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  1. Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. Unfortunately i’ve been dealing with some severe medical emergencies. I have an autoimmune disease that has been in remission until last October when I had a flair. The consequence of the flair was that I had a stroke. Fortunately, I recovered all function within hours of the stroke. No brain damage. Unfortunately in February my kidneys began to fail. I was hospitalized a week ago and have undergone several rounds of dialysis. Suffice it to say I have not been well, and I’ve had no time for modding. I’ll be pausing my patreon as of today. Mod development will be on hiatus. However, I’m not planing on stopping forever. But right now I need to focus on recovery. Once things stabilize development will start again. Once again, sorry for the delays.
  2. Mother is my new mod which will have many of the same features as KP+ did. I’m releasing the mod in stand alone chunks much like Roverdude and others have done. I’ll be releasing a landing legs pack sometime after the booster pack is released. I plan to include landing legs very similar in style to the KP+ legs.
  3. I think the post I previously made covers it:
  4. yes, I'm working on a new mod called Mother which is sort of an updated version of K+ that's meant to work with mods.
  5. Block 2 will be command pods. Will include the new DA-42 capsule and a Ascent / Descent Vehicle ala Lockheed Martin basecamp.
  6. Updated to Version 1.5 * Fixed a bug where resource definitions for SolidFuel and XenonGas were missing in resources.js * Added "Open Settings" button for editing global variables. Thanks to @Pak for bringing the resource issues to my attention.
  7. Updated to Version 1.4 *fixed minor bug where monopropellant was labeled monoprop *changed name of ksp_tank_calculator.html to index.html *added KSP Tank Calculator web page https://bonus-eventus.github.io/KSP_Tank_Calculator/
  8. I believe directly modifying the texture violates the license agreement.
  9. Thanks to @Saltshaker @neistridlar @JadeOfMaar @cineboxandrew for helping me get this new nosecone drone core working. I've finally gotten the hang of smokescreen. The launch smoke and flare are almost where I want them. Block 1 is coming along nicely. Still need to finish another engine cluster (x9), finish the other nose cones and adapters, finish the air brakes, finish the decouplers (these are mostly in the bag), and finish the size 6 fairing. Also need to finish configs for modular fuels, IFS, and create some custom bulkhead icons for size 6 parts.
  10. Updated to version 1.3 *Fixed a bug where when non KSP fuels were selected then volumes did not update to the proper scale. *Added conical mode for nosecone tanks
  11. Getting there. Finally got the rcs effects where I want them. Now I'm tweaking the M1Ds. @The-Doctor it is one part
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