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  1. Globally off means time warp won't stop for any science alert. Globally on means it will stop for all science alerts.
  2. I started a new career recently and have been playing around with sounding rocket parts, specifically the Meteorological, Aeronomical, Materials, and Engineering experiments. It seems to me like they would be better suited to be one time use only experiments like the Mystery Goo. With all four experiments being re-runnable, I was able to get quite a large amount of science just orbiting around Kerbin, Minmus, the Mun, and Duna from all the various biomes. Seemed a little too easy to spam these experiments.
  3. Nope, I noticed that as well. Yes it will, and it's glorious. It makes flying to other side of Kerbin for those survey contracts a joy. Kerbin has a lot of cool scenery I never got around to exploring before this mod because of how tedious it was to fly planes and keep the pitch/yaw under control. My newest surveyor craft will cruise along at 13.5k up and 1000m/s. Doesn't take very long to go a decent distance. As far as SSTOs. I'll climb to 10k, then set the vertical velocity to 30m/s or so to maximize in atmosphere speed before switching to closed cycle and pushing space wards.
  4. Hey Crzyrndm, love the mod. It makes flying spaceplanes a whole lot less tedious. No more having to pulse S to keep the pitch where I want it and no more crazy yaw movement! That said, I'm having some trouble with my larger cargo planes. The assistant works perfectly with smaller craft, but once I step up to medium or large sized planes it doesn't seem to hold the pitch correctly. If I don't use PA, I can hold the craft at the correct pitch to fly it, but as soon as I turn on PA control, the pitch input indicator seems to go back to the neutral position causing premature plane to ground contact. Any idea why I'm having so much trouble with larger planes? Is there a setting I need to adjust? Maybe it's due to the larger AoA needed with my larger crafts? Note: Not using FAR or NEAR, stock aerodynamics for now. Thanks!
  5. BaseDrifter

    [1.4.5] Mark IV Spaceplane System (Sept 21 2018)

    I wouldn't mind a larger size, would give them some more space over the Mk3 parts. Still haven't been able to construct a suitable SSTO with the Mk4 parts though.
  6. Success! If you just add these Dynamic parts to the parts folder from Baha's adjustable landing gear everything works perfectly. I assume whatever changes he made to his plugins for the landing gear works with this parts pack as well. All the motors extend and retract properly, apply thrust, and have their effects. Retractable RCS blocks work as well.
  7. Would love to see this updated for .90! Such a great mod.
  8. Within the GameData folder you should have an UmbraSpaceIndustries folder. In the USI folder should be a folder for Karbonite, a folder for KarbonitePlus, FTT, WarpDrive, etc.
  9. BaseDrifter

    [1.4.5] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.2.2

    Hi taniwha, I've run into a problem with EPL not recognizing the amount of rocket parts stored after building a vessel. I'm using EPL with MKS, but it seems to be an EPL issue. I have a station with 9200 units of rocket parts stored. When I select the vessel and make it active, I'm able to construct something using EPL with no problem. However if I try to build a second vessel, the EPL build window shows zero rocket parts (even with a full load of rocket parts available.) When it shows zero RP available, building is not possible. The only solution I've found for this is to switch active vessels or go back to the KSC. If I do that and then return to the construction vessel, EPL registers the proper number of RP and I'm able to build. Build something -> switch vessel -> switch back -> build another vessel. And so on. Here's a screenshot showing 9200 RP in storage but EPL not registering any. This occurs when using survey stakes or a launchpad.
  10. Nice icon pack! I've been on a mission to write and correct exception configs for all the small texture/icon files so that ATM doesn't squish them into an indistinguishable mess. I forgot I had actually added your icon pack and couldn't figure out why some of the icons were getting smushed but not others. I wrote an ATM exception config for your icons if you want to include it with your pack. ACTIVE_TEXTURE_MANAGER_CONFIG { folder = Olympic1ARPIcons enabled = true OVERRIDES { Olympic1ARPIcons/.* { compress = true mipmaps = false scale = 1 max_size = 0 } } }
  11. BaseDrifter

    [1.0.3] Editor Extensions v2.12 - 23 June

    Hit "r". Pretty sure it's a stock feature now.
  12. Thanks Reeper, I'm wondering if it's actually a problem with ScienceAlert or US though. A little later I'll try to replicate the issue with ScienceAlert uninstalled. With the US detector, I can't run the test by clicking on the actual part either, it says "TOO HIGH."
  13. My mistake, forgot that it was a valid experiment. I just did a simple test and there is no problem when using the stock gravioli detector. The problem occurs when using the Universal Storage accelerometer/gravmax detector. With the stock gravioli detector: Exit Kerbin SOI, Science Alert pops up, can click and run the test no problem. With the Universal Storage detector: Exit Kerbin SOI, Science Alert pops up, click the button to run the test and it says "can't be done right now."