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  1. I think Sanberry Kerman is just too lazy. Send him on a Polar Mission for a few months and see how his work ethic changes afterwards.
  2. None of the Antennas from FASA are working and they have no Additional Info to show their range and electrical consumption. I'm using RemoteTech as well. Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm going to do further testing later today and will post an update if no one else knows.
  3. Emergerdh! Thanks for all the fun!
  4. I use CKAN to manage my KSP Mods and it's getting a download error for KSP Interstellar Extended as it's trying to download version 1.5.3 from KerbalStuff and not finding the previous version.
  5. Well, I cleaned up the GeminiPod2.cfg file to get rid of most of the extra comments and added Tabs to make sure nothing was out of place, and after re-loading KSP the pod was still all white... Rebooted my PC and now it's loading the black texture properly. Weird. [Edit] I installed the updated ModuleManager.2.5.1 and then the MechJebAndEngineerForAll started working for again, yet the Gemini2 Pod went back to being all white again, all other parts are okay. So I did another PC reboot and then the Gemini Pod texture loaded again on the next KSP load.
  6. KSP was hanging on loading the GeminiBigGWhite part [..\FASA\Gemini2\FASA_Gemini_BigG\Gemini_BigG_White.cfg] and when I looked in the parts folder I noticed the Gemini_BigG_White part was using the normal GeminiBigG model on line 9 and line 10 had the White version texture: 9 model = FASA/Gemini2/FASA_Gemini_BigG/GeminiBigG 10 texture = Gemini_BigG, FASA/Gemini2/FASA_Gemini_BigG/Gemini_BigG_White Was this deliberate due to some other issue? I appended "_White" to the end of line 9 and deleted the texture line and now KSP loads without hanging, and the GeminiBigGWhite crew capsule is loading with no issue. Also, the GeminiPod2 part is loading as blank white in KSP on the current 4.98 release and was doing the same for the one before it. The .tga file for the Gemini2 part [..\FASA\Gemini2\FASA_Gemini_Pod2\Gemini_Pod.tga] was missing the "2" before the extension, so I tried updating the .tga file to have the 2, but that didn't work. I saw the White Gemini Pod texture file was also not using the "2" and it is loading fine. How are the Gemini Pods loading the textures if the .tga files don't match the .mu file. Is the path to the texture in the .mu file?
  7. You could make the docking port/hatch a separate part from the pod so it requires being attached in the VAB. I'm not sure how that will affect your spaces file though.