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  1. I really just meant that there wasn't as many experimental videos. I guess the other you tubers have lost interest and didn't bother to make a video.
  2. Anyone else feel like the media being released is the weakest of any update? It seems like Squad has locked down all information on the update. 2 update videos? That's it? Both videos felt very limited in information.
  3. What is the controversy here? I think all that is lacking is a gif showing what a vertical attachment would look like. This doesnt kill VTOLs at all. I dont see a reason why a turbine would not clip vertically through any part. The only change here is that there is a physical representation of the center of mass offset. This is a good idea and removes nothing from the game. Please dont kill this like you killed the farm.
  4. Just empty the oxidizer. Not that hard.
  5. It kinda makes me angry to hear people asking for KSP to be cheaper. I bought it for 28, but I could have bought it for as low as 16 if I had waited for a sale. This game should be the standard $60 for a game. In an industry where people pay $70 for crappy games, KSP stands alone as an Early Access that provided many times over its value in content than originally promised. If you don't like the price of KSP, don't buy it. You are the one missing out, not Squad.
  6. You forgot space shuttles in your poll. They get to space faster and have more Delta V when you get there.
  7. Squad is simply losing their player base at this point. When you flop a release as bad as they did players are inevitably going to leave. I still love the game, but I am watching the community die as a result of 1.0's release. Money isn't the problem here, KSP has lost its appeal.
  8. This would require someone from the team to actually play the game outside of the squad cast.
  9. Over half the community is happy with the new update. I think KSP is moving in the right direction. You can't please everyone, but the majority is happy with the product. There are a lot of loud unsatisfied customers.
  10. Cool bug. You are part clipping which I believe has something to do with it. In a physics sandbox game you can't expect 100% perfection. There are literally limitless numbers of part combinations. I don't expect Squad to be able to anticipate this kind of bug. I feel 1.03 really reached a good balance point with aero/heating and reentry. I haven't had as much time to play, but all the big issues that were raised are pretty much gone. I do feel they went overboard with the radiators, but I guess I will have to play around with them some more.
  11. It's been nearly a week and I'm curious what people think of the new Update. Post your reactions, thoughts and criticisms.
  12. RAPIERS have rocket mode which increase thrust for fuel burn.
  13. This. Please keep trending towards this Squad! I don't want to have to battle to get into Orbit. There are so many more complex challenges in this game. Why make it a challenge just to get into space? If you want a challenge getting into Orbit, go to Eve, set up a base and launch all your craft from there.