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  1. cause the person that made the mod is in a group i'm in on facebook and so he made the Hudson Hornet however the way he did the wheels is wrong cause he made it so the thinnest tires don't do power but steer (which is how the Hornet did not do it, it did power in the back with thin, thin tires) and the medium size ones do power but don't steer (which is also not how the Hornet did it, it had medium tires at the front doing steering and providing no power) so if i'm gonna have a proper 51'-54' Hornet i need that tweaked to be correct. - - - Updated - - - also sorry for the late reply i thought i'd get a notification on my gmail but i didn't get anything.
  2. you need to add this mod if you can http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/132319-Kduffers-Multi-Wheels-KMW
  3. Will the inline garage work with the Hudson Hornet depicted in this mod, Kduffers Korp Hotrod Wheels
  4. I'm not able to load KSP with my welded part that uses 400% scaled up Mk3 parts and the square wing pieces and the small delta wings and idk why
  5. I'd hate to nitpick but the train wheels "pop" way too easily you should probably up their strength for that because they weren't meant to break so easily
  6. can Ferram be used cause stock aerodynamics suck
  7. Lol, one time i accidentally severely broke kerbin in one of my saves by, 1. accidentally setting jool too close to kerbin and getting sucked in faster and faster then, 2. putting it way far away and accidentally taking my rocket with it (like out of the kerbol's SOI.
  8. would it be possible to make a missle/bomb grabber depending on what you want it to grab and be able to use them again?
  9. Dear BahamutoD, I have a problem with the wheels sinking into the ground and not doing anything
  10. I Can't Get The Toolbar To Show Up On My KSP Install, Can Someone Help Me? Thanks I'd Appreciate It.
  11. When I Try To Load It In KSP, It Loads The Box But Completely Blank. Can Someone Help Me? P.S I'm Running It On Ubuntu 14.04.
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