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  1. On the topic of new parts, here are some of my hopes for KSP2: * Retractable Grid fins * Large aerodynamic landing legs (like SpaceX uses) * Balutes (inflatable low drag parachutes) * Inflatable balloon landing cushions (like the ones used on spirit, opportunity and now the starliner) * Robotic parts at launch (even if it delays the launch) I feel strongly about the robotic parts at launch. I think one of the reasons that the current robotic parts are a bit clunky to use is that they were a late addition, tacked onto the existing build interface. If robotic parts
  2. My bet - It handles it with additional free kerbal recruits...
  3. The workaround I found was to hit the scan button, then immediately increase timewarp to 5x. Surprisingly, the time warp didn't cancel the scan, and since you're frozen during warp it was able to complete successfully.
  4. This occurs any time you use docking ports to attach a part to your ship in two places. I do this mostly to help support an otherwise floppy part of a ship. When I later want to undock it, I'll need to do it manually, by clicking on it. Any action group hotkeys or actions programmed through a Kal-1000 won't work. I made a simple test stand to illustrate this, just hit each hotkey 1 through 6 and you'll see the problem right away. It sucks, because a lot of the really cool things you can do with robotic parts really do need to be secured in transit, and one of the best ways to do t
  5. [snip] On a side note... OH MY GOD Brikoleur, that set of Eve crafts is fricking epic! I'm just super impressed!
  6. Well that's certainly fair. Most of what I've done so far with robotic parts has been simple "fold up for transport in fairing" and "deploy to useful shape at destination". But after I deploy it, I just want it to stay that shape. At any rate though, a toggle for an auto-locking mode would still be nice.
  7. It seems like an oversight more than anything else, turboshafts are an engine just like any rocket or jet engine, there's no reason they shouldn't also have an alternator to run electric parts of your crafts. Without this, I can't see any way to make a prop or rotor craft that isn't range limited by it's battery capacity. And while we're at it, Since the robotic parts introduced the idea of an adjustable slider for engine strength/weight, you could also have a slider for alternator power/weight. At the moment, this is just one of many issues that make helicopters extremely frustrati
  8. It is good to know that there's a way this can be done, but it still feels a bit ridiculous. I mean, it would make sense to me at least, that when a robotic part's actual orientation meets its target orientation, at that point it should lock automatically until the target orientation is changed again.
  9. Ok, so for everyone trying their own ad hoc mix of values, could I possible get a progress report? I know StainX, Beetlecat and NikoKun have all tried their own values. StainX says it's working great for him, how are the rest of you doing? I'm just trying to find a bit more of a consensus on what sane values might be. I'm hoping you fellow Kerbonaughts might have found something that actually feels balanced, offering some level of challenge without inducing pure frustration. So have any of you played around with the values further? Specifically, have you compared the same crafts with differe
  10. Wow, pretty lame. But good to know! - - - Updated - - - Well, wouldn't an active rocket (more than) completely mitigate that low pressure area? I mean, rockets generate thrust by expelling gas at high pressure, that's the whole idea right?
  11. Well that first part sounds familiar. Is there a service bay on that particular ship? I've found that if there's any clipping at all inside a service bay, the whole ship will occasionally start shaking uncontrollably until it risks tearing itself apart. You can temporarily end the tremors by opening and closing the bay, but it will happen again. So at any rate, that might not be your problem, but it is a known issue.
  12. Hey Foxter, great post! I'd also love to see how what drag is like with the new fairings. Could you try this again with the same configuration as you have in the original post, but using a shaped fairing on the tail piece? Maybe once with a sharper point and one rounder?
  13. Also, I just found out it applies to service bays as well. To be clear, while not game braking, I find this incredibly annoying. This is definitely a bug worth addressing, if only because otherwise the gizmos are such a fantastic feature.
  14. * KSP version (though I also encounterd the bug in KSP 0.9 & 0.25) * Problem: This is a part bug that affects all mk2 and mk3 cargo bays (edit: and also the new service bays). In build mode, (both in the VAB and the SPH) when you attempt to use the offset tool on any part directly connected to an inner attachment node of a cargo bay, the part you're attempting to offset is instantly displaced along the X and Y axes. This makes it basically impossible to accurately offset parts inside a cargo bay. * Screenshots: * System Specs: I use two computers to play KSP, one re
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