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  1. Having forgotten it, Microsoft begins developing it again. The power to make arbitrary objects superconductive at will.
  2. Anyone remember Green Iron Crown? The idea of negative reputation has already been considered, tried, and ultimately rejected.
  3. Banned for thinking you can get a larger post count in a game thread.
  4. It would be, if the rules were to be changed.
  5. Banned because the sorting pit moves only that which is not yet sorted.
  6. Yes, at least for now. How many index cards will I consume by the end of the decade?
  7. Banned because that thing had a reason—it was just complex.
  8. Do octopi air-drown?
  9. A shame those universes aren't connected to our own in any way. The power to change my perception of the flow of time.
  10. A stupid question indeed. Have you tried rebooting it?
  11. Alright, in that case you can complain as vigorously as you like.
  12. If there are weapons mods, I am almost certain that there are spawning mods too. I believe there are weapon-flavored things lategame as well, by the way. Also, this has the same resolution as the MJ argument: It's a single-player game. Play it how you want.
  13. Please do not use flash photography. It may spook the moderators.