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  1. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    that should count, the dead line was somewhere later in 2013 (around the time the steam version was released
  2. Kerbal Moods?

    For me, the longer I have the game open, the more jerky their faces become. More noticeable is that the game freezes for a couple of frames every couple seconds.
  3. Idea

    look up ksp real solar system mod
  4. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Not sure if this is supposed to go in fan art... but it's still a "screenshot"
  5. Yep, usually in the KSP cinematics their voices are reversed and pitch raised. Is it normal for the sstv images to be green?
  6. Jeb's Diner

    Here's your "hot" asparagus, our waiter forgot to write down the "not liquid" part, so we cranked up the pressure so here's some metallic hydrogen asparagus. Check please!
  7. Chart of money over time

    Statistics would be nice, and so would a better finance system.
  8. VAB delete

    But the game does warn you if you haven't saved when making a new craft, loading one, or exiting the VAB/SPH, it warns you if you've made an unsaved change, even if the change was taking off a parachute and putting it back on. Squad wouldn't set traps for you to loose work, and it should be on you to remember what parts you de-attached. If you spent an hour or more on building a lander/rocket, de-attach it, only to save it without putting it back on; thats on you.
  9. VAB delete

    If you want to save a detached section, make it a subassembly
  10. Cheating; A meditation on it's definition in modded KSP

    There is no exact cheating, since it is a single player game. The game has cheats built in, and it meant to be modded. You could have your own rules to what is cheating and what isn't, (no cheating on contracts/missions, no quick saving unless if it's a game breaking issue). Making parts OP, like a cabin that holds +1000 kerbals and weighs 0.01 tons, etc can be seen as cheating in a way. Truly there is no cheating unless if it's a challenge or a multiplayer game.
  11. How about a 2d world?

    How many winglets are you using on your rockets? Two will only help with the with one direction, and three will help also, but it will be harder to steer. Four winglets should be good. KSP is also one of those games where you learn by playing and failing. EDIT: Unless if you rotated the craft in the vehicle assembly building (vab), A,D should be west and east respectively, and S and W is south and north. Another thing that may be the issue is that you're tilting your rockets east to early, usually I tilt them around 22,000 meters.
  12. TCIS's Guide To Planets & Moons

    you should also mention how Minmus is much smaller than the Mun, so its slightly harder to get to, but easier to return from.
  13. A good amount of people who play KSP don't ever leave Kerbin's SOI, so the developers would rather work on adding parts and other things. The ksp solar system is also modeled after ours, so if there's going to be a new planet, its going to be like Saturn or a dwarf planet. There are other ways to get planets, methods that you wish not to be named...
  14. SAS: Hold Horizon

    I support this