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  1. I'm great thank you, busy building real stuff with wheels! I'm about to lead a team to restore a steam locomotive, which should keep me busy for the next five years or so. Love seeing the mod still going with Shadowmage at the helm, and long may it continue. Seems half a lifetime away since I was burning hours making models and bashing code...
  2. Just thought I'd pop in and see how it's all going. Love the repulsor effects! New tyres looks great too.
  3. Loving your texture work I'd forgotten quite how mad my wheel designs were! Too many late nights hacking code had clearly addled my brain You should find a "high def" version of the large wheel that you might like to play with, by the way. I modelled it with tread like the floatation tyres you see on monster trucks.
  4. I drop by now and then, it's nice to see it still going. I must fire KSP up and have a play with all the latest goodies, it's literally been years now. Keep up the great work :)
  5. Thought I'd sent it all over to you. Shout if you need a hand untangling anything. Yep, I always had more ideas than I had time to complete
  6. Track tutorial here: Hope it's going well guys, still looks like there's some excellent stuff going on
  7. If you look in KFSuspension, you'll find I had a cunning method to handle multiple colliders, which also enabled swinging beam suspension with clever use of a dummy object and LookAt. @Shadowmage
  8. It's still knocking around somewhere on my pc... I never got to fixing the persistence issues. Other than that, it worked well.
  9. From experience, modeling with the rigging in mind is a HUGE advantage. Get the orientations, hierarchy, pivots and positions right, THEN send it over to unity is the way to retain your sanity...I could rig a set or tracks in minutes with my workflow, and if you don't break the prefab connection, updating is so simple. I even used to export dummy objects with the models! Sadly, it was a frame-rate munching monstrosity. The best place for it would probably be in the Kerbal Terrain System... Code is all in the old KF dev branch, though The handler was probably more relevant to KF, I think:
  10. Looking great. Do shout if I can help with track/suspension rigging, and I'll try and remember to get those zips over to you some point soon.
  11. Please feel free to Yes, a limitation might be that you have fixed configuration part like the tracks. Hovercraft parts would fit well in the mod, though. And very cool that the new colliders don't need the water slider any more - that thing was a pain at times!!
  12. Great to see this so active again can't wait to see some hovercraft parts! Also, if someone wants to make a nice model with rubber skirts, I'd be happy to lend a hand skinning them so they move when the load changes like the tracks.
  13. Who's working on Kerbal Foundries now?

  14. Cheers everyone, thanks for all the kind words. I'm off to go make a (real) jet engine, maybe help with work on an old tall ship, and see where else life takes me. Very grateful for all the support, laughs and help over the years. I'll drop in from time to time to see how you're getting on.