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  1. Anyone have a .90 Version of the KSO mod? If not can the mod creator downgrade a copy?
  2. is it possible to create a Launchpad/runway on another planet from using the in game editor and launch from it
  3. is there a way to download all of the soviet pack stuff in 1 file? - - - Updated - - - also does this mod work with 1.0.4?
  4. when attached any of the fasa launch clamps and/or towers the command pod would separate from the rocket without me hitting any keys on the launch pad
  5. I was playing around with this mod without any other mods installed and capsules that used to have ivas had no ivas
  6. so I have a question. how would I download only packs 2 and 4 for ksp 1.0.2 if there are no seprate pack installers for kso and everything only comes in one big bundle, I have no clue how to separate the packs, what should I do?
  7. So I have kerbal space program 1.0 on steam with no mods and created a carreer save and I completed a few of the kerbin first world records and I kept checking back and no other contracts would show up (ex: rockomax contratcs, tourist contracts, ect) so does anyone know how to fix that, I did these things: deleted the game then re installed it, verified integrity of game cache and delete contracts and resources folders in gamedata and verified integrity of game cache. does anyone know how to fix this?
  8. there should be 2 spiked rollers on the grinder to make it look a little cooler
  9. will there be an installer for the kso on ksp 1.0.2
  10. will there ever be a crawler for the kso mod? also is there a way to stack the ewbcl super 25 on top of a rocket like the phase 1 kso?
  11. i have a question, if I have active texture management installed then I install another mod what would happen?