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  1. That must be a CKAN issue I think. I am running a clean install of ksp v1.8 with just mechjeb and kerbal engineer and of course BDB 1.6 btw.
  2. It came at a perfect time since the v1.8 update of ksp. I had already done a fresh install of it, but only had 2 mod's like mechjeb and kerbal engineer installed. And this update just gives you all you need of mods. At least for me
  3. Been waiting for this for so long. Managed to catch a few twitch streams of you making it to. Also I just had to make a donation to you for this, cause I would feel to bad using it for free
  4. Hi, is it possible that you can make an install that just contain the parts for your first picture? The Hokulani Orbital Workshop picture? I just having a hard time filtering out all the parts I don't need as there is way to many for my need.
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