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  1. I started working on the IVA for the centrifuge today. Originally I had thought that the hull should be as compact as possible, because I wanted it to fit into a 6M formfactor when retracted. I also thought that a smaller form factor made sense since I imagined crew would mostly sleep and exercise here. However, I didn't consider the fact that the crew won't be flying around, they'll be walking. So, the width of the floor matters, and since the profile of the hull is circular that doesn't leave much room for a foot path. I tested scaling up the external model 150%. It seems to hold up pretty well. I'll have to make some additional texture adjustments for the hatches, because the scale is way off, but other than that it looks ok. The final is still compact enough to fit into a 10m fairing, which I was planning to make anyways. The diameter of the centrifuge is now almost 50M and just barely fits in the vab when deployed, haha. In the end this will make for a much cooler IVA. The part is pretty expensive to render, being that the exterior is over 25000 tris and the animation is pretty complex having about 70 bones for the hull. Because it's so expensive, I want to pack in more utility than I was originally planning. I'm thinking that I should have different facilities/modules for the hull, like an exercise room, sleeping quarters, bathrooms, storage, labs, a galley, a lounge, etc. Please let me know if you think I'm missing anything. I like making IVAs, so I'm really looking forward to making an awesome interior the centrifuge. Some references:
  2. Was having some trouble importing the animation initially, apparently this was do to the use of directional constraints on many of the mesh items. I learned that Unity's default keyframe reduction can reduce the accuracy of directional constraints causing the meshes to be out of alignment. Normally this isn't a big deal, because you can just turn keyframe reduction off. In my case this wasn't an option do to the fact that I have about 50 or so constraints animating many different animation channels. My solution was to lower the accuracy threshold to 0. The this keeps a lot of the keyframes but still removes a ton of needless keyframes that result from baking the animation in Modo. Thankfully the animation seems to play really well in ksp. This actually took me quite a while to figure out, since I had been convinced the problems with the animation were do to the Modo FBX exporter. Anyways the hard part is over. I need to add some code to ModuleCentrifuge to add rotation to the counter torque rings. I also want to add a custom ksp field for deploy animation speed so I can fine-tune animation playback.
  3. Texturing is now complete-ish. I may add one or two more things. Here's a shot of it in its retracted state. I'll post a video soon showing the animation in ksp.
  4. Centrifuge preview is up on patreon, see it here: UPDATE:
  5. Just for clarity, I'm no longer developing Kerbodyne Plus. However there's a good reason for this. This was my first mod and consequently I learned a lot at a rapid pace. This caused an imbalance in development where I was stuck constantly redesigning past mistakes. I also had no idea where I was going with the mod when I started. So, lack of clear goals plus disparity in skill made for a difficult development cycle. That's why I decided to start over with Mother. Mother is everything I think Kerbodyne Plus should have been. It has clear goals, ( make interplanetary motherships ) it supports popular mods via module manager (like KSP-IE, Kerbalism, Community Resource Pack, KIS, KAS, RPM, and more), and has improved textures and models. Here's a little preview: The newly completed size 6 fuel tanks. M1D Vacuum and M1D SL "Meteor" raptor-like size 0 engines. Heat effects of M1D SL M1D SLs arranged in an ITS 42 engine layout. (the ITS thrust plate is still in development, but will be coming soon). DA-42 3M command pod. Seats 7. IVA is complete. RPM hasn't been added yet. ISS style modules. IVAs in progress. 30M centrifuge concept. Currently 60% complete. Mother's beta release will be coming soon. Check out the development thread to find out more:
  6. PSA: I updated the roadmap section regarding inflatable tanks. Here's the gist: When the tank spawns in the editor it will have full resources like any tank. There will now be no deploy/retract ksp action When fuel is transferred in flight or reduced in editor, animation states will inflate or deflate in sync with those changes There's a reason for these changes that is actually really cool. If all goes well I'll make another announcement soon. BTW, the external part of the 30M centrifuge is nearly complete. I'm doing the final rigging and texturing today. Pics will be coming soon
  7. I haven't done this myself, but you can register your own custom games events now in 1.3. I would think you would have to check the state of any part modules on the vessel in question
  8. The engines probably aren't gimballing properly because your gimbal transform doesn't have its local z axis pointing towards the exhaust (down).
  9. Last weekend I worked on the 30M Centrifuge rig ( Must come up with better name. Feel free to shout out some suggestions ). I was able to overcome some technical hurdles with the extension arms. The extension arms help guide the extension of the centrifuge hull as it deploys. The arms have to both rotate and telescopically extend/retract. Because the arms will be at an angle when the ingress passage extends, the arms also have to be direction constrained, continually pointing at a null. The null is parented to the coupler at the end of each and it's this locator which I wanted to drive both rotation and extension of the arms. This was tricky. Each arm has five sections which can extend or retract. I placed another locator in each arm at the exact place where the coupler control locator was positioned. These locators acted as proximity sensors. The rig measures the distance from the proximity sensor to the coupler. As the distance increases, it takes the distance, divides it by 5, then subtracts that amount from each arm section's y position. TLDR, the extension arms now extend and rotate as they should. I still have to rig the ingress passages (should be easy and straightforward). I started unwrapping more of the centrifuge as well. I us a standardized and modular approach to building Mother. I have many parts which use multiple models which have their own material as part of a set of atlases. For example, the hatches on the DA-42 capsule are the same hatches used in the modular iss style habs. I plan to use those same hatches in the couplers on the centrifuge. When I took a look at them though, I realized that I could have optimized the textures better, and also for some reason I didn't include any normal maps the first time around. So I did a quick redesign. The models shown have 2k textures, but the dds textures are 256x256. PS: I also added a size 6 to size 4 adapter tank and defined all the 1m tank cfgs. EDIT: While looking for nuclear reactor reference, I found this old concept for the nuclear reactor in K+ This was one of the first models I attempted outside of Sketchup in December of 2015. I remember being very proud of the tubes, lol.
  10. Just increase maxTemp. The size 1 fairing has a maxTemp of 2600 while heat shields have a maxTemp of 3300. If you reenter the atmosphere belly first like a spaceplane, that should be more than adequate.
  11. M1-D V and M1-D SL without shrouds. M1-D post first stage burn. A million M1-Ds slapped on a couple S6 tanks. SSTO was easy. Maybe too easy...
  12. Nevermind, I meant to do this... My perfectionism was acting up and also I felt like I had a good idea of what it should have been.
  13. that's like wikihouse for ksp
  14. Works beautifully, thanks to @CobaltWolf and @Nertea (they gave me some debug help). Also, @Stevie_D deserves a mention for the above comments. He was right, the nozzle looks better with 24 verts. The engine's control arms use FXModuleLookConstraint constraints. They work perfectly. I even added some bone animation to deform the turbopump intake hose. Heat animation works great too. To top it off, I did this with a modular texture set. The engine only takes up 512 pixels of a 1024 texture, so there's room for 3 more (or several more if I reuse the textures by combining them, I plan too :D). Now I'm off to do some custom particle effects and some sound design.
  15. Thanks for the input The part is 0.625m diameter or 0.5m in game. Since it's half the diameter of a normal engine I thought I could get away with it. I was trying to keep the polycount as low as possible because it's going to be used a lot. However after looking at your comment, I decided I could up the polycount some (it's still under 5000 tris) since the compact version will have far fewer polygons.