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  1. I spent some time working on these, so I thought I'd share. KSP Serial IO Debug Tool - A fork of the original tool, but updated for the current version. Source only. May extend to properly send/receive SAS Mode, but I just wanted something that didn't require restarting KSP all the time... KSP Controller Arduino Code - Modified to use 74LS595 Shift registers to handle I/O (yes, I know there are better input solutions, but it's what I have). WIP, need to add stage and abort locking logic as well as LCD support. Edit: I ended up turning off the CRC check to avoid connection issues.
  2. Oddly, the Kerbal words for "land" and "crash" are distinguished solely by the amount of panic evidenced in the voice of the speaker...
  3. No, not mine. This is the beginnings of my hardware controller. I've had an Arduino for some time, but I just recently ordered various switches and displays for building it up. So far, I have the core indicators: master alert (bi-color led), SAS, RCS, Brakes, Gear, Lights, Abort, and connection (the sole green led), and an LCD display I'm trying to get to display Ap and Pe. Waiting on some push buttons (haven't hooked up any toggles yet), and shift registers to work on a full annunciator. From my local blog: Still working on the Ap/Pe display. I can get the correct Ap on the launchpad, and for a few thousand m after liftoff, but at some point, it begins wrapping around to negative numbers, and the Pe is never right. I'm assuming it's a float to string conversion issue, but I haven't had enough iterative cycles to nail it down; spent most of them getting all the leds to light correctly.
  4. GCC based compiler for "Small Devices", including the z80: Build Your Own Z-80 Computer by Steve Ciarcia:
  5. You know what would be fun? Integration with MovieTime to take enhanced screenshots...
  6. Please tell me I wasn't the only one totally distracted by the control panels in Dr. Pym's lab in Ant Man​...
  7. I have really got to work out a Linux-compatible way of accessing the Arduino from C#/Unity/KSP...
  8. In Linux, ALT + F11 can be accessed via R-Shift + F11. I've not had any problems running KSP in Linux (I actually run KSP_64 "by hand", because... well, I'm too lazy to fix the Launch KSP setting in CKAN). Do the mods load when you launch via CKAN? If so, what's the command CKAN is running? Is CKAN pointing to the same install of KSP that you're running by hand?
  9. Sorry, got sidetracked with RL... Also realized I'd posted in the wrong forum. My install is modded to Khell and back... Basically trimmed down the mods I was using, and added them back slowly until I had a combination of the mods I really want without the lag generation.
  10. Running Steam KSP (from command line, not via Steam) on lubuntu 14.?? (on my phone ATM) on an i7 laptop (Intel gfx). When I'm in flight, the fps drops to 1 or lower when I press a key. After I release the key, the system picks back up.
  11. Here's a thought (that might require some experimentation): Create kOS probes that have no tech requirements. Have contracts be to test them. If there's no tech requirements, they never get unlocked for career game use, but you should still be able to force them into availability for the contract. "Test our highly experimental Self-Piloting, Autonomous, Zaftig Zan (SPAZZ) by programming and executing a mission from the KSC to ______ with the following conditions: ..." Bonus points if you can "break" the probe part modules to prevent communications/control of the core. Also, max crew size of 0.
  12. Actually, since the mod is available via Github and/or KerbalStuff, I'd suggest you put in a pull request (or an issue for someone else to do it) for a NetKAN entry. That way, the CKAN meta data will be automagically updated when you update your mod. Otherwise, you'll have to submit new CKAN files every time you make a new release.
  13. Well, yeah. That's because Better Atmospheres is a graphics and configuration set that uses a combination of EVE, Texture Replacer, Custom Asteroids and Kittopia Terraforming. And if you use all the bits and bobs, it'll melt your GPU (unless you have a very beefy GPU)...