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  1. First of all, thanks Scart91 for your awesome work ! This is my favorite suits pack, but now it's all broken with KSP 1.5 I really hope it will be updated.
  2. Hi ! I just started a new career on 1.4.4 with KCT, StageRecovery and ScrapYard, plus several other mods, and the part recovery to the inventory is not working. When recovering a vessel, I have the following error log: KCT is build #69 and StageRecovery is #7. I tested with ScrapYard #107 and #109, got the same error. Strange, the recovery works fine on a sandbox save. It only bugs on career mode. EDIT: Also, a single part can be recovered, but a multi-parts vessel cannot. If you need more info ask me. I really love these mods, can't play a career without them ^^
  3. You're welcome And the conversion ratio is a good idea.
  4. Great mod!! SAS is so overpower in stock game. And I think you can pack the parts with your plugin.
  5. Thanks for this information! That means if I want to be realistic, I will need the nitrogen resource on command pods to use with EvaFuel, and hydrazine will be only for RCS. Interesting.
  6. Hello, thanks for your mod, this feature should really be stock. I see you posted an issue on github about making resources configurable. Since I need that for my play (I replace Monop by Hydrazine), I checked how to do it and learned from other mods. I can do it for you if you allow me.
  7. It's strange, but my issue only appears in the first save I did with this setup. All other saves are okay with correct numbers in VAB/Space/EVA from the default settings. Only this save has the problem. But I didn't changed anything. Here is the default settings file I have (from github) : Here are the default settings ingame (they are different... don't know why...) : With these settings, the Mk1 Pod has 18h of LS and 2h of EC in VAB and space. EVA has 6h of LS and EC with correct max amounts. Here are the settings in the bugged save (totally different, but I didn't touched them) : In this save, the Mk1 Pod has 18h of LS and 2h of EC in VAB, but 3 days of LS and 9h of EC in space. EVA has 6h of LS and EC with incorrect max amounts. Again, the setup is KSP 1.2.2 with TAC LS 0.12.7 and CRP 0.6.4
  8. Hello, I noticed a strange behavior with the last version of TAC Life Support. Here are my tests with vanilla KSP 1.2.2 and default TACLS Here is the Mk1 Pod in VAB after loading the game. The LS UI displays 18h of LS resources and 2h of electricity. This is correct according to default parameters. The pod is send into space. The numbers have changed! Now it's 3 days of LS resources and 9h of electricity. During EVA, the LS UI displays 6 hours of LS resources and electricity. It's correct, as EvaDefaultResourceAmount is set to 21600 seconds by default. But if the current resource amounts are correct, the maximum amounts are strangely higher. Reverting the game to VAB, the LS UI displays the wrong numbers as in space. If I quit the building and reenter, it's still wrong. I need to quit the game and reload the save to have the correct numbers... until I launch the ship.
  9. I made a lil mistake : ElectricCharge quantities should be displayed in kJ (kilojoules), and EC consumption/production in kW (kilowatts), since 1 watt = 1 joule/sec. Assuming that 1EC = 1kJ or 1kW second. Seems the case for several mods. It's minor, and will be corrected in the next update.
  10. Would be great, thanks Btw, is it possible to set the resource amounts for the setups ? For example, SimpleConstruction use IFS on the Holding Tanks to store Ore, Metal and RocketParts, but they don't stay at 0.
  11. Hello, I use IFS 2.3.1 from CKAN, and it seems there's a problem with tank costs. I understand IFS use the cost value for dry tank cost, instead of full tank cost like KSP (and I think it's better). But when I cycle tank setups, the first setup uses cost as full tank cost. Only the others use it as dry tank cost.
  12. KerbalFactory version 0.1.1 Alpha is now available! Changelog: More part and resource parameters. Automated fields loading from a ConfigNode to an object. Optimization of tables loading and filtering. Better debug log messages. Corrected issue with table scrollbars. ElectricCharge is displayed as kilowatts (kW), and other part resources as game units (u), liters (L), tons (t) and funds (f). Part resources, calculations, and some parameters columns are now hidden by default. KF should now work better with large numbers of parts and resource definitions (filtering parts was crashing with CRP installed).