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  1. hi, first of all thank you for a beautiful mod. I love the R7!!! I have been using the mod for a while now (KSP version 1.2.2) and I realized that there is an issue with the Fregat module. It works as it should (thust and fuel is there RCS works as well). It just does not make any sounds nor are there any exhaust plumes for the main engine (the ones for the RCS are there). I am using a ton of mods, Among others RealPlume and Realism Overhaul. Does anyone have an idea where I might start looking for a fix for this?
  2. [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    @Starwaster Thank you so much! That fixed it! Classic case of RTFM I guess...
  3. Hatch obstructed

    if i remember correctly you have to open the hatch from the inside... go to IVA and look down... there should be a handle or something that will move when you click on it... after that you should be able to exit the lander
  4. [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    hello, I have a bit of a curious issue. I was trying get a RealismOverhaul-ish install... Downloaded all the mods.. (ALL of them!!) didn't work... The game didn't load load into the main menu. It didn't get stuck exactly. After it loaded all the modules and ModuleMangager had done it's thing it switched into the normal loading screen (black screen witch the rotating loading symboil in the bottom right)... and that's as far as it got. It didn't get stuck exactly.... the loading symbol keeps rotating and the game responds the Alt-Tab just as it should... only it never loads the main menu (at least after 20 minutes of waiting it didn't) So I started with a new install and have traced the issue to the RSS package (I think). My GameData folder contains nothing but the Squad folder, Kopernicus, RealSolar System and ModularFlightIntegrator and it still gets stuck.And now for the "funny" bit... if I remove ModularFlightIntegrator it loads as it should... and if I remove the other two it will also load... only together they don't want to let me play... any ideas? After pressing Alt+F4 KSP produces this log-File: Any ideas where I am going wrong? EDIT: After reading the FAQ tried again with more patience.... after 80minutes nothing had happened here is the output_log:
  5. [WIP][1.2.2] Sufficiently Realistic Progression Zero

    looks interesting! for those of us who are not able (or willing) to recompile RealHeat how much hassle would it be to make a working version that does not require it?
  6. [1.2] RCS Build Aid v0.9.1

    hi, after using this mod for quite a while I just wanted to drop in say thank you! It is a great mod! One of the few that I consider essential!
  7. but what does one actually do against instability? my way of thinking is have leverage. have a stabalizer as far back as possible. So after going out for a beer in frustration I came up with this obscenity: Mk I.craft?dl=0 It can fly... it can break the sound barrier... but that tail makes it more or less impossible to land... and take off isn't pretty either.
  8. is it at all possible to have a craft that is pitch stable AND has the CoM and CoL in the same (not talking about "desired" or "useful") position? I had a look at at the ASES SP2 Xkos... on of my own designs is somewhat similar but however much i twek it is either completly unstable or the CoL is way out there... guess i'll juts go back to rockets
  9. Okay... I will check if there are any other mods involved (and remove the parts if possible... the RCS thrusters are frome another mod.. but I am not sure wwhich one exeactly... not willing to look it up) The craft file is here: Agathon Mk II.craft?dl=0 I made some minor changes. Most importantly removing the payload, wich was some life support supplies for a space station (to reduce the amount of mods needed). The centre of mass may be a bit off now. The wings are this mod: The fuel tanks are this one: I also desigend a new vessel (strongly inspired by AeroGav's) I used a lot of elevons (I locked them so they wouldn't be used for steering) to balance out the centre of lift. Is there an difference in the "Lift per Drag"-Ratio? Or in other words is it better to use fewer, but bigger parts? On my first few tests I didn't notice any difference in performance for different incidences. It did make it into orbit but only had about 500m/s of fuel left so Minmus was out of the question (not sure if it could have reached my station which is at 600km).
  10. okay... this is extremely helpful! so thanks a lot everyone! Is there a sepcial reason why the Mk2 parts are so draggy? Or is it just their shape? Since one of the tasks I had in mind for the thing is to carry payloads I feel that Mk 1 isn't really an option. Should I consider going bigger rather than smaller and build my craft around the Mk 3 parts? Wouldn't adding incidence to the wings also cause drag? (I am pretty sure that it would in real life) So that I would only trade the drag from the fuselage against that of the wings.... I have changed the original design a little, added a Whiplash and removed some of the wings in the front to reduce drag (I think I remember reading about something called a "Mach Cone" does that get modelled?) Mk II.jpg?dl=0
  11. just to be clear... not a native speaker here... "incidence" means the angle at wich the wings are slanted backwards?
  12. mhm.. okay.. so drag might be the issue... I took another screenshot of the thing in flight: Aeroforces.jpg?dl=0
  13. Okay so I uploaded the ship into my dropbox. Any major obvious designflaws? Other than that... from what I gathered so far I need to have more power? Add moar BOOSTERS...
  14. Hi, so I am once again at that point in my career where I want to build an SSTO spaceplane (optimally one that is capable of of a round-trip to Minmus). So I have come up with a design that is powered by two R.A,P.I.E.R. engines (one shock cone air intake for each) for ascent and two Nerf nuclear engines for when it's in space. The whole aerodynamics and stability side of things is not really an issue. The design is rather stable in most situations (it gets a little wobbly at around 30km altitude). I am also very sure, that the engines (let's disregard the Nerfs for now as they should not become active until the thing is in space) are powerful enough. When (or IF) the plane reaches a speed of 450 - 500 m/s at around 10 km there is no stopping it any more. The engines start to really kick in and get the whole thing to about 30 km and 1400m/s at wich point I can switch modes and voila!.. Space! The problem is to get over that magical threshold... I generally peak at 300m/s at 10km in level flight. Any suggestions? More air? SRBs to kick me over the threshold? Weird flight profile? EDIT: A screenshot of the ship in question can be foudn here: I am using Procedutal WIngs and Procedural Fueltanks
  15. How to relay?

    Hi, first I should mention that I am running a rather heavily modded install. Still my problem is with mechanics from the stock game. I am using the Galileo plent system. I sent a probe to the second moon (Ceti). This probe has some siency stuff on it and is also supposed to function as a relay. For this purpose it is fitted with an HG-5 High Gain antenna (this is the only "real" antenna on it). This probe is orbiting in a circular, polar orbit at abit 200km (it was supposed to go to a higher orbit but ran out of fuel). So now I launch a second probe. A lander this time. This one has a Communotron 16 on it. Unfortunatly I forgot to activate the antenna after my transfer burn (at the time the built in antenna in the probecore was enough). So after a while I lose the connection... but I think to myself not all is lost... I still have the probecore antenna and the relay... that shoudl fix things for me... right? But when the lander gets closer to the relay it does not establish a connection. So in short... a probecore antenna does not connect with the relay... How do I have to design a relay so that it will actually do its job? Do the probecore antennas not work with relays? Does a relay have to have multiple antennas?