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  1. Same here. I also can't find the develocitizer on the warpring (or anywhere else). in the download i can find two different gamedate folders. are these identical, different or am i missing something? version (latest). lovely to see this mod is still going!
  2. a quick question: just scant the mun, put my refinery down on an HE-3 rich site, started the harvester, but it says; noting to harvest. what could i be doing wrong?
  3. Good call to remove the gimball from the vista engine, making it a little less OP, without taking away that lovely deltaV!
  4. @ Freethinker: Thanks for maintaining and improving this mod. played with it in 23.5, it's good to see it's still going. hit a few bugs (i think). reactors won't always properly connect to attachment nodes. and in a test flight the Vista engine does explode upon ignition. stock install save the mods in the installation instructions. sandbox mode. hope this helps and thanks again for the great work!
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