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  1. I seem to have no troubles with this. Using Unity 2019.2.2f1 and latest PartTools
  2. It works from 1.8.x to 1.10.x but I only tested it on the launchpad @DuoDex can you update the OP?
  3. Hello everyone, I just released a new version for Crowd Sourced Science. This includes a fix provided by @Jedilucas which removes the plugin and keeps the randomization of science reports. Without the plugin, CSS doesn't need to rely on a specific version of KSP anymore. You can download Crowd Sourced Science v6.0 via GitHub Changelog: Implemented a new way of randomizing the science reports thanks to Jedilucas. With this new method Crowd Sourced Science doesn't need to rely on a plugin anymore. Added new reports for several bodies (thanks @ryaninator81) Added new reports for Eve (thanks @voicey99) Fixed Duna, Ike, and Kerbin reports (thanks @voicey99) Added templates for the Breaking Ground experiments Added templates for comets that where introduced in KSP 1.10
  4. I'm working on an update using the fix provided by @Jedilucas
  5. @taniwha Thx for trying to fix this, I really appreciate your work for this addon
  6. @taniwha The latest commits for better armature support are amazing. Tried it on the new Breaking Ground Seismic Sensor and it imports it correctly now, but the animations are still screwed up. All the other animations I tested work fine.
  7. @taniwha When I import the model of the new Seismic Sensor of Breaking Ground, I get this: https://i.imgur.com/ec8fPJb.png When I remove the bones that are included in the model, I get this as result: https://i.imgur.com/ySpyCwi.png I get no errors when importing, using latest Blender (2.8) and git version.
  8. @XxLedvin25xX If Kerbal Galaxy Revamped uses the same code as Kerbal Galaxy 2, I can maybe help. EDIT: Send you the source code
  9. @taniwha Just had another error. When trying to import the .craft file of a rover I got these errors: I narrowed it down to the new RoveMate model that came with KSP 1.6. When trying to import just that .mu file, I got these errors: If I try to import any other of the new 1.6 models, they work just fine.
  10. @taniwha I'm getting this error when trying to import a .mu file. Could this have something to do that user preferences was renamed and moved from File > User Preferences... to Edit > Preferences...
  11. Finally fixed camera issues. Just working out some ast bugs.
  12. This is a handy post for links directly to Raidernick's awesome historical craft threads: Antares & Cygnus This pack includes the Antares and Cygnus spacecraft. Salyut Stations This pack includes the Salyut and Almaz station parts. Skylab This pack includes the original designed and actual Skylab. Soviet Probes & Soviet Rockets This pack includes the Luna, Sputnik, Molniya and Polyot probes along with the R7, Soyuz, Proton and Zenit rockets. Soviet Spacecraft This pack includes the Soyuz, Vostok, Voskhod, LOK and LK spacecraft. US Probes Pack This pack includes all probes ever launched by NASA and the US military. US Rockets This pack includes the launch stages for use in the US Probes Pack. US & Soviet Solar Panels Pack This pack includes the solar panels from the US and Soviet parts packs. For the gallery of the contents of all these mods please click here.
  13. Latest version was blocked from indexing because of multiple .version files. I fixed it now and the latest version for 1.4.1 is available in CKAN.
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