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  1. moogoob

    So... KSP dead?

    Dead? Doom hasn't received an official update since 1995 yet still isn't dead- there are mods, source ports, speedruns, multiplayer servers etc to this day. For a quarter-century-old game. Sheesh, this topic popping up four times a year was one of the reasons y'all haven't seen me around here in a while. Things haven't changed much.
  2. moogoob

    How modded is your install, and why?

    Mechjeb and (as of recently) Ven's Stock Revamp. That's it. I used to use a few visual mods and stuff like chatterer, but a few caused performance issues for me so I tend to run mod-light nowadays. Now my Skyrim install, on the other hand, is more mod than game at this point.
  3. moogoob

    The strange case of KSP burn out

    I haven't been around he forums in a while as I've been going through it too - just not very inspired to play KSP at the moment. Though from time to time I'll still do a moon landing or just spend time liquiding around in some jets for a while
  4. I get a ton of use out of the small cubic octagonal strut. I've landed on it, used it to attach skycranes and command pods (so as to spawn with a crewmember even though I used the rover seat) to rovers, made roll bars out of it, and even used it as an ultralight aircraft's framing. A close second would be the almighty strut. The two combined are quite useful indeed:
  5. moogoob

    Strange monolith

    Yeah, not too hard if you keep it light and efficient. It's when you've already got like 8/10ths of the tree done that these types of things are at the most valuable - if all you have left are 1000+ science unlocks, that saves you some grinding when one gets unlocked.
  6. moogoob


    Someone has been playing Planet Coaster, it seems. It has the best terrain editing I've EVER used in a game, but one that I'm sure would be a bit hard to handle at KSP scale. If you use a Minecraft-like density of 1m cubed/voxel then Kerbin alone would need... *googles* 905 million voxels. Assuming that voxels are like pixels (my expertise) say 32 bits each to depict colour/texture would not be out of the question, and may even be a low estimate. 32/8=4 bytes per voxel, or in other words a 3.616 GB file, MINIMUM. That's just for Kerbin - you'd need equivalent amounts of data for the other planets, moons etc too. That's one good reason to not use voxels. If anyone with more specific info had input, I'm all ears.
  7. moogoob

    Air Intake requirements change?

    As said, you're gonna need more intakes:
  8. moogoob

    Naming scheme for your ships! (0.24 edition)

    This thread's been going forever. I like. I still use the Tarot naming scheme - half my launches are by Fool, Magician or Strength rockets, with Emperors only being used if I REALLY can't get it up there any other way. The Empress (Rhino-based) has been mostly relegated to super-heavy upper stage status since the adjustment that halved sea-level TWR, but once in a while I'll make a boosted version of it. My shuttles all have the name -bird somewhere. Nastybird, Angrybird, Cargobird, Bigbird, etc.
  9. Because the extra bits at the side are wing segments, not tanks. It's why the Mk 2 parts generate lift. If you look in the middle of an unattached mk 2 tank, you'll see a mk-1 sized circle where presumably the tank is located.
  10. moogoob

    Squad, "Target Mode" is DRIVING ME CRAZY

    This. If I want to use TGT mode on the navball, I have a craft targeted. If I don't, I un-target it. TGT is excellent for docking too - that's what I mostly use it for - it lets you see which way you're drifting when on approach, and if it's off to one side or too high or low you can easily and efficiently correct with RCS.
  11. moogoob

    How many did you accidently land by an moon arch?

    I landed within a few kilometers of the one on the north rim of the Eastern crater once - saw it upon descent and hopped over to get a closer look with the fuel I had remaining.
  12. moogoob

    Happy Carl Sagan Day!!

    Can't forget that he was a founding member of the Planetary Society. And wrote the only thing that can get me to cry on queue - Pale Blue Dot.
  13. Added some quick awards to the end of the first post for those who've entered so far.
  14. moogoob

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I'm glad to see that a dorsal/ventral drop tank arrangement is being used. Makes a lot more sense than the typical STS asymmetrical arrangement if you don't have plumbing and pumps to wrangle with.