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  1. Any guesstimate as to when KIS will be released?
  2. Glad to help. Would be nice to find a fix for them, procedural cones are really helpful as adapters
  3. Soo,i think that i found a bug related to procedural parts. I Build a behemoth of a launcher (6.25m parts) i saved it and i went to the tracking station. When i went back to the Vab and loaded my craft all the "Cone" procedural parts were missplaced. All cylindrical parts cliped over the cone parts that i used as adapters between the cylinders and the smaller part above the cones eg. the nose parachute in the picture. What's worse is that the parts lost their nodes,the big cylindrical part in the middle lost its top node completely and the big cone part got its nodes placed on the edges (visib
  4. I am guessing that Rocket Parts from extraplanetary launchpads work with this mod? Nice concept would be really useful in a base (ps. A nicer model would make this even better)
  5. Hello guys, i have a couple of questions regarding this stunning looking mod. 1)Does this work in 0.90 or is it better to wait for an updated version? 2)Are the textures in here DDSLoader compatible or do i have to make the conversion myself?(will this break anything?) 3)Does this have different resolution settings?(Like astronomers high-medium-low)
  6. Okay KSP is just trolling me at this point. Same vessel same mod configuration same (latest) ship manifest version, no bug... If it happens again i will be sure to get all the info (debug console and ability to duplicate) Sorry for wasting your time mate,keep up the good work
  7. Hmmm, no i did not install the previous version but i can try that in a couple of hours(when im done studying) as well as try to recreate it with the current version to give you the debug window( i didnt do that either last time,sorry). All i did was delete the shipmanifest and it got right, may be a coincidence :S. As for other plugins,yes i am using a lot unfortunately(including the ones you mentioned) which makes it hard to find which one is problematic but i concluded it was ship manifest because the issue got fixed after i deleted it (as it seems i have to delve deeper)
  8. Hello PapaJoe. Im here to report two bugs from the latest version of ShipManifest. 1) When i was standing still on the runway Intake air was 0 despite me having 5 air intakes, with little forward motions i was able to get some intake air but the engines were not lighting up. 2) When standing still on the runway the kerbal icons were black(I mean those happy faces on the bottom right) when i was doing little motions they were animated again. I believe it is a ship manifest bug because it happened after i updated to the latest version and also because now that i have deleted the ship manifest fo
  9. (I was just being stupid,sorry for that. It is all working now.) (Contracts were not showing because i had no active contracts...good job Fizban you are a smart one:confused:)
  10. Thanks sarbian this fixed it.(Also keep up the good work )
  11. Hello guys,i used this program in addition to ddsloader and it has reduced my ram usage by 500mb But i have come across a problem. The map icons regarding missions or orbits have been damaged.Strangely enough the icons showing vessels(flag/debris etc.) is totally fine. :S Anyone know where those files are so that i can revert the .ddsified files? (Screens attached)
  12. Thanks bac9. Sorry if i offended you:S (Your short answer indicates so)
  13. How do this parts compare to KW/Stock as far as cost/unit of fuel is concerned?(In a previous version i had tried they were quite expensive) I am thinking of deleting all fuel tanks from my save,would you say i could replace them efficiently with this mod?
  14. Hello guys, i am thinking of deleting all my wings (because of ram issues) and installing one of the two mods,this one or proc dynamics one.Which one would you say is the most stable one at this point?(Better aerodynamics calculation, least problems while using etc)? Also, does this have tech tree integration?(like bigger sizes in later nodes?) thanks.
  15. It is indeed in realism mode. i was transfering resources Left to Right. I was transfering 1unit per click because i couldnt change the rate ( as i said before, both the sliders and the text box were not working). (The slider was stuck in the far right side.)(the Text box was just displaying the amount of resource i had on the selected container)
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