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  1. Is KSC2 available in the skyways pack? If not, does the one on the original thread work with 1.3.x?
  2. Since 1.2/1.3 (Can't really remember) there has been a sound that plays when the landing gear open/close. It would be nice if the other parts such as the cargo bay, mk3 ramp and whatnot. Also, do ailerons/rudder/elevators make any sound when they move in real life?
  3. Shame, hopefully it will be fixed in another update. However I have another aircraft with which I've used part-clipping so it may be a bug on my end.
  4. Title says it all. It would benefit me not having to keep my eyes on the altimeter incase the plane runs out of oxygen.
  5. "Our engineers seem to have mounted the rockets upside-down. We apologise for the emission of greenhouse gases in the cities around the space centre, although it's not like we do it every other time we send our rockets into space."
  6. How much was the mouse at the time?
  7. There's this issue where this aircraft will explode its wings upon save reloading. I'm not sure how to fix this but my hypothesis seems to be an issue with heavy part clipping. The left aircraft is an image of after reloading the craft compared to the original right aircraft. The left wing of the left aircraft stays intact but somehow the right wing has been destroyed even though I've used symmetry...
  8. The forum page, wiki and save have all been updated. I will continuously update the save to newer versions of KSP if needed. If you want to take over this project, message me on the forums.
  9. I bet one touch of the controls on 128x physics warp can turn your ship into kraken food. BTW, use cheat engine to help speed up warp times if they are too slow. That's what many did when time warp didn't exist.
  10. Nice. Like the grandpa Kerman in the background.
  11. We should let Squad be free to do what they want, rather than forcing them into a corner between 2 decisions. Also the camera attaches itself to the ceiling of the island hangars which is I guess another issue.
  12. Before you used to be able to go straight down (eg from eeloo orbit), slow down and survive. The new aero fixed that because that's way too OP. Also the Eve reentry effects begin as soon as you enter permanent physics warp which is distracting
  13. Build a rocket. Then build a rocket in a rocket. Put the kerbal in the rocket Put the kerbal, in the rocket, in the rocket.
  14. If you look at the simulator virtual sailor, it doesn't have completely good looking animals but at least they make noise and have certain animations.
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