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  1. Thats some really impressive stuff katateochi That EVA pack.. its beautifully functional and logical.. like that joke meme with the what designers thought, what the customer wanted etc... its got everything did it start out as a simple EVA pack and grow at all? certainly looks that way.. something so functional and successful would be hard to give up.. I see why its lived a long life Orion and Knat are a perfect example why I started this thread, a design thats survived across versions.. grown more functional (or less thanks to cockpit changes) grown with KSP.. its a credit to both ourselves as players and squad's handywork, with wheels and reentry physics getting harder across versions youve done well to preserve the knat so long, for myself and the 44 class, her wheels are modified endlessly.. they might look the same but configuration wise theyre very different their all really great craft and a pleasure to see, thankyou Regex : with so many parts and styles to choose from, so many mods.. its the old startrekian IDIC of kerballian craft for some that alone is true to kerbal style.. might not be any craft carried over from version to version .. do you have a popular craft thats been reused for say more than a few missions? even been refueled and reused vs being recovered?
  2. Do you have a craft that in concept and use basically survived from say 2014 to present day in KSP? A design that matured but stayed the same and became your signature craft for doing what you do in KSP? I thought about this looking at my old KSP screenshots to present day . how the 44 class land train matured from a barebones white clad stick with wagons, to a fully fledged capable locomotive and submarine.. I cant be the only one with a love for a specific craft thats survived through the ages, updates in KSP and been remade in spirit upto present day? Anyone got one? Mines the "44 class" Diesel Electric Land train.. from early 2015 till 2017 The drive remains the same - but capabilities have changed greatly.. still though under all these changes.. its still the same kind of locomotive I drive with pride 2015 (FEB) Late 2015 (One Before Elcano 4408) 2017 (MAY) Show your beloved craft that you make and remake every KSP version.. the ones that make KSP for you over the years
  3. Mods in KSP, easy txt file editing of parts and mod install started as a way to retrieve a downed plane with a train on rough terrain Once I found out how easy it was to change how things operate... Things grew KTP Landtrains I drive and adore greatly are the product of how easy it is (and to fix stock things) I hope taketwo preserves the ease of access along upcoming parts of the franchise Forums not too bad either for someone who uses KSP outside of its intended ways
  4. SLAUGHTERED! Stock wheels.. Modified M1s are again the order of the day for a healthy Kerbal Train Program and a happy 4433 Desperate to solve the wagons tracking badly and spinning out the locomotive at decent speeds - I simply deleted the CFG files line about slip and drag.. increasing the overridden wheel weight (in radius line) to the traditional 1.2 tons.. deleting dampening, steering. and reducing suspension move to 0.5 value The result - PERFECTION! (Pre 1.1 wheel-alike) Wagons track perfectly, the locomotive never loses her footing - hills are once again a challenge, runaways a real possibility.. speed/torque control is more exact..but most of all everything tracks true as if their on rails lead by the locomotive.. infact the entire trains so stable shes happily chugging along in the background while I write this..shes changed her direction a few times as the rolling hills change the track dependant on gravity.. but all up shes around 80km from KSC and ive not done a thing This... hasn't happened since 2015 with 4408 Will 4433 replace 4432 in the field? I don't know.. since 4432s her own instance.. any changes to part configuration files don't effect "craft" already out in the field.. its all part of the save file.. if 4433 proves to be the superior locomotive I might switch them .. which in itself is a strange story given that 4432 used to be 4433 at one time.. I found 4432 out in the field on a run.. an accident of not bringing one in.. changed the class plates and left 4433 out in the field.. This 4433's upgraded from that model.. experimenting with it ever since while the "pure" 4432 remains in the field on the elcano challenge.. Such is life on the KTP.. such mysterious things are these land trains.. and that's why I love them so much Now to work on that jet horn so I can govern the length of the horn blast again
  5. Might seem a bit crude but maybe try put it on a launch clamp and lower that in SPH.. It usually sets height more dependably
  6. A thought occured KSP as a long term franchise "Kerbal" is trademarked by squad Presumably owned by Take Two now Could we see the humble greenskinned badass in other offshoots as well? Kerbal truck, train, boat sim Many simulators stumble at realism But making a kerbal version is rather. Liberal and less defined
  7. Take-Two have been the publisher on quite alot of niech games ive loved over the years that helped spur relevent genres from the dark shadows into the light of mainstream.. I hope KSP (and sandbox games) go through the same blossoming, yeah theres a few sandbox games and physics games, I probably own half of them.. but its the scale that KSP has if take two can hire good developers to keep a common code base and not kill mods every cycle.. this is going to go great.. theyve obviously aquired KSP when its settled down a bit but remained on the top shelf as far as steam goes.. they wouldnt have done it lightly.. Take Two has some history good and bad.. but I think KSP having its dedicated team back would be a beautiful thing (And hopefully they kill off autostrut!)
  8. In most craft its advisable to have male and female kerbals since the eye height update The mark 2 inline cockpit would give any male pilot a mighty egg lump wise on his noggin once you land due to.thier heads being rather snug on the cealing A female pilot has no such problem Other cockpits mix and match the ideal genders The mark 1 gives a nice IFR view for female pilots but nice VFR view for males Even the Kn-2 cockpit in land train mode gives a view too.high.over the nose of the loco using a male driver yet the female driver gives a good view of the instruments.. Terrain dependant its useful Each difference has its use Should val and jeb hook up? Probably not Firing KAS hooks at kerbals gets rather dusty quick Little kerbals are made near KSC loco stables, where they swarm and multiply in that pool of water
  9. Gels with what im going through. Loading always crashes at horns or generator engines for my trains yet these are just normal engines modified by cfg file..no new line added just all changed Horn - LV1R with horn startup sound Generator - LF jet engine with alternator set to 156 monopropellant and diesel engine sound - 3 thrust, 0.21 spool time Its likely the indicator lights then Any groundpounder able to tell me if besides terrain fixed is there any benefit to drivers in 1.3 Might not be worth losing things for
  10. Anything thats fun
  11. I made that into a train a few months back, sadly the hitches proved to be using smaller attachmebt nodes that rubberband and track badly I permanently coupled it with ibeams and gave it a steering drawbar It was the start of understanding how to slaughter autostrut though and for that im thankful It also looks like a tube train in passenger mode the rover makes a good train (details and video in link)
  12. I have in the past to make a steering drawbar, it was quite common before I learnt to slaughter the autostrut At speed though it becomes unstable quite alot with KSPs "new" wheels on the rear wagon..great for low speed trams though. Look on my youtube channel the KSC crewtrain uses it At 30+ ms though short trains with docking ports..modified wheels are a tradition going back to 2015. 4432s a distant relation to 4408 of the elcano challenge.. Its ..not pretty.. But it works
  13. Took my baby on a cruise after work.. scary when she almost derailed but.. I learnt my lesson quick.. picked up the steering wheel and plugged pedals in.. trains arnt to be driven with trim, its very bad.. horrible almost.. full throttle most of the way due to the uneven terrain, unless severe overspeed this kind of gently rolling terrain is best left at full or near full power soz about the mushy songs.. sometimes.. one just has to... feel close to ones locomotive .. you know.. as you do well.. atleast I wasnt tooting the horn to sing along like last time.... ok im going back under my rock now
  14. Must...avoid....saying... anything train related!.. Cant!... Yeah try a train not a hype train. a real one.. its a journey of discovery.. start with jet powered ones. you'll naturally progress.. these things grow their own story
  15. I rather ment mods that already work in 1.22 "the previous version" But then you might blame gravitational forces on the very visible terrain cracks.. Blame videocards on transparency issues with scatter trees too All were evident in 1.22 prerelease So its not so much that broken mods arnt squads problem.. With 1.3 Its that they create more problems and sour a very loving dedicated community each time a "release" comes out The only thing they seem to release past 1.0 Is the kraken I know of very few games that break most mods every update in such ways Especially not one that thrives on said modding efforts Without mods.. KSP is vanilla.. That might entertain transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water my good friend but.. Without skilled dedicated people doing all this for free.. The warm buzz of a community is lost..tallent bleeds away Most parts we have stock now.. All started as mods Today we survive on people who pickup abandoned mods that originated from some amazing people whos skills are far and beyond quality that should be free in todays materialistic world Next time progressively we may not be so lucky KSP remains ontop because of its long history and adaptability.. Theres many things it does right.. Increasingly so the opposite seems to be true Should someone see a weakness and make a game similar in nature to capitalise on this..(ksps still unique in scale and suchlike) Such an uncaring attitude towards those who make this game great wont be forgotten.. Loyalty and history will mean little We need more consideration for whats good So.. You know.. Theres a drop of water isnt it attractive..enough to even want to..multiply in eh?