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  1. I got a few. The Blue Kasket Series are ships designed to rescue kerbals in orbit around Kerbin. Kerbollo were my first Mün trips, of course. Kerveller are generic travellers for what I can't find a proper name, or aren't big enough to create a name series for it. The Cleaner is a probe that orbits Kerbin looking for debris to deorbit. The Sniffer Rover was a single rover made to explore Kerbin grounds, mostly for anomalies and checkpoints to be verified. KSS, Kerbal Space Station; KT-SS, Kethane Space Station (comes with a codename at the end depending on the body it's orbiting, eg Alpha, Bravo, etc.); KMSB: Kassandra - Minmus Science Base (WIP); And my first satellite sent out of kerbin SOI was the Parker 1: A satellite sent out to map Eve. The name was given in honour to the great photographer, Peter Parkerman.
  2. Thank you, that explains a lot the troubles I've been having. It changes the gameplay considerably; I like it!
  3. Hey, Ethernet. Quick question: By "Surface Samples", you mean that the Spectrometron can only analyze the soil samples that kerbals collect during their walks, or can it also analyze experiments made on planets/moons' surfaces?
  4. Today I finally went successful at getting the two first parts of Kassandra - Minmus Science Base to orbit Minmus. The idea is to complete that science base in orbit, and then deorbit it into some flat lands. There's already a rover over there, which is now sniffing around, looking for the perfect place to land it. Additionally, the guys at KSS reported that one experiment I left running there has been successfully completed. And then I learnt that, , in order to correctly use the Spectrometron, we gotta dock the experiment at the Spectrometron itself. That means undocking it first, in case you had docked it somewhere else in the same station. I guess I'm wrong. Perhaps you'll need to undock and redock the same experiment at the station in order to have it recognized by the Spectrometron. Well, derp. Looks like the Spectrometron is only suitable to analyze soil samples. They are of no use with any of the experiments. My bad, d'oh. But as the experiment and the Spectrometron docking ports don't match, I had to deorbit the experiment and do an epic landing relying only on the RCS ports. I've reached the surface at 40m/s, and the probe core sacrificed itself in order to let the experiment survive and be recovered safely. R.I.P. Probe Core. Sorry, no pictures for that one. BUT PICS FOR EVERYTHING ELSE! <iframe class="imgur-album" src="//imgur.com/a/TP4q9/embed" frameborder="0" height="550" width="100%"></iframe>
  5. @Hotblack Desiato: But... Where do the kernimals come from?
  6. People said it all! Great tool, now in-game! It's a perfect combination! Thank you, I'll be giving it a try soon!
  7. @Apollo13, @kaos and @Bothersome: I believe all of this has a purpose. If I'm correct, the further away from Kerbin you do your experiments, the bigger ammount of science will be your reward. For example, I got a contract to do kuarqs experiments around Eve, and It's paying me over 1000 in science. I believe not being able to repeat those experiments is to prevent us from getting easy science, endlessly. On the flipside, according to the Version 1.2 changelog, yes, you can repeat experiments, and it will even pay you more each time you repeat those. But I -believe- you will need a new experiment capsule for each experiment. Agreed. Hence my struggling discussion above on how to find the best way to finally leave Kerbin SOI. I like the level of difficulty you've put on the mod. As for the ship discussion, thanks everyone for your answers. I guess I've made my decision and will attach a big ship together at Kerbin orbit, and fly it all at once. The only thing that bugs me is this picture of some separated parts flying over Duna, as posted by Ethernet on the OP. That would go against of what I'd consider more efficient and plausible. But it's up to me to find out.
  8. I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post it, and if so, my apologies; you may require the deletion of this post. Since the main focus of my question is about Station Science, I'll post it here. I looked through all the previous pages, and couldn't find anything specific related to my question. Anyway. I wonder: Have anyone here ever dared taking a Science Station on an interplanetary trip? This has been in my mind for some time now, and the Eve transfer window is coming in a few hundred days. I am trying to decide between docking the whole station in a large (mother?) ship around Kerbin in order to travel to Eve; or flying several "small" ships, each containing one module from the station, in order to dock everything at Eve's orbit. As you might know, those payloads aren't anything close to light weight, so, that's a tough decision for a tough flight. I've been testing a few rocket designs on what would be the best to take on a planetary quest, and eventually I came up with this: (testing on sandbox, with both infinite fuel and gravity hack turned on.) It has an initial TWR of 0.32, and contains 2.7k dV. Managed to get it around Eve (inf fuel), but I intend to tweak the ship and upgrade those numbers a bit. So, I'll repeat my question, below: Tl;dr: Have you taken your station to another planet? What would you choose between: One large ship carring the whole station from Kerbin orbit; or flying several smaller ships in order to dock them at the targeted planet/moon's orbit? Although yet trying to decide myself, I guess my personal choice would be to use small ships only at short distance flights (Mün and Minmus), while all the interplanetary missions would have to be transported by a large ship. Thanks in advance.
  9. @M4ck: The Kerbal eyes can't open enough to express how amazed I am. This is brilliant! On the other side, poor Mün. Did it hurt?
  10. Today was a busy day (no pictures, I'll leave it all for your imagination). - Refueled my unmanned Kethane Mün Station; -> There was a problem while undocking the Kethane Drill in order to send it back to the Mün surface. Had to send Jebediah and Thomas over there to figure out what was happening; -> Eventually all the lights at the Kethane Station went off. Jeb was absolutely sure there were aliens inside the station and almost managed to EVA on the way there, trying to escape; -> At the station, Jeb found the emergency lights switch, and Thomas found the malfunctioning docking port motor. Easy fix after that; -> Of course, Jeb had to stop responding the radio for a few seconds, and scared the hell out of me. Thankfully, Thomas said Jeb was just giving me a prank, and a few curse words came out of Jeb's mouth after that. Everyone went back home happy. - Sent a resupply vessel with Thomas inside towards the KSS; -> Refueled, resupplied the Kibbals into the Zoology Module and left Thomas over there to take care of the general routine maintenance. - Spent several hours thinking and doodling ships in my mind, planning my next big moves: -> Build a Science Base at Minmus' surface, and; -> Build a Science Station at Eve's low orbit.
  11. WELCOME, 1000th page! A bit late, but I guess it counts. Haven't done anything today on KSP... Yet. *opens the game*
  12. Threw a rover at Minmus to acquire some science and explore around; and rescued a lost, lonely and afraid B-class asteroid who was crying next to Kerbin. For the Rover, I HAD to steal borrow Frank_G's rover design, as it is superb and awesome! All rights on that rover design goes to Frank_G. <iframe class="imgur-album" src="//imgur.com/a/466F5/embed" frameborder="0" height="550" width="100%"></iframe> Gal, the baby asteroid. <iframe class="imgur-album" src="//imgur.com/a/gARAJ/embed" frameborder="0" height="550" width="100%"></iframe> For this one, I had to load a few times at the end. The hook wasn't holding the asteroid weight, and breaking everytime I deployed the chutes. I considered the mission a failure, and decided to reload one last time, just to recreate the scene, in order to take a nice picture of the asteroid falling on the water. But for my surprise, the hook didn't break this time! Oh you, KSP.
  13. @clown_baby: That Robot Dinosaur plane is beautiful! After coming back home from my vacation a few days ago, today I finally opened the game to continue my career. After visiting Mün and Minmus, gathering some science and unlocking new tech in the tree, today I started my planetary quest. Eve was the chosen planet to take a visit! So I sent a satellite to start scanning the planet and send the info back to KSC, so they can study the possibilty of sending a rover over there, and maybe, eventually, even Kerbals in that direction! Here are some nothing-new pictures of my journey: <iframe class="imgur-album" width="100%" height="550" frameborder="0" src="//imgur.com/a/CuJSY/embed"></iframe> I'm verry happy with this success. Although I visit the forums everytime and watch lots of videos, I didn't get any spoils, and the planets on the Kerbol system are still a mistery for me. It's great to discover for the first time how it is under the atmosphere of Eve. In a side note, Eve is the third celestial body out of Kerbin SOI I've ever visited. Before that, I visited Laythe (had to be!) and Duna, both on 0.23.5. And the same happened there; it was a surprise to discover those planet/moon from a close look. And to think there's so much to discover on them! May the journeys come.
  14. I'd like to be part of it, as long as it has pretty wings.
  15. Speaking of which, I would love to see someone using the audio from the game "Thomas was alone" and making a video with one kerbal: Thomas Kerman, of course.
  16. The Kethane future is still unclear for me, but if it's true that it'll be discontinued, that's a sad day today. I will miss you, Kethane. No Karbonite shall ever replace the feels, the great (and not-so-great) moments we had together. Although looks like I'll have to be downloading Karbonite soon...
  17. What Tw1 said. I think what can maximize the whole KSP experience is your imagination. Roleplaying is a great part in this game, and one of the biggest reasons it hooked me up to it so hardly. The hours spent looking for a game - mostly MMOs - that handle me the Possibility to do whatever my imagination allows are countless. And in a way, KSP handle that to us very well. Remember to enjoy the small things. In all those planet visits, how many times did you wait for a sunset? Is the temperature colder when it's night? How many times did you enjoy a sunrise, without time warp, and took notes of how many minutes the sun took to show up completely? And, hell, took a picture to bring back home, of course? And, well, are you completely sure this planet has no life form at all? What about the air? How funny is the atmosphere where you landed? Does the dust on the air moves weirdly when you shake your hand in front of you? Does the same thing happens 10km away from where you landed? That dust went inside your fuel engines. Did it damage it? Will you have to spend hours, days or weeks to fully repair it? As Scott Manley told us in one of his videos, the ships that go to Duna can't go back home, due to Duna's high radiation. How are you supposed to deal with it? Remember, it's a different PLANET! Everything is supposed to look different and completely new! In no way you can see everything in two or five minutes. Stop underestimating your trips. Start making extraplanetary plans, to fit your extraplanetary trip! As Tw1 said above, those experiments take time, don't they? There should be a lot of experiments to do! You're supposed to spend weeks, usually months at those planets' surfaces, and full of jobs to complete. By the way, Koka-Kola paid us some millions to record a few scenes in Duna for their new TV advertisement. Thing is, Jeb is no actor, and that'll take a while to make him do the perfect expressions at the right jump... Sorry if I sound too poetic about it. But all of this is just my humble opinion, and as part of it, I think this is what the game is about. It isn't supposed to be played as a "get the biggest ammount of science the faster you can" game, IF you don't want to play it like this. So you can find lots of things to do at any surface.
  18. Clicking the link at the OP doesn't seems to do anything on Skype. Anyone else facing this same issue?
  19. This interests me. I'll be back home at the next month, but will probably say Hi at the group soon to see how's things going there. As someone mentioned before, a large group of people in the chat might become a problem in the future. Have you guys thought about TeamSpeak, instead?
  20. It's... Beautiful! Nice job there, really great work.
  21. Although I don't have problems getting close to (rendezvous?), and docking, I installed NavBall Docking Alignment Indicator, and I use the MJ "Closest Distance to Target" indicator, just to get the most efficient way when docking. As noticed above, I am not 100% sure of the word "rendezvous" meaning, and am too lazy to look for it. Always say to myself: "I'll do it someday." I use a quicksave slot named "Launch" before every launch, in case I need to revert, but I pressed "space center" or F5-F9 somewhere during the flight. I liked my own screenshot on Steam once, because I thought it deserved to get on the week's most popular SS at the KSP community. Sometimes I procrastinate when about to launch KSP, because I am affraid to run out of things to do and grow bored of the game. (Had to write a huge KSP to-do list in order to prevent that fear from showing up again.) I used Infinite EVA Fuel once during my .24 career in order to get Bill back to the ship, at Minmus, because I underestimated the value needed to explore the lander surroundings. I am AFK for one month (travelling to another city) and haven't yet downloaded KSP here where I am at right now.
  22. Wow, Mr Shifty. That sounds as epic as dangerous. Wish I saw that. Jeb is always full of surprises, besides being a hero.
  23. Steph, now you know that the Mun landing was faked! :|