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  1. Sticking a Mk16 chute on top makes little or no difference because it doesn't match the mesh of the Onion. To reduce drag to a level that will make the Onion useable you will need something like this (or a fairing)... Let's be honest...the Onion, Pea and Pomegranate are useless apart from some historic recreation purposes.
  2. I've not narrowed it down to a particular part or two. Turning on drag indicators did show more than I remember from before. It also over-heated on re-entry, which it didn't before. I really think I must have just messed the craft up somehow because I can't believe they would have changed the Kerbin atmos without some mention of it.
  3. Just took the SSTO I was working on for a spin after updating to 1.5 and it struggled to make headway at low altitude and had about 200 less dV by orbit. Something changed that's not mentioned in the release note?
  4. I think KSP has a good go based on order of placement and such but it makes less sense once you start messing about with the craft, especially with asparagus and such. You'd be lucky with anything other than fairly simple craft if the priority worked by default and will almost always require manual adjustment. The big gaps between the numbers is presumably to allow for extra tanks to be added in the middle without needing to re-order all the existing tanks e.g. add a tank with priority of 5 between existing tanks with 0 and 10. Being able to go negative is a similar cunning thing; it means you can always add a tank with lower priority, which you couldn't do if the lower limit was zero and you already had a tank at that priority.
  5. Once you get your head around the fuel priority thing it's actually pretty simple and, no, you don't need ducts for asparagus staging. How it works is that if there is a number of tanks that could supply fuel to the current stage's engine(s) then the tanks with the highest priority number get used first. Low numbers can go to zero and into negative. Take this simple craft... A common thing to want to do is use the lowest tank first and the upper second to keep the CoM high to improve stability and prevent flipping. So, checking both tanks, we see that the Flow Priority is -10 for for both tanks and by default they will be emptied together. But if we click the "-" button on the top tank and change it's priority to -11 then it has a lower priority and will only be drained once the lower tanks is empty. Now for asparagus... KSP does a pretty good job of guessing what you want to do and sets the priority for you. So, in the craft above, it left the original two tanks at -10 and -11 and new drop tanks it set to 0 (higher priority). You need to Enable Crossfeed on the decoupler to allow fuel to flow without a duct. 0 is higher than -10 or -11 so those outer tanks will empty first, you can then drop them and the lower of the two centre tanks will start to drain. Mechjeb can cope with this fine once you Enable Crossfeed. It will calculate dV and manage staging OK. If you have something complicated going on then it (or more often, you) might struggle to figure out dV and staging, in which case you can add ducts and it will calculate dV OK and you can then remove the ducts later to save the weight and drag of them.
  6. Foxster

    The Landing Legs & Gears Is Killing Me!

    There is another good Unity-based bolt-em-together game out there: TerraTech. The wheels and suspension don't suffer from any of the glitches people see in KSP. I wonder why that is?
  7. Foxster

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    So, "The Daily Kerbal" became "The KSP Weekly" and now becomes "The KSP Intermittent".
  8. Foxster

    I compliment Squad on the insane of difficulty of Eve.

    Some good stuff in the post above. On this issue...aircraft landing gear can make an excellent, strong and just better alternative to landing struts.
  9. Foxster

    I compliment Squad on the insane of difficulty of Eve.

    It might work to add fuel+engines but, as you hinted, because it is Eve it also adds a lot of drag losses and it is this that is the biggest challenge on Eve. That extra fuel+engine+nosecone+coupler+ can end up gaining nothing or worse. Having built more Eve craft than is healthy, I can say that the add-stuff-until-it-flies approach that you can get away with on Kerbin does not work on Eve. Or at least not if you want something that is practical to transport to Eve and to land. What you want is a craft made with the skinniest parts, the highest isp for the <50km engines, the absolutely minimum payload, all the landing stuff dumped before takeoff, not a single extra bit that doesn't contribute to making orbit, and lots of experimentation with your gravity turn because it will be different to the one used for Kerbin.
  10. Foxster

    What is Delta-V

    dV = range per tank of gas/petrol isp = mpg thrust = hp (Obviously not really but good enough to get a workable understanding)
  11. A slightly less fugly alternative to the double inflatable heatshield solution is to mount a lot of airbrakes at the trailing end of the craft - just make sure they are in the heat occlusion shadow of a big heatshield on the leading edge of the craft when deployed. With a heavy craft you might need a lot of stacked airbrakes, maybe 20+, but they are light and you will want to discard them, along with the other landing stuff like chutes and landing gear, before taking off again. Whatever you go with, you will want to get the CoM as near the leading edge of the craft as possible.
  12. Foxster

    I compliment Squad on the insane of difficulty of Eve.

    I'd say the biggest cause of failing to get off Eve is the temptation to add stuff to a craft that doesn't quite work. I mean, it makes sense to add another engine and a bit more fuel when you are just 100dV short of making orbit, right? In fact, quite the opposite is the way to go. You need to use the slimmest parts, the smallest possible number of stacks, with not one unnecessary part, and optimal engines. If the craft won't quite make orbit then look what you can take away.
  13. You can do some lightweight stuff with fairings so that heatshields work but have zero drag by having a fairing pass up through them... Not forgetting to set ablator to zero.
  14. Foxster

    Catfish - Cargo Plane

    3)...Yes, I do appreciate that is a "feature" of your craft. It just felt a little more obvious with this craft because of the parts inside the fast spinny things 4)...That's what I did and they do indeed have a drag reading.