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  1. @jmark1213 Nice mine, you did it! I love the dino design. Those speeds are seriously impressive for a biped, I hope I can keep up! ;¬)
  2. My third attempt at a mechs and my second submission to this challenge. A time of 49 seconds by my count. This one is a development of my previous design and is capable of speeds up to 14.8m/s. Ultimately I'd like to get a bipedal mech past 20m/s, and I'm sure it's possible. Hopefully the grip pads will help when they arrive.
  3. My second attempt at mech with the Breaking Ground parts, and my first submission to this challenge. A time of 1 minute and 2 seconds by my count.
  4. Done most of the things I wanted in this game. My youtube channel was a source of constant frustration due to the gulf between the quality I wished I could produce and the content I actually posted. Best to just delete it and bow out of the scene.
  5. Perhaps. I’ve mostly withdrawn from KSP. Maybe this would be an entertaining final thing - one last hurrah. :-) I’d need to know the strict rules.
  6. Technically the reaction wheels in the cockpit were on, but their contribution to the performance of the aircraft is utterly negligible.
  7. Thanks man. I would love to see you enter. Yes I was thinking about this. There must be some other means of documenting a run other than recording, especially for a prop run where a recording may be upwards of half an hour. Perhaps @selfish_meme would be willing to make some accommodations for those who are unable to use recording software. Would it be enough to take a screenshot of the f3 menu display, showing the time of liftoff and the current time on the clock?
  8. Honestly man it's your choice. Personally I don't think it should matter if you drop the bomb before or after the climb, but I do agree that the smallest lake, the furthest one, should be the target. It's up to you though. :¬)
  9. My first prop entry. I attempted the bombing run but I'm uncertain if I got it in the right lake. By my count, the time was 23 minutes and 20 seconds. Please excuse the flickering/shaking/boiling.
  10. Awesome job. Would love to have a go with that little beast. :¬)
  11. My second entry. I hope I got the bowl right this time. Some slightly more focused flying enabled me to achieve what I think is the same time (staged at 30 seconds, stopped fully at 5:54), despite the more lengthy manoeuvring in the bowl. Again, sorry about the music.
  12. Darn. No worries. I reckoned I had done something wrong. Will have another go. :¬)
  13. My first entry. I used a Keyboard, I don't own a proper controller. :¬( Some fairly sloppy flying, especially at 3:49 where I almost lose it and bleed off a lot of speed. I also popped the air-brakes far too son before landing. I'm under the impression that my time was 5:24, though I'll wait for moderation before declaring a time as I'm slightly unsure of all the rules. Sorry about the music, I didn't realise ShadowPlay would record it as well as KSP.
  14. To be honest it looks like Keyboard to me. There are no smooth control inputs, just very fine adjustments.
  15. When would you measure the beginning of a run in a prop? They require a little more maintenance before take-off than just pressing the spacebar to stage.
  16. I'm very pleased that you managed to squeeze that much altitude out of her, she was never designed for high altitude flight. :¬)
  17. Wow, 1400 parts! Would it sink without ore? Have you tried getting it off-world?
  18. Hey guys, though I'd share a project I've been working on. This plane is capable of flight on Duna, and can carry a maximum of 18 tons of cargo too! She's powered by two counter-rotating engines, each with 21 reaction wheels and 40 propeller blades. Maximum speed is 184m/s when empty.
  19. Phenomenal! It just looks so solid and strong, like it really is withstanding enormous pressures! I really mean it when I say this is one of the best looking crafts I've seen in KSP. I'm not sure exactly what it is, just the overall aesthetic is perfect. Would love to take this to the bottom of Laythe's ocean at the deepest point, nearly 3km down!
  20. @_Rade Perhaps. As much as it looks messy though, I still like the extra potential for speed it offers. :¬) Have you tried using rigid attachment on propeller blades? For me it seems to reduce the spreading massively.
  21. Perhaps I am mistaken, but doesn't the fact that the control surfaces spread out work in our favour? Admittedly though, it doesn't look that nice.
  22. Hello, all. :¬) I haven't posted here in a long time, so I thought I would show you guys one of my most recent ships. http://imgur.com/2erw1jc The Daring Class Corvette! http://imgur.com/XOZA54q http://imgur.com/NGpO9vL I've been away from the whole shipbuilding seen for well over a year now, so my designs are pretty rusty. I don't imagine this thing would last very long in an engagement, her armour is very thin and a well placed torpedo will saw her in half. She does pack a punch though, with 16 I-Beam torpedoes. http://imgur.com/Wrn6HDs I'm still pleased with how she turned out though. :¬)
  23. Today I experimented with stock propellers and tried to recreate the most beautiful fighter of all time; the Supermarine Spitfire! My feeble attempts do not do the real thing justice. :¬)
  24. I recently made a video showcasing some of the spectacular vistas awaiting explorers on Kerbin, with a little help from scatterer. :¬)
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