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  1. First Jool mission, how to start?

    For the first trip I'd plan a flyby of all the moons. The easiest craft is "some" nuke engines and LF drop tanks. Take more dV than you need to allow for unfavorable orbit changes. When approaching Jool for the first time, set up a maneuver node and play until you can get a gravity assist from one of the inner moons to save a huge amount of dV slowing down.
  2. Eve via Moho

    Personally I'd keep the payload small because of the engines you have available. Cutting it down to size 1, with one scientist Kerbal and a science suite, powered by one or more Terriers. Bringing the science home always feels less cheaty than using a science lab to farm science in-situ.
  3. 1.4.2 is awesome...

    I'm shivering with antici... ...pation for 1.4.3.
  4. fix this fairing glitch in ksp 1.4.2

    Well, yes. Until 1.4.3 cos the fix is being worked on. Based on the speed that 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 were released, you probably don't have much time. It only works if there are zero exposed parts and that's not easy to achieve. Any part not enclosed will have much higher drag than normal.
  5. Is 1.4.1 a "Safe" Build?

    If you are someone who uses fairings a lot then there's an outstanding bug with them in 1.4.1 & 1.4.2. i.e. they don't work to reduce drag as intended.
  6. How do you get a bunch of kerbals around?

    It's not really the best craft for this perhaps, more of form-over-function, but it does work well. Docking is at the nose and return is a combination of chutes and using the last of the fuel near the ground.
  7. How do you get a bunch of kerbals around?

    I'd say you need a proper Rocket Ship...
  8. How do you get a bunch of kerbals around?

    Is there a cost restriction i.e. do you want to keep the cost down by making the craft re-reusable?
  9. How do you get a bunch of kerbals around?

    How many crew do you want to move at a time?
  10. Umm, on balance I'd rather have the variety, especially as the different engines become available in different places on the tech tree. One reason some engines might appear to fill similar niches is that it is hard to get rid of or drastically alter older engines because of how it would break players' existing craft.
  11. You mean the MEM? If so, attach a ladder above the hatch and the crewman will pop right onto it when you EVA him.
  12. MH/1.4: Close...but a miss

    I must be missing something...what's the attraction of the thrust plates?
  13. Cost effective LKO cargo vehicle?

    Just a thought...
  14. Cost effective LKO cargo vehicle?

    Umm, nope, its an SSTO. Didn't spot he's on console.