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  1. I started to do water color paintings of the planets and objects in our solar system a while back. Around that time the New Horizons probe took the first pictures of Pluto, so I figured I would do Pluto first. (it still is the only one I have done so far). I will try to find it.
  2. I always liked mods that both have a stock art style and their own. I have a suggestion for a cargo variant of the CEV, where it has a cargo bay and can hold 1-2 kerbals. Good work on the mod!
  3. But does anyone know what the pruner files are for?
  4. There has been development to the game, localization is a tough process, and they've also been working on other features for the next update and new DLC.
  5. [invalid] why does blue taste like felt
  6. you open your mouth and WHOOOO what is a definition of a question
  7. Theres mods that do stuff like this, but they take a lot of ram and don't run well on certain computers
  8. Good what is your favorite color?
  9. I think all of the planets are equally good, even comparing Dres to Jool, mainly because each planet has it's personality. Moho and Eeloo are both difficult to get to, and really put a new perspective on distance from the sun Eve is easy to get to, and was my first interplanetary probe destination, but its hard to get back from. Gilly is the exact opposite of Eve, it's small, lumpy, hard to get to and land, but easy to come back from. Kerbin and the Mun are like our own Earth and Moon, it is home. Minmus has flat and rough surfaces, its surface is dramatically opposite, kind of like the Eve/Gilly system Duna has a moon similar to the Mun, the veiw from one object, looking at the other is great and gets better with mods. Duna is also like Mars and has large ice caps Dres is like the moon, but orbiting the Sun, and has a pretty large crater. It would be cool if there was a mod that switched one or all of Kerbins moons with Dres. Everyone complains about Dres, and really there is not much wrong with it. Jool looks good, and has it's own solar system of diverse moons.
  10. What is your quest
  11. I was going to tell you, but you have to look it up What is your name?
  12. A rover testing ground would be nice, the ground near the KSC is really flat (wich is good if your rover is meant for the salt lakes of Minmus, or the poles of Kerbin). Even something as basic as a track with a couple of inclines/declines and slopes would be nice, since the terrain of KSP isn't super bumpy on the scale of a small rover.
  13. [move]possible?![/move] Not possible!
  14. did you use a weapons manager? (this actually is two days) Hercules 6 sent Val and Burbry Kerman to Iota A probe was set to land and orbit tellumo Finally, two mini probes were launched on the dawn/dusk sides of Gael, to test the power of a new rocket for small payloads. The one fired Retrograde relative to Ciro/The Sun (evening) The prograde one (morning)
  15. A version for some planet packs would be nice, such as GPP