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  1. Eve Liftoff Ideas

    Even going from one Kerbal in a capsule to two adds a lot of size to an Eve craft. Sixteen will mean a very large craft. Though, as pointed out above, using shielded command seats means much lighter. Some tips for an Eve flight to orbit are: Keep it streamlined (thinnest stacks and smallest number of them), dump every ounce and bump before lift-off, use the right engines (vectors and aerospikes usually), be prepared to try lots of launch profiles (just a couple of km difference before starting your turn can mean failure to make orbit), if you have a mod that shows Q then watch it carefully to reduce drag losses resulting from going too fast in the mid section of the flight, keep your AoA close to zero to reduce drag.
  2. Really? Never tried it but it seems that it would be easier to get an Ike encounter when within Duna's SOI than trying to get a Duna encounter when in Kerbin's. Guess it depends on your ninja maneuver node skillz.
  3. Depends how much messing around you want to do. I'm sure there are gravity assists from the inner planets that will help but that's too fussy for me. I'd go for a good transfer (there are mod tools to help plan that) and a gravity brake from one of Jool's inner moons to save a huge amount of dV in establishing a Jool orbit.
  4. I think that practically your best bet is a good transfer window, a gravity brake in front of Ike's orbit and then aerobrake at Duna.
  5. Don't forget you have a nice fat moon around Duna that is at a useful inclination. Tweak your Duna orbit so you pass just in front of Ike and you will lose a lot of velocity for the small dV cost of the maneuver node.
  6. I'd like to experiment with this. Do you have some Alt-F12 set-orbit or HyperEdit numbers that will put a craft on an 8km/s approach to Duna?
  7. High altitude planes

    Don't be too surprised if KSP's aero model breaks down in edge cases. Its an approximation missing some elements. It is usually best for initial designs to be based on logic and real-world physics and then be prepared to experiment with non-logical alternatives for optimisation. For example, the RAPIER engine doesn't seem as the first choice as the "best" high altitude air-breathing engine but in long-distance and high-altitude challenges it is.
  8. Save my mining station!

    The landing legs aren't really doing anything, especially in Minmus' weak gravity. So can't you retract them and claw onto an ore tank? Also - if you are converting the ore to fuel on the spot then there's not much point in multiple drills and ore tanks. Just run one drill into a small ore tank and process it into fuel in one go, using timewarp to speed things up. That will save a lot of mass on your craft.
  9. My current Spaceplane

    A nuke engine is the way I go for long range SSTOs but not so much for throwing a Kerbal into orbit. Would change the original craft a fair bit though and the OP seemed keen to keep the original look.
  10. My current Spaceplane

    I got about 1000 dV left with your second. So better but not a huge increase. Kinda why I kept messing until I got a bigger leap to more like 1600.
  11. In my experience, radiators or thermal thingies do little, if anything, to help with heating during re-entry. I'd say that was a dead-end you can ditch. The other thing is to step back and say the craft is just too darned big. Have a look at some of the other Eve craft on this site (try the challenges section) for inspiration. You might be having problems with the part count. The more parts the more weird stuff happens, like parts suddenly exploding for no apparent reason, usually when under thermal or physical stress. Getting rid of the rat's nest of struts would be a good start and use autostrut instead. Finally - I agree on the entry angle being a potential problem. There is likely a fairly narrow window that is going to work. Try everything from 10 to 60km Pe and see what works best.
  12. My current Spaceplane

  13. My current Spaceplane

    Looking good. Here's a few tweaks that will almost double the on-orbit dV: 2 RM.craft?dl=0 It changes your craft a fair bit so you might not like it but it could give you a couple of ideas.
  14. My current Spaceplane

    Works well. Nice job. I made 100km orbit with 885dV to spare. Some ideas to get more dV out of it... 1. Consider not using the mk2 parts, they are very draggy. One mk1 section with a single rapier (total of 3) would work better. 2. Do you really need the 'chutes? 3. A single RTG would do a better job than the solar panels and battery 4. You have more air intake than you need. 5. The overlapping wings are messy and using the wings that take fuel combines parts for less mass and drag. 6. Lose the struts - very draggy. 7. Lose some of the rear flaps to save mass and drag (would look better too). 8. Lose the tall tail wing sections to save mass and drag 9. Add a little incidence to the wings to reduce drag
  15. Colonizing Eve in stock 1.3.1

    That occured to me too. As long as you keep it to one-man then <30t for a sea-level lander is quite do-able.