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  1. @ProtoJeb21 You may find it useful that the PB-NUK is the RTG. The NTR is the LV-N.
  2. Props to anyone who can guess what this thing does!
  3. I think we call that a forkbomb… When you find yourself excited by Boolean logic drawing applications. If, when faced with software being irritating, your first instinct is to write a better version.
  4. whaddyawant @Rix
  5. I see that Atomic Rockets logo!
  6. While I am absolutely in support of customizable controls, and may even look down upon games with static controls, defaults are important. They determine how the bulk of your players will experience the game, and how nearly every player will experience it for the first time.This applies to the difficulty options as well, which conveniently possess a number of defaults.
  7. Well, mine is a mystical space narwhal, whatever that can do. Presumably the crown denotes some high status among mystical space narwhals, and thus relatively large control over all mystical, spatial, and narwhalish. Which could be either quite a lot of help, or of basically no utility.
  8. revel in the glory I'm viewing it! Making a trip to Idaho, camping out in the middle of the lava flats.
  9. KSPNameGen 0.3.0 is released! Now with Unix-esque flags! Specify in whatever order you like. If you use multiple of the same flags, note that only the first valid one will be parsed. See the complete list of flags by using the -h or --help flag.
  10. Keep in mind that asteroids are a subset of vessels.
  11. KSPNameGen 0.2.1 is released! For greater convenience, KSPNameGen now includes a Makefile so you can launch it with a simple kspng command in your terminal! Install by running sudo make install in the KSPNameGen directory. Note that Makefiles are only available on Unix-like operating systems.
  12. … You didn't type exactly that command, did you? You have to make a text file (with the code in), save it, and then feed that file's name to the compiler. If you don't want to navigate your filesystem, you can use absolute paths (on Windows, the one that starts with c:// or whatever; on Linux, the one that starts with / or ~; and whatever the Mac equivalent is) to reference it.
  13. falsehood @KAL 9000
  14. Okay. It's a command-line tool. So you'll have to use command-line stuff. After installing it, open a command prompt or terminal. Use cd to change your directory (cd .. to go up a directory) and ls to list the contents of the current directory. Once you've found the directory in which you're working, do mcs yourfilename.extension and it will compile to a Windows executable. If you can't run Windows executables because you're not on Windows, do mono executablename.exe to run it; otherwise, open it like it's any other executable.
  15. My tip: Get rid of VS. Pick up Mono instead. It's a command-line compiler, and will give you only the normal amount of trouble.