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  1. Oh I see now. Yea that does appear to be the case. I think I'll hack it together. I'm willing to forego that little bit of realism. My engineers decided to add the hatch to the floor themselves :-).
  2. I'm having a problem with Connected Living Spaces and this capsule. For some reason, it has no problem if a CLS passable part is connected to the top node, but if it's connected to the bottom node, I can't pass it.
  3. Suggestion: I'd like to be able to start my sim at a specific time in the future. It's a little annoying when designing an interplanetary ship that it costs a ton to wait around for the transfer window.
  4. marchingknight11

    [1.4.4] RemoteTech v1.8.12 [2018-07-17]

    Thanks. I use MechJeb for many nodes, but I need RemoteTech to be able to execute nodes when I have no connection, such as establishing an initial relay around another body. That almost always involves at least 1 burn on the dark side of the body. I did just experiment and I noticed that in the beginning of the burn, the vessel diverts slightly from the maneuver node, which probably explains why at the end, the node isn't hit exactly. I'm not sure why that's happening though. My thrust vector goes through the center of mass. Apparently the Communotron DTS-M1 isn't physicsless. That's my problem.
  5. marchingknight11

    [1.4.4] RemoteTech v1.8.12 [2018-07-17]

    I'm having an issue with the flight computer. When I execute a maneuver node, it will execute as expected, but when the maneuver node gets down to 0, instead of killing the maneuver node and stopping thrust, the thrust maxes out again and it overshoots the maneuver node. I can't cancel the command manually, when I click the [X] nothing happens. It doesn't always happen, but I haven't figured out what causes it. I've double checked my other mods and I can't find anything else active (like MechJeb) that could be interfering.
  6. Is there a way to disable certain contract types? For example, I don't really enjoy helicopter missions (mainly because I am really bad at building helicopters that are flyable) so I'd like to be able to turn off those missions so that I can get some of the other types offered.
  7. marchingknight11

    Kerbal Construction Time/StageRecovery Dev Thread

    I'm having an issue with part inventory. In short: it doesn't seem to work at all. When I recover a vessel then go to build the exact same vessel it takes the same amount of time to build as the first time. Is there something I have to enable? I haven't been able to find any setting or anything other than a modifier for inventory parts. I also remember a long time ago there used to be an actual list of parts in the inventory but I don't see that anymore.
  8. marchingknight11

    [1.2-1.4] Blender .mu import/export addon

    There is nothing listed in the User category.
  9. marchingknight11

    [1.2-1.4] Blender .mu import/export addon

    @TheRagingIrishman Can you be a little more helpful? Copying the files to the addon directory does nothing and googling "how to install blender addon" tells me to open the file in User PReferences, but that also doesn't do anything. Can you give us a step-by-step?
  10. I'm having an issue with the 1.2 version's model of the M700. The model is messed up.
  11. marchingknight11

    [1.3] The Malemute Rover [0.2.0]

    I'm having trouble with the rover. In fact, all the USI rovers seem to have a problem where the wheels don't work. I attach them and the right click menu shows that the motor is running but the rover doesn't move at all.
  12. I'm having trouble with the rover. In fact, all the USI rovers seem to have a problem where the wheels don't work. I attach them and the right click menu shows that the motor is running but the rover doesn't move at all.
  13. marchingknight11

    [1.4.4] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.1.0

    I'm having an issue with the toolbar button disappearing. This was addressed back in October to have something to do with Contract Configurator, and was supposedly fixed, but I'm seeing it again.
  14. marchingknight11

    [1.4.4] RemoteTech v1.8.12 [2018-07-17]

    Is it possible to set a range multiplier to something bigger than 2? The slider only goes to 2, but I have SigmaDimensions installed and set to 2x scale, 3x distance, so I want the ranges to be scaled to 3x normal.
  15. marchingknight11

    [1.1.2+] Kerbal NRAP - MOVED

    I'd like to see a version of this that's just a dead weight without the electric charge or monoprop or anything. I know it seems nitpicky, but having the electric charge messes with my delta-v readouts for some reason and I always forget to remove it, so my simulations get messed up. plus having monoprop throws off the total mass of the part which makes it a little less useful. I realize it would be useful to some people, so I think an extra MM script to remove the extraneous stuff that can be installed after the main mod.