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  1. KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    First they clamour for an overhaul. Then they clamour for their favorite eyesore to be overhauled first. I wonder: Did the PorkJet revamp include the FL-R25? Perhaps they're just filling in holes and preparing to take that project off the shelf and put it back on the table,
  2. Alpha Zero Chess AI

    Knowledge of "what it's doing" is encoded within the structure of the network. Learning refines this structure so that the network's structure tends to map appropriate (winning) outputs to any arbitrary input. In this way it's hard to say that the network "knows" anything more than your cerebellum and assorted ganglia"know" how to walk. If you give the network too many neurons it'll overfit and essentially become an inefficient lookup table–not useful. But if you restrict the network to a minimal number of neurons, add some dropout, and so on, it tends to learn rules instead of mere memorization. This makes sense; it's easier (takes less neurons) to know how to multiply than to memorize multiplication tables, but if you had resources to spare you'd probably rather use a logarithm table than know how to take logarithms. Yes, I fear I have hyperbolized.
  3. Alpha Zero Chess AI

    That's the thing, though: Training techniques no longer depend on randomness. Gradient descent, for example, uses a little calculus magic and finds local minima rapidly, without any randomness. Add in just a little simulated annealing and you can find global minima.
  4. Hard to argue that rockets don't fall under that, considering their historical origins.
  5. Ps4/XBox1 Estmated rerelease dat

    January 2018.
  6. Weather Chat Megathread

    It snowed here once. That was eleven years ago. It's finally time for me to test my hypothesis that the possibility of snow is related to the sunspot cycle!
  7. Alpha Zero Chess AI

    Well, humans generally have other skilled humans to learn from…who learned from other skilled humans, et cetera. This algorithm learned from scratch playing only against (a similarly unskilled copy of) itself. If you count the games played through the entire mentorship lineage of a given grandmaster, you'll likely find something greater than 44 million. With progressively more sophisticated learning algorithms, we can probably get that number down even further. Perhaps to a few thousand.
  8. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Sometimes not even a @ShotgunNinja can guarantee a hit!
  9. Please Ignore!

  10. KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    Since SQUAD seems to enjoy the junkyard aesthetic so much, why not call it "Duct Tape and Prayers Edition?" The botched FT release being the "Not Enough Struts Edition," naturally.
  11. For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    Light doesn't interact with other light. (Except in edge cases where you get an obscene amount of light together, like a kugelblitz.) Light in a vacuum also always travels at exactly c. Together, these factors make it pretty much impossible to create the compression waves that make up sound. Unless you're using some kind of incredibly precise thing that translates the red/blueshift of a warm speaker cone's blackbody radiation into sound, but that's not really sound in the conventional sense.
  12. Note that damping and strength settings are super important whenever you see jittering or drifting. Small adjustments to the settings can go a long way to improving stability. If your damping is too high, you run a risk of oscillations because of excessive correction. If it's too low, the natural oscillations won't damp out quickly and may reinforce. If strength is too high, it'll behave like excessive damping. Also, you should be well away from the boundrary regions of full extension and compression during normal use; the model starts to break down at extremes of travel. I've had jitter issues that were solved by a little careful tweaking. Yours might not be the same issue as mine, but I feel it's worth a shot.
  13. Did somebody say... lightsaber?

    He says, his avatar wielding a lightsaber.
  14. Rate the location....

    "S.S Tux (spaceship)" 5/10 missing second '.'
  15. Rate the location....

    "" 0/10 empty string