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  1. Kerbal Space Program. as led by: Gene Kerman "We do these things... not because they are easy" Reduces tech cost to Rocketry related techs (any tech that has the Apollo Program, or a rocket part associated with it) by 15%. Booster Artillery Replaces Rocket Artillery. No benefits, but production cost is reduced by 40% due to using re-purposed rocket parts. Flag Pole: Replaces Monument. In addition to the +2 Culture, adds +1 Science.
  2. Electric attacks have no effect on Ground types! (Technically, I suppose the earth isn't a pokemon...)
  3. Hm, I wonder if there's any absolute maximum speed they can't survive, perhaps it could be a slightly more efficient way to get Kerbals to a Tylo base?
  4. Assuming that the XL chute is being used for the 3-man 2.5m command pod, that's still a safe landing speed, the pod has a high impact tolerance. The 7.3 m/s figure for the 1-man pod is also safe as well, but just a bit more sketchy. The 1-man pod has an impact tolerance of 14 m/s and the 3-man one of 45 m/s. Still safe, just a little bit faster.
  5. Danger Alerts 1.2 has been released! hooray! Changed the license to the MIT License. Updated to be compatible with KSP 1.1. Aside from that, no changes have been made. Download the latest version here! If there are any bugs, please report them here.
  6. I hear a good reality check is to try to recall the things you've done in the last ~1-2 hours. If you can't remember, you're probably in a dream, and should follow up with every other reality check you can think of. Pinching nose and trying to breathe through it, counting fingers on your hands. If any of these return "dream" it's 100% a dream, no doubt, welcome to lucid-land. Of course it should be used in conjunction with other reality checks, especially if your memory isn't so good. ...At least, in theory. I haven't actually succeeded with it, though if I had done the check at one point
  7. Tar Trek: The Motion Picture. About a group of people walking around in some tar pits.
  8. I agree, without VAB readouts you have to either guess it, or manually calculate it, which can be tedious for ships with lots of stages, if you don't re-use launchers. In fact, the 1.1 KSPedia (in the pre-release, anyway) mentions Delta-V, but mentions no way of calculating it. Basically it says (paraphrased) "Delta-V is your change in velocity, which basically means how far you can go." But there's no mention of the rocket equation at all. Delta-V is in the game in the maneuver nodes, they made a simple explanation in the KSPedia, the "it's too complicated" argument doesn't really hold u
  9. You can configure Danger Alerts to do just that, and you can disable the collision alert if you want. (Note: I made Danger Alerts, so I may be a little bit biased. ) To be absolutely, completely sure you won't run out of electricity and always have a way to deploy solar panels, the "disable a battery" trick is probably your best bet, though. Works 100% of the time, and then you always have a backup. Either that, or quicksaving before every long time-warp, though that can be hard to remember to do.
  10. Well, I decided to try this out ~2 weeks ago, I was skeptical at first, though either it's a massive conspiracy by thousands of people including large experiments or it's legitimate. Well, since it's all in the head, anythings possible, I figure. I read guides, and started taking a dream journal (which definitely improved my recall, from ~1 a week to ~1 a day), in that time the following has happened: 1 sorta-kinda-maybe lucid dream (although it ended 10 seconds after, induced by questioning blatant logic violations, the dog can't be off the leash 100 meters out, it's right here with me!)
  11. @linuxgurugamer, I added Danger Alerts to SpaceDock now, hopefully CKAN will pick it up soon. (also, it turns out, I accidentally published an old version to Dropbox, so to anyone who downloaded the mod from Dropbox: you were using an older version. Oopsie. My bad. Apologies if you downloaded it for the resource alerts and were confused to find there were none.)
  12. is the last valid post, as the one after it jumped by two. -2 (+)
  13. Thanks; I'll cross it out. For the time being; use the Dropbox mirror (linked in the OP). I'll upload Danger Alerts to SpaceDock once I make the new version for KSP 1.1 when it comes out.
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