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  1. TSTO Spaceplane with forward drop tank?

    Here's a (stock) thought...
  2. Nervs of steel

    See, the basic thing about your "constant altitude" approach to a landing is that, ultimately, it means you never reach the ground. You are a bit better with a "constant slightly falling altitude" landing really. To be a tad more serious though...Tylo and back to orbit on nukes is quite do-able but not trivial. Just keep the payload to the absolute minimum and you'll be good.
  3. Yup, good points. Providing this "feature" to an aircraft is not necessarily just about adjusting the wings.
  4. You don't have to wait but you will not have an optimal transfer back to Kerbin, which is fine if you have a good dV margin.
  5. Brick from Orbit Challenge

    I got this odd little craft down from Eve orbit as a glider with no heat shield or parachutes. It has a RoveMate as the probe core. Is this anything like what you had in mind?
  6. Pre-release 1.3.1 is live!

    Can someone say in general terms the impact on mods? They all broken or they OK or is it patchy?
  7. You only waste a lot of fuel with a lander if you design it that way. It is quite easy to design a lander that uses just a little fuel at the last minute if you include air brakes to slow down enough to enable chutes to be deployed early. Planes by contrast are a pig to land on Duna, gain nothing in terms of making orbit and have lots of bits that are unused during space flight.
  8. That would be a handy feature of CKAN. It is something of a pain to have to delete directories of a mod now available on CKAN, then relaunch CKAN, find the mod and install it. Just the sort of things that CKAN is there to help avoid.
  9. I think all of those mods are available via CKAN, which will install and update the mods for you.
  10. Probe to tylo

    If you did want a nuke-only lander then this has a decent margin from and back to a 50km orbit...
  11. I can see the other mods on CKAN but not OneWindow, unless it's a bit hidden.
  12. It requires some electric charge to extend. Are you out of charge?
  13. Major "CKAN mod list" for ver 1.3

    Wanna give a teeny hint as to the mods included? NVM...Just saw the list in the link. about explaining the theme behind these mods? Why are they bundled?
  14. Need help building a large Mk3 plane

    Where are the rear wheels in relation to the CoL? My starting rule-of-thumb is to have the CoM a ball's width in front of the CoL and the stanchions of the rear wheels in-line with the CoL...
  15. Design Problem

    If I understand you correctly, you want to get a largish craft through aerobraking without the flipping? The design ideas around this are: 1. Get the centre of mass close to the heatshield. This generally means the engines and larger tanks just behind the deployed heatshield. 2. Get a bunch of drag at the top of the craft. One of the lightest and most effective ways is with a lot of (often disposable) air brakes. You might need quite a few, maybe a couple of dozen. 3. If you still struggle then you can consider an inflatable heatshield at both ends. The one at the retrograde end acting like a big parachute.