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  1. As part of my latest Jool 5, I run a circumnavigation of Pol for once, it's a stock moon. P.S. I see Didd hasn't been added to the scoreboard yet
  2. Part 4: Pretty little world Leaping Mantis circumnavigates Pol, gathering all available science in the process. I wanted to call this chapter "Pol is dead", but I thought it would be very confusing for those who would not get the reference. It took 73 days for the circumnavigation, but only because I stopped to do other tasks. From Pol 13 it was straightforward. Every flag is spaced 10-12 km Science recap In space high you can run 10 science experiments: EVA report, EVA experiment, crew report, goo observation, materials study, temperature scan, atmospheric pressure, gravity scan, infrared telescope, magnetometer boom. Except for the gravity scan, all are global. So you can run high space experiments equal to 9+1*biome. In space low the situation is sligtly different; you can't use the infrared telescope, but EVA report also can be done in multiple biomes. So the numer of experiments is 7+2*biomes. I am collecting all space science in Flying Christmas Tree 2. It's easier to keep track of which experiments I may be missing if I divide the reports. On the ground you also have 10 experiments (seismic scan and surface sample are available, but you lose magnetometer boom and infrared telescope), and all except EVA experiments are biome-specific. So you get 1+9*biome. Plus surface features. On Pol there are 4 biomes and 1 surface feature, so there are 38 reports available and collected so far.
  3. Part 3: The road to Jool Flying Christmas Tree 2 goes first to refuel on Minmus, then on Jool. It ditches Garibarge along the way, before landing and refueling on Pol. Arrival at Jool 3.1) Refueling on Minmus 3.2) To Jool 3.3) Garibarge lands on Laythe
  4. i'm having some visual bugs on tylo those darker shadows keep flickering on an off, the effect is very annoying when trying to drive a rover - though ultimately non critical. it has nothing to do with my rover or lights; i changed vehicle, went on a flag that has nothing else in physical radius, and still there is the same visual bug. any suggestion on how to fix?
  5. but its effectiveness gets reduced with speed. a more likely culprit, though, may be electricity. i haven't paid much attention since it wasn't my focus, but some science experiments require a lot of electricity, and they run slower withiout. i am pretty sure, in any case, the sentinel telescope still requires many years to collect its science in the first place.
  6. @JacobJHC after starting my newest jool5, I realized I made a small violation of rule 4: after sending my ship to minmus for refueling, I realized I forgot to include thermal radiators. rather than reloading and losing all progress, I sent a small ship to minmus with the required parts and stuck them with eva construction. I also swapped out a lander, but in this case it was purely nonfunctional beautification, since the new lander was a perfect copy of the old one save for the addition of 50odd lightstrips. that also on minmus orbit Please tell me I'm fine and don't need to reload all the way to LKO
  7. It's light, but it takes up a lot of space. You try docking Phoenix to a ship with a bunch of other vehicles. Same goes for the rovers. They are not incredibly huge, but they all have wheels stuck on long trusses for stability, and that take up lots of space. Basically, every vehicle I'm carrying around has a very large base for wheels, or large wings. Most are also long. And let's not even talk about Garibarge. Part 2: Launching Flying Christmas Tree 2 With all the landers in place, Flying Christmas Tree 2 may be the most majestic ship I ever launched. Or the most silly. Probably both. 2.1) Launching Flying Christmas Tree 2 with Tamarromobile 2.2) Launching Not Albatross 2.3 Launching Garibarge 2.4) Launching Phoenix 2.5) Launching Leaping Mantis, and refueling
  8. Three years ago, I run a Jool 5 with the objective of collecting all possible science. While the mission scored the record in the category, it felt incomplete in many regards. I regret many things I could have done, but didn't. I failed to collect all possible science. Most pivotal to that are two discoveries I made recently: the first is, if you are on sea, but standing on top of a vehicle, you can collect science as "landed". "Landed" science and "splashed down" science are different, which means I could have collected "landed" science for a bunch of water-only Laythe biomes. And second, I discovered that with some experimets you can collect them more times (up to 4) and get some extra science. Second, while I was there collecting science from every biome, I did drive rovers halfway around both Vall and Tylo. I could have completed circumnavigations, but I didn't. Well, this time I want to be thorough. And I want to do it with style. Or I want to do a few wild and silly things because they amuse me. The boundary between "style" and "wild silly thing that amuse me" is hard to define. Part 1: Proof that I'm getting old, aka mission design In most missions, I start with a mothership, then I build the landers, then I found some ways to adapt the landers and mothership to each other. Not in this case. This time I'll bring more oversized vehicles than in any other mission. So I'll first design the vehicles, and then I'll try to sort out what kind of mothership I need for them. I need the following capabilities: - a rover for all moons - landing and taking off from Tylo - a plane for Laythe, capable of taking off from water - an aircraft carrier for the Laythe plane, so that the plane can collect "landed" science on water biomes. - something to reach the inner atmosphere of Jool and return. And just like an old geezer living of past memories, I'm going to recycle a lot of old designs for this mission. Because I liked them and I'd like to use them again. After this sneak peek, aren't you curious to see what the rest of the ship looks like? 1.1) Leaping Mantis small rover 1.2) Tamarromobile Tylo rover 1.3) Phoenix Jool plane 1.4) Absolutely Not An Albatross, Laythe seaplane (Not Albatross for short) 1.5) Garibarge, Laythe aircraft carrier (sort of) 1.6) Flying Christmas Tree 2
  9. As far as I'm aware, this is the first grand tour of the whole Kaywell-Limnel-Gememma system. I saw someone else trying, but failing. I suppose I should warn there are spoilers inside, as every celestial body is landed on, often enough it's driven on with a rover or flown on with a plane, and described in detail. A really great experience, despite all my complaints about the crazy amount of gravity assists I needed in the end to pull off the Ammenon landing and back in a fully reusable fashion.
  10. Wow, so few people post in the grand tour challenge... Well, it's not exactly qualified because it's not stock but a modded planetary pack; but given that the planetary pack in question had 44 bodies with a surface, a couple of them bigger than Eve, and a bunch of other challenges, I figured it was worth posting here. As far as I'm aware, the first successful circumnavigation of the whirligig world planetary pack
  11. Part 12: Bring them back It was very difficult to go to Ammenon, it is also difficult to return. Boundless has completed all the landings, now it will bring the crew back to Mesbin (after a refueling stop on Oshan). I didn't envision a vehicle to land the crew, so I had to improvise one with what I had. Mission is completed successfully. All nine crewmember home safely. Yes, that's home. In this mod, kerbals live on Mesbin, which has no atmosphere. I swear, this is not any of a dozen other unremarkably grey celestial bodies 12.1) Seeing red (Lowel flybys) 12.2) Seeing blue (from Mandrake/Rutherford to Tyepolbynar and Valyr) 12.3) Seeing red, blue, and a bit of white and brown too (Oshan, refueling, and Kerbmun) 12.4) Parachutes? where we're going, we won't be able to use parachutes I already recommended this mod several times, but it's worth repeating: this is a great planetary pack. And now, once more, I need to find another challenge.
  12. I've done another circumnavigation in the whirligig world pack This time it was an inanely tiny rock, a submoon of only 400 meters of radius. I normally wouldn't bother, except that I saw a unique opportunity: to make a "planetary circumnavigation" without wheel, or any other mean of surface propulsion - except using the reaction wheels to push the body of the spaceship against the ground, trying to crawl forward. Indeed, I decided to take the extra step and eschew the use of rockets entirely while within Didd's sphere of influence. Escape speed is only 1.7 m/s, so I could safely lithobrake from interplanetary intercept, and launch back in space by pushing with reaction wheels extra strong.
  13. Part 12B: No wheels, no rockets, no problems! Another spinoff chapter. I realized Didd, the submoon of Valyr, is so small (only 400 meters of radius) to allow a unique record: running a whole circumnavigation using only reaction wheels as propulsion. And since I was already headed to Oshan for refueling, I took the chance to get this silly achievement. In fact, I made a point of never using rockets while in the moon moonlet asteroid puny rock sphere of influence, using reaction wheels also to return orbital. This is part 12B, there's no paging error. Part 12 is the last one, so I want to close with the crew returning on Mesbin.
  14. I surmise the most silly was an accident happened during A'Twin maiden flight. A'Twin is a ship designed to complete a real solar system grand tour with stock parts and kerbalism. kerbalism does add a bunch of additional complications to the game in the form of complex life support, difficult isru, radiations, and a bunch of other stuff. great to add extra challenge. to tackle all that, A'Twin was enormous. It needed a large habitable section to keep stress levels in the crew under control, and it needed 100 tons just for radiation shielding, and 200 tons of water to be able to support the crew in the long voyages between worlds, and it needed multiple spare parts to deal with malfunctions... and then all this huge ship needed a lot of fuel to have a good deltaV, it topped at above 7000 tons. life support with kerbalism is a complex chain of events. kerbals eat, drink, breathe, and they produce carbon dioxide, waste solid, and waste water. and i had a bunch of processes to recycle all of that as best as possible, so that the total consumption of resources was only 500 kilograms per crewmember per year. in particular, after many calculations, I determined that the most efficient way to reuse solid waste was to burn it in a chemical reactor to produce carbon dioxide, which was then used to grow plants in the greenhouses. it turned out, though, that the chemical reactor only burns solid waste if there is a "solid waste" resource. and i did forgot to include a solid waste container. so the solid waste produced could not be stored, and the chemical reactor could not burn it and turn it into CO2. the other sources of CO2 in the ship were not enough to provide enough to grow the plants fast enough for the crew to eat, and the whole life support system was made unusable. Yep. I had a 7000 ton ship made unusable because i forgot to include a crap container. I couldn't even fix the issue easily with eva construction: crap containers are kerbalism parts, and were not upgraded with the newest functionalities yet: they could not be manipulated with eva construction. I had to launch and entirely new ship. A seven thousand tons ship. Because the crew could not be instructed to take a dump in a plastic bag.
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