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  1. all of the solar panels would not open, even in the hanger but I just installed the mods onto a completely new game and it seemed to fix it.
  2. It does not seem to work on my 1.3 install for some reason. Even tried it on a fresh install.
  3. Hi, I am running a modded install of 1.3 and for some reason I have lost the ability of extending solar panels. I have no idea if this is a bug in 1.3 or a mod I am using. Can someone help? Thanks mod list B9, BD armory, Dmagic, extra planetary launch pads, KAS, kerbal engineer, hyper edit, Procedural wings, SXT, tweak scale., and Andromeda Visuals: Daydream
  4. Are there any updated tutorials on how to make planets using kopernicus? the only ones I can find are outdated. Do I still use space engine?
  5. man i am hyped your back I have been waiting two years for another one of your mods . If or when you do a closed beta please sign me up
  6. been watching this thread for a while. absolutely love the mod and cant wait till its updates to 1.2
  7. pretty cool although the particle fx consistently happen and there is no way to turn it off or on for me. they even happen in the hangar
  8. @Lack the nuclear ram jet. Keeps giving me air combustion failed even though i have more than enough air intake. and plenty of jet fuel (i have tried jet and rocket fuel)
  9. adds more a selection of parts to use from to make the probes look a bit more fleshed out and less drab. I dont really know how to describe it in any other way. The mod that @Stone Blue posted is a good example but i would like to see a others to have a wider selection of parts. Im making a machinima and the probes i have built with stock parts look really boring.
  10. What mods adds parts to make space crafts and more specifically probes look more interesting? thanks
  11. anyone have a download for the project pluto craft instead of just the mod?
  12. Would it be possible to make a mod that allows a separate window for ksp map view? That way i can have both up at the same time. If that already exist please link me to it. Thanks
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