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  1. missed that part, I'll re-fly it. Re-flew it to the proper altitude, 11560.24 and a slightly modified version at 11424.62
  2. Here is my run, 10558.78
  3. Yeah, my kerbals don't like the food and wont even breathe the air I sent them.
  4. Nice run for sure. I guess a lander can has adequate heat shielding
  5. Personally I've done 2 missions; the first 1400 parts 9k tons Landing a science lab on all the moons and the second in the 4k ton range that had a stock detachable rover
  6. kinda this, I'm glad you gave us all 1.1 but it is a bit too buggy for me to fogo the 1.0.5
  7. Reusable Lifter Challenge

    Short of KAS, how would one put the rocket back upright? This feels more like a challenge of building the support vehicles, unless I'm misreading your intent.
  8. 1480 parts at launch If you look at pic #14 you see how I managed my nukes for my heavy lander.
  9. Here is my .23.5 Jool 5 with 20500-ish science. pre-ISRU. There where a few that beat me if memory serves. That said, Ima go for it again anyway, but if it matters it should be an addon to the rules that we be 1.~
  10. Moon and back and back to mun!

    Let me rephrase, somewhat less polity; Munmus is easier than Mun. Your rules also don't mention refueling or ISRU. TheOptimist is correct as far as ease for people who've played a while, unless neither are allowed. A ledger for varying levels of difficulty could spell it out more clearly.
  11. Moon and back and back to mun!

    isnt Minmus easier than the Mun?
  12. Undone things in KSP.

    Science lab launched from Eve.
  13. Well, after more than a month off and on putting up with lag from so many parts, I was able to stick my landing for a proper launch. Into Eve orbit; 238Tons, including enough rocketry to get me off Tylo, a Science lab, 2 cupolas, a de/re-atachable stock Rover, and 12 Kerbals. On to the rest of my grand tour
  14. The Ultimate Challange

    For the record Jim, I'm glad you came with this. The Jool 5 challenge has been the de facto place to post a grand tour, but it deserves its own. Field exp is a good idea, thanks again for making the save.