seem strange the reason behind it is quite sound: the moment you have database access, service calls (maybe even over the network), general IO, everything regarding allocations and gc (except for maybe the LOH in special cases) becomes practically free. So the only concern is to be as expressive as possible also if you consider that hardware is cheap, but dev hours are painfully expensive so maintainability has to be as high as possible. Anyway, since LINQ is the closest C# has to a piping workflow I feel for you not being able to use it. I'm sure you did tests and if you feel the performance impact is worth bloating the code I believe you since nobody would attempt that without very good reasons
  12. Saw the xkcd as well. Interestingly I can remember my exact thoughts: "Well, if it's good enough for Randall it's easily good enough for me", went to Steam and bought it.
  13. I might be missing your point here, but KSP has been released a year ago. This is not a beta despite the early-beta quality. Actually, that's the whole point: community says "we love KSP, but it has still a long way to go before release, please take your time", SQUAD says "naaah, it's fine, we'll release it anyway". Then the community demands release quality and people are surprised, because they look at the product and think "this has to be in beta still, what are those guys complaining about?" while in fact customers demand what the publisher promised (=release quality). Frankly, imho companies like SQUAD are one of the reasons software quality is broadly considered a bad joke nowadays. /rant end