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  1. why not? i ran a full grand tour of it, radiations were no more of a problem than in previous runs. less of a problem, actually, because i had more experience dealing with them. the only real bother way, i could not land a crew in the inner moons of saturn because of too many radiations. but few people use kerbalism to send a crew on saturn anyway. you may refer to the fact that travel times are longer while radiation exposure is the same, but if properly handled, radiation can be virtually nullified for most situation. so if the mission is longer it doesn't really matter
  2. i played with rss and kerbalism without changing anything. of course, going to orbit is going to be exceedingly difficult with stock parts, but that's not a kerbalism problem
  3. first of all, the thread title does not match the question. orbits refers to moving in space, ascent would be more appropriate for atmosphere. it seems your rocket has stability problems. unfortunately, you do not give us enough information. pictures would be good. maybe your rocket isn't as aerodinamically stable as you think. or maybe you are turning it too hard. why would it be a problem especially for going to mun? how is that rocket different from others? this may shed light on the problem
  4. Oh, right. I forgot to mention in the Elcano thread I did Bop, in chapter 9. I also did Laythe, but I already had a circumnavigation there, I don't see the point of making another claim. I'll be busy at work for the next couple of weeks, so i expect Vall to take more. Shall I post the Bop notification in the Elcano thread for the sake of linking?
  5. Part 10: A trip through memory lane Leaping Mantis goes to Vall. This first part covers from the equator to the south pole to Vallhenge. Some of that road I already covered four years ago in one of my first challenges. I got a bit nostalgic about it, hence the chapter title. Standing above the southern pole terrain glitch 10.1) Need for Speed: Vall 10.2) Return to Kraken Maw Peak 10.3) Return to Shadar Logoth Trail and Vallhenge
  6. i never had any problem tranfering oxygen, or any other resource, between parts. i never worried about consumption priority, so i can't say about that. you really should be able to transfer it between tanks like fuel or any other resource. if you can't, it could be a bug
  7. kerbalism does not change the rocket mechanics nor the planetary mechanics. your ships are going to be heavier due to life support necessities - a lot heavier if you plan longer missions - but the deltaV required is always the same, roughly 3400 m7s for LKO. the image you posted clearly refers to some planetary pack, which has absolutely nothing to do with kerbalism. i do believe you may have the wrong mod here.
  8. Part 9: Rough yet smooth Leaping Mantis circumnavigates Bop, taking care to check both the kraken and the monolith. Because of the position of the monolith, my circumnavigation was a bit lopsides, crossing the north pole but only making it to 60° south. The path is still two semicircumferences, though 9.1) Pre-Bop 9.2) Proper Bop
  9. A good point. However, having a different number of experiments in different cores would be confusing. By taking 4 copies of unnecessary experiments, I ensure that each core has the same number of experiments. So if I accidentally only took 3 experiments in a biome, I would notice immediately. I am also keeping strict track of which experiments I run in a datasheet, but I was doing that the previous time too, and I still missed one. Having four copies is a further guarantee of thoroughness. They also include the Jool atmosphere reports, taken from Phoenix. The science recap at the end of every chapter has the complete count. Well, once things start exploding, I reload. It doesn't really matter how much is salvageable afterwards. EDIT: moving the answers to @damerell here I was just going faster. I could have limited speed to 40 m/s, and it would have been very safe (except hitting the occasional surface feature) but it would also have been boring. It is a slight modification of the suicide burn. The very efficient landing, used by those that go for low mass records, is to lower orbit to the level of the highest mountain on the equator, then brake while pointing upwards so that the vertical speed is always 0, and time it all so that when they stop they are right on top of the highest mountain. this way minimizes gravity drag. However, timing it all so perfectly is impossible for a human. my variation is a human-friendly compromise that's only slightly less efficient. Misfortune? It was nice, I regret not going more straight north after Gagarin crater and skipping the main patch of mountains. Difficult terrain keeps things interesting, so long as the rover is capable to handle it.
  10. Part 8: Garibarge against mountains, 2-2 draw Flying Christmas Tree finishes taking space science (almost) and brings Not Albatross to explore Laythe. The route taken around Laythe; the image is centered on Crescent bay 8.1) For ease of mind 8.2) Meeting Garibarge 8.3) We will not cease from Laythe exploration. How many times did I use that quote into a chapter title anyway? 8.5) Not Albatross moves on 8.5) We're flying high into the sky 8.6) Northward! 8.7) Treasure Crater Island 8.8) Back to orbit Science recap
  11. geysers erupting on the sea floor on laythe though i suppose being on the seafloor would make them not geysers, but hydrothermal vents
  12. I checked your circumnavigation; I see you generally kept a speed between 30 and 40 m/s; you took a couple days longer while having less detours. I could have kept the same speed and be perfectly safe, except it would have been more boring. as i stated, tylo tricks you with some very flat terrain, only to put up some obstacles once your guard is down. it wouldn't be dangerous by itself, it's the reckless driving it encourages. there was also the occasional hitting of a surface feature; they did mix up with the regular boulders, as such i sometimes missed them. i didn't see them in your run, maybe you lack breaking ground? i have no idea of kerbal foundries wheels have different behavior, that may have contributed. if they had some kind of authomatic speed limit, that would have helped immensely.
  13. I moved a boat on top of a mountain. which is odd enough that it may be a world first no, many people who went for fast kerbin circumnavigation made boats with wheels. however, my boat is carrying a plane on top of it. so, building a boat, sending it to laythe, dragging a plane over it, and pulling the whole contraption over a mountain... that, I bet nobody ever did before. this is Garibarge. it would like to be an aircraft carrier, but I am a lousy pilot, I can't land a plane with any precision. hence I made a barge with a ramp that a plane can climb. i made it because the plane on top of the boat counts as landed instead of splashed down, and that allows collecting more science in the same biome. Here's Garibarge's retractable underwater observation post, which I'm using to showcase that Garibarge has retractable wheels. Just in case I'd have to cross some land, which is happening right now. Garibarge's propellers are also powerful enough to go straight uphill on Laythe. They can tackle 20° slopes easily On top, I planted a flag stating "Garibarge was here" No, it could not actually exhist. Degenerate matter exhists at such density because it's subject to enormous pressure inside neutron stars. remove that pressure - by separating it from the rest of the star - and it will revert back to normal matter. just like a compressed gas will expand as soon as freed from whatever was keeping it compressed. besides, it's not a diamond. a diamond is carbon with a specific crystal structure, giving it a density of 3.5 g/cm3. Widor has a density around 108 g/cm3, so it's not diamond. I doubt it qualifies as "carbon" in the first place.
  14. i've been using kerbalism + near future electrics without issues, the reactor work as they should. other mods may cause the problems
  15. tylo circumnavigation took longer than expected, but I finally did it. pure stock.
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