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  1. First of all, I hope you've taken a copy of your save-games and stored them somewhere safe before trying to load them with the new version of KSP. Secondly, could you please post the full logfile (*) from the game somewhere (not here!) and link it? For example, to pastebin? It will help people see what the possible problems could be. Thirdly, if you don't mind sharing it, you could also upload the savefile for people to take a look at. (*) To find the logfile, open your KSP directory. It should be called "KSP.log" If you're playing in a Steam-installed copy of the game, you can right-click on the game, select "Manage" and then select "Browse Local Files" to open the folder.
  2. For @BarnabeLEPD and anybody else who's had issues with surface-attached parts, could you possibly try out this unofficial build : https://github.com/mwerle/ConnectedLivingSpace/commit/844e5ec8d7f1d346642d0e76b3f2c01d3c39fc3e To try, Download the DLL's and replace the ones from your GameData (might be an idea to copy the original ones somewhere safe so you can return to them once you finish testing).
  3. It's been confirmed non-Linux since pretty much forever. The official line is "There is no announcement for these platforms at this time." - https://steamcommunity.com/app/954850/discussions/0/2686880925155743711/ I believe it's also been mentioned (officially) in various other places using different wording - Google is your friend. People are still hopeful that it may eventually be ported to Linux; given it's still based on Unity the actual technical work should be minimal. So it depends on how much it costs them to support another platform vs the projected sales on that platform. (Getting a touch OT for this thread though...)
  4. Agreed. And besides which, unless things have changed which I haven't heard of, KSP2 will be Windows-only (or at least, not Linux). Which will exclude a lot of people who currently play (and mod) KSP. Overall I think this is a really poor decision by the devs. Yes, the Linux playerbase is tiny in comparison, but by developing something on multiple platforms, _especially_ when using a cross-platform engine anyway, you can discover a lot of bugs and poor coding practises during the development stages and mitigate them early on. The long-term cost savings in post-release support is, I think, worth the initial investment of building the game for multiple platforms. As for modding, one of the core architectural changes which I really hope KSP2 brings to the table is dynamic loading of mods. Basically I'd like each save-game to be able to specify which mods (and ideally, which versions of those mods) it uses. Icing on the cake would be a CKAN-like mod-manager built right into the game.
  5. In what world is a DLC a microtransaction? Edit 2022-04-18 : Sorry, that probably sounded a bit facetious. A DLC is a major optional addition to a game, developed and released separately and usually costing a significant fraction of the original game price. Sometimes a DLC modifies the core game experience, but usually the primary focus of a DLC is on expanding the playable area via new maps which sometimes allow for an entirely new style of gameplay compared to the original game. A microtransaction is something built into games, often free-to-play games, which allows people to pay a small amount to immediately unlock something which can usually be unlocked through in-game activities. The in-game activities are often purposefully developed to be "grindy" or to take long real-world timers to complete in order to encourage people to pay for the unlock instead. Unlocks are usually fairly minor such as new characters, weapons, outfits, etc.
  6. Given that star systems are handcrafted, there'll only be a few. With possibly more coming as DLC in the future but unless they add new gameplay options, what's really the point? The alternative would be procedurally generated, but then there's the risk that no matter where you go, it'll all be very similar and thus somewhat pointless as we've seen in other games using this approach.
  7. Can you please try with a copy of the game which ONLY has DPAI and its dependencies installed? I'm not aware of any incompatibilities, but you have quite a large number of mods installed there and there are several (probably unrelated) errors in your logfile..
  8. Please note that @Papa_Joe has resumed development of CLS. And if he reads this, I strongly hope that he will not do so. ClickThroughBlocker pulls in other dependencies and some of those I refuse to install in my game. I've discussed my issues with the author of those mods and we agreed to disagree. That said, implementing similar functionality to avoid click-through is something I do strongly support and have already implemented and/or started work on such for other mods. For CLS I was torn between implemeting it for the current implementation, or by moving all of CLS to the "new" Unity windowing system which would provide this functionality by default as well as other benefits, albeit at a significant amount of initial development effort. ---- @Mods please lock this thread as it is no longer required. Please see the original thread on CLS (linked in the OP).
  9. How did you install it? (CKAN or manually) Does your logfile show any errors? (In fact, if you can upload your logfile somewhere that'd be best) Do you have Blizzy's Toolbar installed (DPAI _should_ default to the stock toolbar, but possibly it's on Blizzy's) ? If you start a brand-new save with no other mods (remember, you can keep multiple copies of the game so there's no need to futz about and potentially break your main game), does it work?
  10. Hi @Papa_Joe, sorry, I didn't realise you didn't have access. I've checked and I was able to give you full control over both SM and CLS on Curse. If you prefer, I can transfer the actual ownership. I've sent you a PM to organise how to transfer ownership.
  11. Doh! I didn't think I included MM anymore.. but I checked one level too high. Thanks for pointing this out.
  12. Sorry for the hugely-long delay. DPAI is up. It's exactly the same, just recompiled using KSP1.12.2 assets. EDIT: Wow; seems it's still quite popular! The last version had over 40k downloads from SpaceDock, nearly 55k downloads from Curseforge, and 900 from GitHub. CKAN is linked to SpaceDock, which makes the Curseforge number very impressive indeed!
  13. As @Papa_Joeis resuming support for this fantastic mod, the discussion will move back to the original forum thread here: @MODS: This thread can be locked to further replies. Thank you.
  14. Thanks everybody for chiming in, and argh, what a nightmare! Why the bleep did KSP break something which has worked fine for years and years? Moving forward, IMHO the best approach will be a unified one by all mods which publish APIs or include dependant DLLs from other mods. Will need to collate a list of mods and then have a chat to the authors to see what people think.
  15. Yeah, unfortunately the game is "broken" when you start installing science mods; there's simply no way to balance it. I usually dial science right down to compensate but that can make the early game a bit more difficult.
  16. Hi @Tacombel, not entirely sure what you're asking? CLSInterfaces is just a really tiny wrapper which exposes the CLS functionality to other mods. Only the latest version of CLSInterfaces should load and be active even if multiple mods have it installed. If that's not the case then I'll need to take a look into that. If you're asking about making CLSInterfaces a separate mod in CKAN that's a possibility although won't really remove the issue - for people not using CKAN, it will still be need to be bundled with mods.
  17. W00t! Welcome back :) I'm not exactly "active", unfortunately (RL), but still around. I had lots of plans to work on "my" mods now that we have a "final" version of KSP, but haven't really had/made the time to actually do so. Partially the fact that everything just seemed to continue to work also let me be a bit lazy in that regard. I'm more than happy to pass Ship Manifest back to you - I was only ever caretaker , but I'm also happy to continue to collaborate! As regards the resizing, I had a bit of a look, and while it's not super difficult, it's a lot of work given the amount of windows in SM. So I started looking into converting it into "native" Unity UI although there's pros and cons to that approach with KSP. Pros being less resource usage and able to use a GUI to design the UI, cons being it's a bit of a faff, needing multiple DLLs, and losing the ability to make quick tweaks using just code.
  18. Awesome, thank you. Afraid I'm a tad busy IRL, so this might still take a little while.. I haven't had much time for KSP lately
  19. Hi @Grokit, thank you! I'll add your patch to the next release.
  20. Great update and thanks for the huge list of bug fixes! And quite a bit sooner than expected Still sad to hear that this really is the end for KSP1.x... there's still quite a few things which could do with a tweak or a fix! I know it's a long shot, but I don't suppose there's any chance at all of open-sourcing the game once KSP2 is released??
  21. Thanks for the detailed mini-tutorial, @luna_cat. Just a note along with this is that the mod is trying to encourage multiple visits / resupply missions to a long-term station. So rather than trying to launch all the equipment and experiments in one go, it was really thought of to build a station out slowly, adding items, and running the experiments while doing other stuff, to collect and return the completed experiments on the next resupply mission.
  22. No, that forces you to return the _science_ back to Kerbin, not the _part_. You can extract the science from the part and just return the capsule, for example. In NEOS, you have to return the actual part.
  23. I'm just maintaining it CaptainKipard made it..
  24. Thanks, it's why I took over maintenance since I really love this mod too. It's sadly neglected at the moment since it is quite a large and complex mod and I haven't really had much time, but I hope to get stuck back into it sometime, especially now that we have a "final" version of KSP. That said, AFAIK, it should still work just fine.. Hmm, haven't used the PC mod. Hardly surprising that it doesn't work, since the Nehemiah science experiments use their own way of progressing. Now that we have some stock experiments which take longer I wonder if I can recode the underlying plumbing and use the stock science system. Although one thing which this mod does which I don't think would be possible with stock is that it forces you to return the actual science parts back to Kerbin to get the science.. research required
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