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  1. So going into the textures folder and into planets you can delete the textures or move them for the vacuum bodies (such as the Mun and minmus) to fix the double texture issue
  2. The mod works fine with 1.4, haven't tried with 1.5 Also I've noticed on vacuum bodies that there appears to be a "phantom" texture of the body floating above, I'm guessing this is supposed to be the glow. Since I don't want this I'm guessing I can just delete the texture files for these bodies or do I need to do something else?
  3. Ok here's your ok frish fied eggs! (I logged in after almost a year of inactivity and I'm surprised this is still going on after 4 years!) I'll just have a plain piece of toast
  4. I changed the colors of my edit of the hexagon flag so the stripes matched the colors (it's based off of the USAF roundel)
  5. It's actually nice that the genera of aerospace games is getting somewhat bigger, since orbiter and ksp (maybe space engine too) are the only major games
  6. I had the same issue, if the game runs for too long (especially if you have a bunch of mods) the game begins to do that.
  7. I created this in GIMP here's what it looks like without the atmosphere haze
  8. is there any way to manually award ribbons such as first kerbin orbit? I installed the mod a while after the start of my career save.
  9. is this compatible with research bodies?
  10. Honestly I just used an older version of the game. I still can upload the crash log if you want.
  11. Never mind, I got it working again definitely one of the must have mods
  12. My game crashes whenever I use this mod, regardless of if I have the dependencies installed. I will get a crash log when possible
  13. I'm just glad it wasn't too much like episode 5. The trailer made it seem like that it was going to be a clone of episode 5, similar to how episode 7 was based off of episode 4.
  14. Also was there anything that could've triggered it?
  15. There is a model for him like all other kerbals, it's just that kerbonauts can be loaded onto the game scene like a part would
  16. that should count, the dead line was somewhere later in 2013 (around the time the steam version was released
  17. For me, the longer I have the game open, the more jerky their faces become. More noticeable is that the game freezes for a couple of frames every couple seconds.
  18. Not sure if this is supposed to go in fan art... but it's still a "screenshot"
  19. Yep, usually in the KSP cinematics their voices are reversed and pitch raised. Is it normal for the sstv images to be green?
  20. Here's your "hot" asparagus, our waiter forgot to write down the "not liquid" part, so we cranked up the pressure so here's some metallic hydrogen asparagus. Check please!
  21. Statistics would be nice, and so would a better finance system.
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