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  1. Great minds think alike. I was just playing with something similar but with a Service Bay... It's a little heavier (~0.25t) but kinda fun.
  2. I should never say never...This works... The docking port works (despite having a big spike sticking out of it) and has zero drag. Easy to do: Place the fairing base and make a pointy fairing. Place the docking point inside the fairing on the fairing base connector. Translate the docking port forward like you see in the first picture. Simples.
  3. It'll depend a bit on how massive the fairing is and how un-aerodynamic the payload inside is. Drag is getting fairly low above about 45km on Kerbin but if you have a really draggy payload then probably best to leave it until 60km+.
  4. I think you are going to be out of luck. To have a docking port jr (or any flat 0.625m part) on the front of the craft is going to be draggy, especially if mounted straight into the wind. It's less draggy if surface mounted so its sideways on to the wind but I don't think that's what you have in mind. I just can't think of any way around this not already covered.
  5. Ah, right. So you planning to re-fuel the SSTO and send it back up?
  6. Did someone say my name? One idea depends on whether you want to use the craft for more than one up-and-back journey. You can put a nose cone (or an extra intake) on the front of the docking port (you don't need one on the nosecone) for the trip up and undock it when in orbit. Hopefully the extra drag on the way back won't be so important. You should be able to do the fairing thing if you don't mind being "creative". The assembly in the VAB will involve: Place the fairing base on the top of the docking port and create the fairing to a point. Then lift it off and put it under, say, the docking port and cockpit so that the point project a little way beyond the docking port. It may take a few goes to get the size right but you should end up with the parts above the fairing base shielded even though the fairing only passes through them. Then add the rest of the SSTO. Jettison the fairing when in space. You'll have the same drag issues as above coming back of course.
  7. Good info here. There's a similar story with some of the new engines. You need to look at the mesh shape/size to know what parts will fit together for low-drag purposes. It is often unclear in the stock game but there are mods to display the mesh outline of parts.
  8. Foxster

    What should I name my rocket?

  9. Foxster

    2 Aerospikes or 4?

    I'm uncertain about the engines. Best bet is HyperEdit your craft there and test it. One important thing to know about Eve is that it's atmosphere is soup. That means you get extra lift and so need less lifting area than Kerbin, but it also means that drag is very high. I suggest remaking your aircraft so that it doesn't use mk2 parts, has the minimum number of stacks and that you ensure there are tapered pieces on the back of all the stacks. E.g...
  10. I avoid swept wings for this reason but have sometimes attached the control surfaces to the aircraft body and moved them into place on the wings with Shift-translate so that they work OK and still look good.
  11. Foxster

    How far is the Mün from kerbin?

    Physically they are about 12Mm from each other. Emotionally they are worlds apart.
  12. Foxster

    Calculating A Delta V Budget

    Well you can "run it in the simulator" first i.e. fly the mission, check the dV or fuel usage then revert the mission and remake it more economically.
  13. Foxster

    Talk, lanky... and landable???

    Woulda made it harder to dump when finished with.
  14. Foxster

    KSP Challenge: Stylish Decay!

    So, not even Squad staff have an interest in setting challenges via Mission Builder?
  15. Foxster

    KSP Weekly: The Foreigner

    Thanks for the reminder. Now if only anyone was interested...