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  1. Can't get it to run on linux - Took a look through the log and it looks like this is the issue: [LOG 22:11:07.125] [BICH] GameData directory is /home/jetski/Games/KSP/KSP_LIGameData/ The directory it should be looking for is /home/jetski/Games/KSP/KSP_LINUX/GameData/ Somehow it's truncating the string and can't find the GameData directory, which means nothing is loading. New install of KSP, fresh download and install of Parallax, Kopurnicus Bleeding edge for 1.10 and that's it. Tried messing with the directory name, but if I shorten the directory name or move it up a l
  2. I've revisited this challenge a few times in the various stages of its life. My biggest hurdles seem to be hiring enough Kerbals (although patience and cheating funds can do the trick) and my CPU overloading. Just the probes/relays for each planet, plus maybe a single self-sustaining 25-Kerbal base seems to be about all my crappy computer can handle. Pretty much as soon as I switch to a functioning base it bounces off the ground and turns into Kraken shrapnel. I've been seriously trying to pare down base construction to the bare essentials (decouple and delete anything not 100% required on
  3. I ended up doing a lot of part welding, particularly for the electrical systems needed for DeepFreeze, and passenger cabins. I'm still working on my submission - right now I'm trying to get a good source of Fertilizer on each planet. I found that some mod (maybe Planetary bases?) has an option to directly make Fertilizer from Ore with the smaller ISRU, but it's insanely inefficient. Like warping 50 days makes 4 units of fertilizer in a decent % ore field. Maybe an engineer would help? Getting a little bogged down - I may check and see if DeepFreeze has improved any
  4. I completed one in the original challenge by eloquentjane - maybe KSP 1.4? I did it on easy mode though - I used DeepFreeze (buggy as heck but able to cheap out on life support, keeping everyone frozen until resources caught up). It was an old laptop that started to stutter at part counts. Had to do some stuff like delete relays, etc.
  5. Here's 8 parts to Laythe landing and back to orbit This thing is a crime against proper ship design. Edit: Oops I missed the part where we had to be 1.25m stack. I think that narrows down out options, yes? Pretty much a standard rocket at this point.
  6. Here's my entry. - incomplete I went a completely different route than the SSTO - 8 parts I managed to land at Laythe and return to orbit, but Bill is now stranded in a low Laythe orbit. I think I could sent another 8 part ship to retrieve him lol
  7. This makes orbit from sea level with about 775dV remaining. But this is much more fun! A kerbal in a chair inside a small service bay will help with mass and heating. Strap on a basic tank/engine and a chute and you might be surprised how easy it is to get into orbit from Laythe. In particular the smaller engines (Ant, etc) on a small tank gives you a TON of dV once you gain a little altitude. Try a Spark for the first 20k or so, then stage and an Ant can get you the rest of the way. Of course, if you are trying for science you will have to
  8. Thats a great question. Just did some testing. Unfortunately several of the IVAs have a complete navball, altimeter, and speed, which would defeat the point of this challenge. While I appreciate the skill it would require to pilot missions using IVA, if I allow IVA data to be used this challenge will essentially just become an IVA flight competition. You can easily switch in and out to get the computer data that is forbidden for the purposes of this challenge. Thanks for the idea/feedback, I'm updating rules again Also, I'm playing through this right now, and learning a lot! I high
  9. I just realized all you have to do is unclick the boxes to display dV and TWR. So skip the part about setting it to Jool lol. Also, I'll allow an Easy Mode if you can't live without dV info in the VAB, but it will be on a separate leaderboard. Assuming you make an entry I'm actually enjoying it right now - reminds me of the early days of KSP without any dV info, no manouver nodes, and figuring everything out from scratch. Does anyone else remember using an actual protractor held up to the screen to figure out transfer windows? Also F2 switching while landed is a good idea,.
  10. Here's a list of World's First Contract values - helpful for calculating your score. Thanks @Cunjo Carl Note you will not be able to perform science unless you hotkey it in VAB, and EVA/fuel transfer will also be impossible, so spacewalks are not happening unless someone figures out a workaround. Edit: Modified rules to allow switching away from F2 screenshot mode while landed
  11. Today we mourn the passing of Katherine Johnson at age 101, she was famous for performing orbital calculations by hand in the early days of the space program. Read her Wikipedia article here In honor of her amazing abilities as a member of the (in her words) "computers who wear skirts" let's try a challenge in keeping with her skills. Our brave Kerbals have become a little TOO dependent on our modern computerized tracking data and maneuver nodes. Let's see how far we can get without upgrading our tracking station, and flying ENTIRELY in F2 "screenshot mode". To distinguish
  12. How is everyone recruiting kerbals for this? Ive looked into CivPop, but it was unstable last time I tried. 500 LKO rescues seems insane, and buying them in the Astronaut Complex is silly in Career, after the first 50 the cost per is astronomical. I know that the Cheat menu allows "Create a Kerbal". a painfully slow click 500 times yikes. Any good mods?
  13. a few thoughts on this: Its not too hard with the DLCs to make a nice little prop plane that can fly indefinitely on Eve. 2 small service bays with rotors inside facing opposite directions (8 blades) makes a good propulsion that will run off a single large fixed solar panel. add a few wings etc, you are good to go. given patience you can nurse it up to 20k or so. the problem is all that lovely lift becomes drag for an ion or chem boost to space. one good point is solar is VERY good on Eve
  14. Challenge Accepted. Starting this on a career save that has no Kerbals in space right now, and just installed USI and Planetary Base systems. I'll post pics soon - so far I sent comms and 2 mining craft in the first Jool window. Progress Report 1: Ran a few test ships up to high orbit with USI (I haven't messed with it in a while). I've got a decent shuttle that can take 6 pax, a greenhouse, 2 recycling units. It uses 300 fertilizer in 124 days - I haven't been able to get any better efficiency than that with various configurations. Problem is when I scale it up to 30 kerbals my
  15. Air intakes on Eve unfortunately do not produce the IntakeAir resource that is used for the drains exploit. I'll stand corrected if someone wants to test it, but when you fire up a jet engine on Eve it gives the message "no IntakeAir"
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