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  1. Youll need steering axle couplings above 30 or youll get the rear wagon start to snake which eventually spreads to the loco and youll have a typical land train derailment with all the explosions and death so associated with KTP operations Also once you start carrying loads, dampening is your enemy, to get wheels back to near 1.0 levels of awesome, delete the default suspension line in the cfg file. Thatll let you properly adjust wheelsets Wagon based couplings work nicely though below 25 ms :)
  2. I did read in the update we can put kerbals in external command seats in the SPH Make a kerbal-bomber with seats on the underside upside down on a side note.. kerbal heads would work as landing gear maybe?
  3. Thankyou everyone that replied :) still going through said wall of text(s) :) I did read something about wheel suspension being fixed a little more in the recent update. Ill just have to learn how to maintain mods its good to be back :) ill start looking around for ways of getting an Alco World and RS3 modeled to KSP standards. Its going to be a big change, biggest concern was going the fengist route. Get a nice parts pack released with much pride and happiness, only for it all to not play nice with the next update still, that said.. Most land train mods of mods were
  4. Ive been around since 0.25.. Been driving land trains on kerbin for years. Ive bowed out of KSP for a year or so after 1.30+ broke everything (again) KSP for me is unrivaled in its engineering possibilities.. Only KSP lets me drive land trains across beautiful landscapes full of challenges.. Each machine being an evolution of a concept born out of the fire and flames of failure and emotional attachment of success.. No other game has got under my skin and into my very soul the way KSP has.. Giving life to self writing stories and legends of thier own making as the deadly yet beau
  5. Last time I played a few months ago, bouncy head was still a thing. I had a kerbal survive bailing out of a trijet locomotive at 60ms, landed on his head and rolled to a stop, although I will say bailing out of trains without being in contact with 30+ wheels isnt as fun as it used to be..
  6. within the atmosphere of kerbin swirls the death-dust of a billion dead Victims of a long ago war..its scars of the landscape grown over and healed by the planet itself Visible on mountains and hillsides where grass never grows.. The grey dust on mountains portray the truth behind the tranquility It is but an emptyness..left only to kerbin itself and the timeless dance of the planets The lucky ones who survived...or unlucky depending on your view must wear helmets and spacesuits lest they breathe in the remains of thier brethren.. Until the time that they..expire..joi
  7. From march 2015 till now.. Kerbin Driven alot of places Hyperedited a train to duna.. Didnt go so well.. Back to kerbin
  8. Back after months..my first experience of 1.3 aero.. A jet that tumbles and barrel rolls even in space with no torque wheels.. Reason V-stab was on the CoG Yep...no bloody idea too
  9. KSP is still KSP, ive got alot of sandbox games.. None matches KSP for map size..able to explore planets in your own personal land train Nothing comes close to it for me I could rattle off a few games but theres no need Ive got train and truck simulators.. Sandbox space simulators..survival games.. Ksp still is better than that Im coming back after 5 months away almost after 1.3 killed my land trains and mods I use Only to find yet another release version on the horizon The disheartening feeling of a gathering storm building that will decima
  10. It gave me a donut once.. I didnt like the taste too much.. So.. I threw it into the sky.. It then became a similarly shaped space station
  11. I drive cabview..have since 0.25 Its definately always been disconnected like this.. It just shows at some angles than others Kind of why passenger carriages became a thing.. It popped immersion slightly Like falling through the world in a game.. Or drowning in knee high water
  12. Mods are a beautiful thing Being against the expansion, broadening interest base and beautification of this game by way of mods.. Is one of the darker and degressive parts of humanitys nature Be stock all you want.. Crow about how stock is best KSP is similar to life in the way that just about everything that enhanced or added something to progress .. Was at one time a modification of something to make a new thing to suit x purpose Plenty of caves, raw meat.. Shivering dark cold nights and short lifespan for those who would seem it fit to live life as...stock.. As th
  13. Thats some really impressive stuff katateochi That EVA pack.. its beautifully functional and logical.. like that joke meme with the what designers thought, what the customer wanted etc... its got everything did it start out as a simple EVA pack and grow at all? certainly looks that way.. something so functional and successful would be hard to give up.. I see why its lived a long life Orion and Knat are a perfect example why I started this thread, a design thats survived across versions.. grown more functional (or less thanks to cockpit changes) grown with KSP.. its a credit to both ou
  14. Do you have a craft that in concept and use basically survived from say 2014 to present day in KSP? A design that matured but stayed the same and became your signature craft for doing what you do in KSP? I thought about this looking at my old KSP screenshots to present day . how the 44 class land train matured from a barebones white clad stick with wagons, to a fully fledged capable locomotive and submarine.. I cant be the only one with a love for a specific craft thats survived through the ages, updates in KSP and been remade in spirit upto present day? Anyone got one?
  15. Mods in KSP, easy txt file editing of parts and mod install started as a way to retrieve a downed plane with a train on rough terrain Once I found out how easy it was to change how things operate... Things grew KTP Landtrains I drive and adore greatly are the product of how easy it is (and to fix stock things) I hope taketwo preserves the ease of access along upcoming parts of the franchise Forums not too bad either for someone who uses KSP outside of its intended ways
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