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  1. I love that this station is still going. I was looking at my old posts, and I figured out that the original challenge this is based on I ran almost 3 years ago in 1.05! Great job keeping this going @53miner53.
  2. I like what you are doing here - its fun setting up infrastructure. How are you locating flat spots? a flyover with a plane, rovers, etc?
  3. Challenge complete, under 50 tons 3 Kerbals landed and returned. for full album Edit: imgur is glitchy today, some pics out of order or got eaten sorry First off, thanks for the fun mission. It's simple enough that it let me add my own restrictions and make it fun. I decided that even though you don't have a low mass award, I would see if I could make it in under 50 tons. Turns out yes, and turns out I WAY over-budgeted for dV. I had around 7k dV remaining when I finished the mission, it's possible that if I was feeling patient I could have done the entire mission a second time. However, after enduring a number of long burns, I wasn't patient. After a Vector liftoff stage got me out of the atmo, I used a single NERVA to make orbit, and also to make the transfer burn to Moho. Then I burned back into Kerbin SOI with the drop pod to wait for the return. Most manouvers were in deep space to maximize ion efficiency, so we made Moho polar orbit without too much trouble, then landed in Highlands. Back up to meet my science probe with spare fuel, then back down to the Mohole. A rough landing cost a solar panel, but Bill was able to plant a flag at the edge. He also fell in and I had to quickload. Back to orbit, refuel, and left the probe with science and antenna in orbit, and burned back to Kerbin. Met up with the NERVA powered drop pod, docked, and brought the whole thing down to the surface of Kerbin, mission complete! Mission parameters: +10 points: Reach Moho SOI with a manned craft 10 +40 points: Land your craft of the surface of Moho 40 +10 points: For each landed Kerbal (capped at 30 points) 30 +40 points: Return (i.e. land or spash down. If a few parts rip of, it's fine. But not just crashing) at least a part of your vessel to the surface of Kerbin 40 +10 points: For each Kerbal returned to Kerbin from the surface of Moho (capped at 30 points) 30 Science: +10 points: Transmit some kind of science from the Moho SOI (not cummulative) 10 +10 points: Transmit some kind of science from the Surface of Moho (not cummulative) 10 +10 points: Return some kind of science from the Moho SOI to Kerbin and retrieve it. (not cummulative) 10 +10 points: Return some kind of science from the Moho surface to Kerbin and retrieve it (not cummulative) 10 +20 points: Return a surface sample from Moho and retrieve it. 20 +30 points: Collect science from two different biomes 30 +20 points: Explore the Mohole (use your own discretion on what accounts for "explore") 20 Misc: +5 points: Plant a Flag at Moho 5 +10 points: Leave behind a science station (need probe core, energy, sciency thing and antenna). 10 Total Score I think is the theoretical max 275 points, did the points structure change? I did literally everything possible but i see different numbers above...
  4. Hi @Gameslinx I traced the problem out with the Linux version, and I'm getting the following errors. It looks like the capitalization on the filenames is slightly different than what's in the config files. Mostly stuff like instead of This is consistent with the problems we had before with Linux, and is a result of Linux file system being much more persnickety than Windows, and insisting on case sensitivity on filenames. Here's the list of filenames it's looking for. As a science experiment, I'm going to rename each file to match the case sensitive name here. I'll let you know if it works Edit: Yep that did it. So any Linux user just needs to carefully rename the files here in the spoiler, and it loads up just fine. For Example, rename to match the filename above: Maybe Gameslinx can edit the config file or something next update, I'm sure there's a simpler solution. But I'm happy, and loading up the new solar system!
  5. Hey there @Gameslinx the latest version doesn't work for Linux ksp. I think it's the same pathing issue we had a few versions ago, as Linux is less forgiving on filenames with uppercase and lower case letters. Any chance you can take a look?
  6. I'm well on my way, pics to follow. I wanted to see how ions do on this one, here's progress so far: Landed Mun, Minmus, Gilly, Moho, Ike Orbited but did not land Duna, Eve, Jool I'm currently trying to land on Vall, a bit tricky
  7. This is a problem on Gilly, the grav is so low that ships float off the surface in response to SAS or other slight impulses. Then you go to Tracking station, which sees a ship in an absurdly low suborbital trajectory, puts everything on rails and crashes the ship fatally into Gilly instantly.
  8. This is also long before we settled on "Dragonfly" as the name for the mission, so it's just a Relocatable Lander. Anyway, thought you guys might get a kick out of this! - Jason W. Barnes Deputy Principal Investigator Dragonfly New Frontiers Proposal Yay! An official entry indeed. I'm super excited you posted this here @Jasonden. Cool mission! If you get a chance to look through the entries so far, I would love to hear any suggestions you might have for improving realism, or if you have any links or resources we can use to make this challenge more realistic. Thanks for taking the time to share with us! @zeta function great job on our first RSS entry! I wasn't able to open the imgur album but I watched the video - looks like it stops at the Titan entry sequence. I'll go through the scoring as soon as I can, but for now congrats and get the first non-Laythe badge from the OP!
  9. That is a really cool craft. I admire your ambition
  10. Great job so far everyone, some nice missions up on the board. I've caught up with postings, and we now have Badges! Get yours when you finish the mission, I made a separate one for Laythe vs. Titan using my terrible Paintshop skills. Enjoy!
  11. Great job @foobar, well done bringing 4 dragonflies for less than 100 tons launch mass. I think the Tweakscaled thrust of those engines might be a little overpowered, as the real ones are supposed to stop and recharge between hops, but great mission. I'm on mobile now, but I'll put you on the board are have a badge later today My plan is to use gravity assist to get to Saturn, aerobrake in Titans atmosphere to get captured, and then drop the lander into the atmosphere. Deploy the drouge, then main. Right after main deployment drop the heat shield. When it gets close to the ground, seperate the top part that also has the parachutes and flip over. Then land. This is pretty close to the real mission. Can't wait to see it. For what it's worth, Titans atmosphere is very thick, and gravity very light, so you may not need too much parachute
  12. Wow! fantastic job @FuzzyHead, I really like the use of the Spiders as lifting engines, and the refuel ability of the base station. Also great use of a folding antenna similar to the one in the mission profile. It's an excellent simulation working within the limits of the game. I'll post you on the board, and I'll try to have a badge up in the next few days. @zeta function I'm really looking forward to the first attempt that actually lands on Titan instead of Laythe. Go for it! Feel free to post in progress and testing pics, even if you aren't finished, to provide us all with inspiration and ideas.